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Voice - magazine for women is the region's first magazine for women! Created for women, by women, about women, and to women! Delivered on the first Friday of each month, Voice Magazine can be found in over 600 places throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia in areas frequented by women


  • With the gas prices jumping leaps and bounds upward, its the time

    to look around at the local region for entertainment, shopping, home

    improvements and vacations. The roller coaster bumpy ride to the gas

    pumps is causing nausea for all of us. But before you throw up, take a look at some of the

    best local happenings in your own backyard!

    One of those local happenings in your backyard is the event on March 10 women

    celebrating years of achievement the Womens Empowerment Network of Women will

    host their 5th Annual International Womens Day Celebration at the Country Club of Bristol

    on Saturday, March 10. Dinner, sharing of inspiration, entertainment and great door prizes

    are all included for one price. See page 17 for details.

    Another must attend event - YWCA Tribute to Women. Twelve local women are chosen

    and the recipients are honored at this event. The banquet will be April 19, 2012, so call now

    to make your reservations 423-968-9444. This is a terrific opportunity to show your

    support to the YW and the women of the region!

    Not too far from your backyard is a new project for Voice Magazine, Mountain Girl Press

    and Heritage TV. Java with Janie is a new talk show showcasing the richness of the

    Appalachia region. Get involved! Please visit our website, www.javawithjanie.com. For

    more information about the show, e-mail [email protected] We want your

    feedback and follow us on Facebook.

    Another in your backyard is Barter Theatre in Abindgon, VA. See a review of their

    production, 9 to 5: The Musical on page 7. A must see!Voice Magazine will be continuing to work on new projects and participating in local

    events to promote our advertisers and their businesses and services. We are the local voice

    for the region. Thank you for your support! Check out our calendar of events on our website,

    www.voicemagazineforwomen.com. Send inquiries and suggestions to

    [email protected]

    Thought of the month: "It's not where you're from; it's where you're going. It's not whatyou drive; it's what drives you. It's not what's on you; it's what's in you. It's not what youthink; it's what you know." -Gatorade commercial

    Verse of the month: To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose underthe heaven... Ecclesiastes 3:1

    Going into our 9th year, we are ahead of the rest, and we are the best! Thanks to our advertisers and readers!

    We couldnt be here and there without all of you!


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    6 Gardening Trends

    Home Improvement

    Claudia Byrd

    Speedway Childrens Charities

    Bristol Chapter

    Making a Difference

    A Passion for the Mid-Atlantic Gardening Faire

    9-5: The Musical Review of Barter Theatre Production

    Gardening: An Herbal Remedy for Spring FeverCrystal Robertson, UT Extension Agent- Unicoi County

    Are you Yellow?Provided by Fashion Flora

    2012 YW Tribute to Women Volunteer Steering Committee & Judging Panel

    Kids Art CenterMartha McGlothlin Gayle


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    Editorial Mission: VOICE magazine for women wants to provide a useful andcomplete reliable source of information for women and theirfamilies. We seek to celebrate womens successes, and support theirgrowth by defining and recognizing their needs and providing aconcentration of resources for them. We want to be that link toall women.

    Crystal Robertson

    Martha McGlothlin Gayle



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    Claudia ByrdSpeedway Childrens Charities Bristol Chapter Making a Difference

    Home ImprovementSpring Cleaning

    GET THE DIRT!6 Gardening Trends



  • Eli ManningEach month Voice will hide apicture of a Hot Hunk. If youfind him, fill out this form, andmail it in and you could winlunch for two!

    Congratulations to


    Shirley Kiser,

    Bristol, VA

    as the winner in

    the February Hot Hunk Hunt!

    Thanks to ALL for sending in

    your entry!




    State: Zip Code:

    Phone Number:



    Where did I pick up my copy of Voice Magazine?

    Mail this submission form to : Voice Magazine

    P.O. Box 701

    Johnson City, TN 37605

    or e-mail: [email protected]

    Deadline for submission is March 15, 2012. PLEASE, ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD

    Visit www.voicemagazineforwomen.com to see last months entries.

    MarchHot Hunk Hunt!

    The February Hot Hunk was Bradley Cooperin the Trading Post ad on page 27. Surviving the Lions

    By: Robin Dugall

    ..Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear noevil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalm 23:4 KJV

    There is a myth in much of Christianity that once you become a follower of Jesus

    you are protected from tough times. People interpret the abundant life that Jesus

    promises as if His role is to insulate us from the hard realities of life, but it just

    doesnt happen that way. For those who trust in Jesus, we echo what David wrote

    when he penned those famous words in the 23rd Psalm.

    Note that David, the author of Psalm 23, didnt write, IF I walk through the

    valley Rather, he exclaims even though. Hard times are inevitable and to

    be anticipated. It is part of what it means to live in a broken world.

    There was a young man who went through horrendously hard times in his life. His

    name was Daniel, and his story can be found in the book of the Old Testament that

    bears his name. One of the most well-known stories about Daniels life is when he

    took a courageous stand for God and ended up at the bottom of a lions den as a

    result. Even though King Darius respected Daniel, he had violated the kings law

    and was quickly sent to the lions den to suffer a certain death. Daniel was

    thrown to the lions, but he did not die. Instead, God delivered him. The king

    was so astounded by the way God protected Daniel that the king himself came to

    acknowledge Him as his own God.

