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A group competition designed for the students of the first year Baccalaureate

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TICKET English Contest:Vocabulary and Grammar Roundby: Abdelouahed OULGOUT, BAAMRAN HIGH SCHOOL 2009


Page 1: Vocabulary and Grammar

A group competition designed for the students of the first year Baccalaureate

Page 2: Vocabulary and Grammar

Contest Objectives:By the end of this contest, the students WILL:have revised their TICKET English lessons , notably: Vocabulary, grammar, functions, listening, and speaking.

have tested their English Learning potentialities.

have been given MERIT Prises and Certificates.

Page 3: Vocabulary and Grammar

The contest consists of five rounds: VocabularyRound, Grammar Round, Functions Round,

Listening Round, and Public Speaking Round

The participants jot down their answers by just ticking the correct option of each question.

After each round, the participants will be given the right answers. The audience will take a crucial part in the correction process.

As for scoring, each correct option rates 1 point.

Page 4: Vocabulary and Grammar
Page 5: Vocabulary and Grammar

Fill in the gap with the

appropriate word


Page 6: Vocabulary and Grammar

The place where students play during their recreation time is called

A. a school centerB. a school surfaceC. a school yard


Page 7: Vocabulary and Grammar

A person who has a degree from a university or college is called a 

A. graduateB. diplomateC. employee


Page 8: Vocabulary and Grammar

is the tendency to believe that one's own race or ethnic group is the most important and that some or all aspects of its culture are superior to thoseof other groups.A. Globalisation

B. Ethnocentrism C. Identity


Page 9: Vocabulary and Grammar

The period of time between thirteen and eighteen is known as

A. AdolecenceB. AdolesenceC. Adolescence


Page 10: Vocabulary and Grammar

If you suffer from blurry eyesight, you ought to see

A. a cardiologistB. an ophthalmologistC. a gastroenterologist


Page 11: Vocabulary and Grammar


Choose the best anwser to

complete the sentences

Page 12: Vocabulary and Grammar

It is advisable to a diet when you are fat.

A. followB. haveC. go on


Page 13: Vocabulary and Grammar

Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve your English exam.

A. takenB. passedC. done


Page 14: Vocabulary and Grammar

The amount of garbage and waste thrown by people and factories results in the of our environment

A. degredationB. degradationC. degeradation


Page 15: Vocabulary and Grammar

A: ’s Mr. John?B: He’s an engeener.

A. WhoB. WhichC. What


Page 16: Vocabulary and Grammar

Prevention is better than

A. treatmentB. cureC. protection


Page 17: Vocabulary and Grammar

Round Round N° 2N° 2

Page 18: Vocabulary and Grammar
Page 19: Vocabulary and Grammar

Amjad is fond of reading English stories, ?

A. is he?B. isn’t he?C. isn’t it?


Page 20: Vocabulary and Grammar

This school is the oldest one in the city. It in 1970.

A. BuiltB. is builtC. was built


Page 21: Vocabulary and Grammar

Look, James! Peter is not the responsible for this terrible crisis; it’s you who brought it about .A. itselfB. yourselvesC. yourself


Page 22: Vocabulary and Grammar

The woman, time is devoted to bring up her children, is an English school teacher. A. whoB. whoseC. when


Page 23: Vocabulary and Grammar

I’ve no idea, inspector. I when someone knocked on the door.

A. prayingB. was prayingC. prayed


Page 24: Vocabulary and Grammar

A. You willB. You Will toC. You won’t

get your pronounciation right until you listen to native speakers.


Page 25: Vocabulary and Grammar