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Viva Brasil

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  • Viva Brasil
  • Geography of Brazil
    Brazil is the worlds fifth largest country in both geography, and population.
    *Population Density
  • Geography of Brazil cont.
    Brazil is home to the majority of the worlds largest rainforest, the Amazon rainforest.
    60% of the Amazon resides in Brazil.
  • People of Brazil
    As of June 24th, 2010 with a population of 193,122,000
    As the graph shows, the total population doubled from 1970 to 2010.
  • People of Brazil cont.
    While Football remains the most popular sport in Brazil it is no wonder the countries poster children would be Robinho, Kaka, and Ronaldinho, all members of the national football team.
    Music, dancing, Carnival, and Capoeira (pictured below) are other favorite Brazilian past times.
  • Brazilian Culture
    Brazilian culture mainly derives from Portuguese descent.
    With Brazil being the largest national economy in Latin America, and the Worlds eighth largest economy, estimated to raise to the 5th largest in decades to come.
  • Brazilian Culture cont.
    Brazils two national beverages are coffee, and Cachaa(an alcoholic beverage.
    Brazils main religion is Roman Catholic.
    *pictured is the Sao Francisco Church, very remarkable artwork covers the walls from floor to ceiling.
  • History of Brazil
    Brazil was colonizied by Pedro lvaresCabral as a province of Portugal.
    In 1822 Brazil won the independence from Portugal.
    1824 had their first constitution ratified.
    Brazil has been considered a republic nation since 1889.
    The Federation of Brazil refers to its 26 states and 5,564 municipalities.
  • History of Brazil cont.
    Brazil has one of the worlds fastest growing economies, it is no surprise that Brazil has been gaining so much recognition.
    Chosen for 2014 World Cup. (Brazil has won a record 5 world cups since 1930)
    Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic games.
    Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, president of Brazil states his goal to Present Brazil to the world.
  • Sports Culture Pt:2 Nations report
  • Sports
    Brazil is a very sports oriented culture.
    Not only is Football very popular (the nations sport of choice), Volleyball is the next favorite sport.
    The mens Volleyball team won the Olympics in 1992 and 2004, as well as world championships in 2002 and 2006.
  • WomensVolleybal
    Not only mens sports in Brazil are good, so are the Women.
    2008 Olympic Gold medalists.
    1996 and 2000 Bronze Medal Olympians.
    1994 and 2006 2nd place in World Championships.
    8 time winner of the World Grand Prix: 94, 96, 98, 04-06, 08, 09.
    Winners of the 06 and 09 Pan-America Cup
  • Winter Sports
    Brazil may not be the first country you would expect to see in the winter Olympics, however they first appeared in the winter Olympics in the Albertville, France games in 1992, and have been in the winter Olympics ever since.
    Isabel Clark Ribeiro is the best ranked Brazilian winter Olympian, she finished 9th in Snowboard Cross in the 2006 games.
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