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The iPhone app store is a veritable phenomenon, with over $1 Million/day in application sales. For brands, the iPhone presents a unique opportunity to engage with fans and promote products through the most immersive, innovative channel available. The problem? Developing custom branded apps for the iPhone can be expensive and time-consuming—and is a skill set many brands and agencies are just beginning to cultivate. With VixML, Viximo's simple content authoring tool, brands, agencies, and even independent creatives can design and build their own iPhone application in just a few weeks—and at a fraction of the cost. Plus, VixML's built-in social features ensure your application will benefit from maximum viral momentum and brand exposure.


  • 1. VixML & the Viximo App Network: Your Shortcut to iPhone Awesomeness

2. The potential seems enormous, and its success seems to be gaining momentum far more quickly than even the most optimistic analysts out there projected.Jim Goldman of CNBC, referring to the iTunes App StoreThe Little App Store That Could 3. 500 Million iPhone apps sold since July 2008 sources: The Register, January 2009; The Apple Blog, December 2008 3 4. 500 Million iPhone apps sold since July 2008$1 MillionDaily sales of iPhone applications sources: The Register, January 2009; The Apple Blog, December 2008 3 5. App Store downloads are DOUBLING every 6 weeks.4 6. iPhone users are young, rich,& tech-savvy. source: ReadWriteWeb, April 2008 5 7. iPhone users are young, rich,& tech-savvy.2x more comfortable with mobile advertising thanother smartphone users50% under age 30 HHI 40% higher than US median 93% have used the App Store 73% have >5 apps source: ReadWriteWeb, April 20085 8. Branded iPhone apps are the perfect product & entertainment mash-up.Prolonged brand engagementHigh WOM/viral valueNot perceived as advertisingInnovative, personal touchpoint 6 9. And they present a potentially massive opportunity to monetize and promote existing brand and media assets, and engage fans like never before. 7 10. 1 Zippos Virtual Lighter app ranking in iTunes app store Top free apps, Lifestyle category | Price: FREE source: iTunes, February 20098 11. 70,000Number of downloads in rst two weeks of campaignAudi A4 Driving Challenge App | Price: FREE source: Audi of America, September 2008 9 12. VixML: The Express Train to iPhone Awesomeness 10 13. VixML is a simple, XML-based format for creating content for iPhone apps. 11 14. If you can write a web VixML is a simple, XML-based format page, you can create for creating content for iPhone apps. iPhone apps (like these) with VixML!11 15. Why VixML? EASY. Download the SDK and build it yourself. (Or if you prefer, well build apps for you.)FAST. Cut development timeand costby >50% of the industry average.POWERFUL. Use all the graphic & input features native to the iPhone including touch, blow, tap, shake, etc.VIRAL. Tap into powerful social features like SocialFeed, Snap-nSend, etc.12 16. Example: Product-focused app Audio: Brand jingle or trademark sounds.Interaction: Pop the bottle, pour & enjoy a virtual drink. Explore recipes, party themes, etc.Social Features: Send recipes or virtual drinks to friends; see WorldView of other users favorite drinks; publish favorites, etc. to Facebook & Twitter via SocialFeed; get coupons and receive updates on product promotions, events, contests, etc.Add-Ons: Enable users to purchase product, enter sweeps, or opt-in to loyalty programs; encourage posting of recipes, party photos, etc. to social site; use afliate link to sell party iMixes or product-themed music, video, etc.13 17. Example: Media or Artist-focused appAudio:Add Ons: Soundtrack/theme song, or clip from Enable fans to purchase tickets, enter sweeps, vote a single. on favorites or opt-in to a club; Unlock unique premium interactions with repeat use or social Interaction:activity; purchase images & wallpapers or other real or Scroll through scenes; shake/tap/ virtual goods; or link directly to media online. swipe/blow to trigger events and unique interactions.Social Features: Fans can see interactions of all fans worldwide in real-time via WorldView; send messages to friends and publish activity updates/ favorites to Facebook and Twitter; announce new season/character/ episode/album/concert dates through unique app interactions. 14 18. Example: App collectionAudio: Add Ons: Special message(s), iconic phrases or unique Enable fans to purchase tickets, enter sweeps, vote on collectible audio clips. favorite scenes/characters or opt-in to a club; Unlockunique premium interactions with repeat use or social Interaction: activity; purchase images & wallpapers or other real or Re-use key interactions across the series; virtual goods; or link directly to media online. include unique character- or product-driven interactions for each collectible.Social Features: Enable fans to share their favorites via WorldView and SocialFeed. Announce new additions to the collection or affect app state change based on season, holiday, location, etc. 15 19. Social Features Available with VixML Built into the VixML SDK is a robust set of social features that support sharing, deepen user engagement and enable viral momentum. Add any or all to your appswith no additional development effort.Snap-n-sendWorldView SocialFeed Collections Take or load photo into the Display user's Publishes app-relevant Indicates which apps the app, manipulate and email application status on astatus updates touser has as part of a or post on map (in real time) Facebook or Twitter. collection. and allow the user to interact.16 20. More Social FeaturesAvailable with VixML AppAware Community Achievements Affect the state of the app or A lightweight social network that Enables unlocking of special message the app user based onwill be present across all Viximo features based on usage/ time of year (i.e. season or App Network applications. interaction & high score boards. holiday), location, in-product triggers, events, etc. 17 21. So lets review.... VixML & the Viximo App Network offer: The fastest, most affordable way to get an iPhoneapp to market. Engaging, innovative touchpoint for promotingbrands and engaging fans. Limitless potential for cross-media,cross-promotion (mobile + web + TV and beyond). Built-in social features for maximum viral momentumand brand-extension.18 22. What are you waiting for? For more information about branded iPhone applications or virtual web gifts, please contact: Marta Kagan Rob Frasca VP, Marketing CEO marta.kagan@viximo.com19