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Set 1 vocabulary terms.


  • 1. Vocabulary with Totoro

2. Totoro has more apples than what is necessary. He has a _________ of apples. A. Superiority B. Surplus C. Surmount D. Superlative E. Surcharge 3. fying in a cat bus would be a ______ event.. A. supernatural B. Superlative C. Hypercritical D. Translucent 4. totoro knows that to be overly critical is to be______. A. hyperactive B. hypersensitive C. hypercritical D. hypertension 5. when dust bunnies are conquered or brought under control, they are______. A. subdued B. subjugated C. transfigured D. transposed 6. when dust bunnies are conquered by force, they are______. A. subdued B. subjugated C. transfigured D. transposed 7. totoro said its raining so much that the whole earth might drown. this is an example of _______. A. surplus B. superpower C. hyperbole D. subconscious 8. when totoro has extreme tension/high blood pressure, he has ______. A. hypertension B. hyperthermia C. hyperbole D. superimposition 9. totoro has a _____ of rice in the pantry. A. surmount B. surcharge C. supervision D. surplus 10. totoro knows that to send from one person to another is to _______. A. transpose B. transform C. translate D. transfer 11. if totoro wants to build a new home below the earths surface, he wants a _________ home. A. submarine B. substitute C. subway D. subterranean 12. totoro is _________ over the photo of the beach.. A. subdued B. superimposed C. transferred D. surcharged 13. totoro knows that ______ is NOT a noun. A. hypertension B. hyperbole C. hypercritical D. hyperthermia 14. there are a lot of things that go in totoros _______ that he is not aware of. A. subconscious B. subversive C. subsidize D. submissive 15. totoros temperature is very high. what vocabulary word would you use to describe his condition? A. hypersensitive B. hypercritical C. hyperbole D. hyperthermia 16. the box over totoro is _______. A. surmount B. translucent C. transparent D. superimposed 17. in the following sentence, superimpose is used as a _____ totoro likes the picture of him superimposed over a hawaiian beach. A. verb B. adverb C. noun D. adjective 18. if totoro needs someone to help with his house payments, he needs his house to be ______. A. supervised B. surcharged C. subsidized D. subjugated 19. on this tree branch, totoro wants to oversee his neighborhood. he is ________. A. superimposin B. transferring C. supervising D. subjugated 20. totoro is of the highest order; best; greatest. he _________. A. has superpowers B. is superlative C. has a surplus D. survived 21. totoro knows that an additional charge or tax is a.... A. surveillance B. superlative C. surcharge D. surplus 22. totoro knows that to make a written copy is to... A. transcribe B. transfer C. transmit D. transit 23. totoro knows that ________ is not an adjective. A. superlative B. subterranean C. supervise D. hypercritical