    While we may never have to face being thrown to actual lions, hard times will

    come that threaten all we hold dear. We can trust in God or we can allow the

    challenges to overcome us. When you are experiencing hard times, make God your

    highest priority. Build the foundation of your life on Him.

    We dont have to face tough times alone. God has put people in your life to

    encourage and support you. As Peter said in his New Testament letter, ..Humbleyourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in duetime: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:6-7KJV.)This means that humble yourselves under the mighty power of God and He willhonor and bless you."

    With your trust placed firmly in God and His power to deliver, you too can survive

    the lions you face.

    Haiti Mission Trip Fundraiser -Chocolate F iesta and Silent Auction

    March 31, 2012 - 10 am - 3 pm Admission free and donations accepted. Local vendors to supply yummy samples ofchocolate. Bring a box to fill or boxes will be available for purchase. Silent auctionitems to include BMS tickets, Golf packages, UT items, local restaurants and lots more.For more information, contact: Susan Goodwin, Parish Nurse, 423-612-2538 or email:[email protected] View Baptist Church4005 Bristol Hwy Johnson City, TN 423-282-3262 www.mtnviewbaptist.com

  • By: Sloane Trentham

    Claudia Byrd, along with her daughter and son-in-law, sat in

    the ticket booth of Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights on

    December 11, 2011 and informed everyone in line that, for that

    night only, their admittance would be free.

    That night was Random Act of Kindness night at the

    Speedway, which was started in honor of Jeff Byrd, Claudias

    husband and President of BMS, who passed away from cancer

    in October of 2010.

    We told people that all of our wonderful sponsors have

    made it possible to come in for free in honor of Jeffs birthday,

    which is December 10, said Claudia, Director of the

    Speedway Childrens Charities in Bristol. All we asked in

    return is that they do something nice for someone else during

    the holidays.

    They lead by example. On the 15th Annual Night

    of Smiles in 2011, held the week before

    Thanksgiving and the night before Speedway in Lights opens, Speedway

    Childrens Charities gave away a record $660,000 to local non-profit

    childrens organizations, coming a long way from the first year in which

    they gave away $118,000. Claudia started the Bristol Chapter of the

    Speedway Childrens Charities in 1996 when she moved here from

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina, after Jeff got a job offer at BMS.

    After researching, Claudia realized that other chapters of Speedway

    Childrens Charities hosted several black tie events as fundraisers, but she

    also realized that at such formal events, the same people tended to attend.

    I wanted to do something different that not only raised money for kids but

    was also something kids would enjoy, she said.

    On the way to a race in Charlotte, Claudia and Jeff brainstormed and came up with

    the idea for Speedway in Lights, which first opened in 1997.

    The very first night we were there, everything was out of our pockets, and we had no

    idea if anybody would show up, said Claudia.

    That first year, the ticket booth was set up in the parking lot in a shed-like building,

    where the volunteers and staff wore aprons. Even though the tickets they had kept sticking

    together, they successfully sold the tickets and handled money out of their apron pockets

    the entire first run of Speedway in Lights.

    Since that first year, the employees of BMS are busy in the fall because they double as

    decorators for Speedway in Lights. They clean up for two weeks after the August races, then

    immediately start putting up lights.

    It doesnt take that long to get them down, but it takes that long to get them up, said


    Although Speedway in Lights is the biggest, Speedway Childrens Charities also holds

    several other fundraisers, including, for the past four years, the Sharky 500, which was a hit

    with children. Claudia said that it is a lot of fun, but at the end of the race, someone has to

    sort the 7,100 rubber ducks into numerical order, usually the interns.

    Last year, a new fundraiser was established to appeal to a different clientele: the

    Speedway Childrens Charities Shooting Stars tournament, held at an indoor shooting range.

    Austin Dillon, the grandson of

    former NASCAR racer, Richard

    Childress was the celebrity


    There were people there

    who had never been to one of

    our fundraisers, said Claudia.

    Everyone there said theyd be

    back this year, and this year it

    will be bigger and better.

    Her favorite part of her job,

    by far, is the Night of Smiles

    when she gives the money away.

    However, there is one part of her

    job that Claudia could live without.

    The hardest thing for me every year is to sign the letters that say we are unable to grant

    your request this year, she said.

    Even though their $660,000 year was record-breaking, $2.1 million was requested

    through grants, and there was no way for every agency to receive money. This worried

    Claudia, she said, more than anything.

    Jeff would always tell me not to dwell on that, said Claudia. So far, we have

    raised more than $6 million for children. Just think, hed say. Without you, that

    money would not be there for those kids.

    Every year, more than $1 million dollars in grants is requested from

    legitimate agencies that help children from 16 counties in Northeast

    Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The box of grants is kept in Claudias

    office. In fact, Claudia has a copy of every single grant that she has ever


    Twenty judges diligently read each grant, vote and fill out a list for how

    much each organization should get. Then they meet for lunch to privately

    discuss details.

    It works out beautifully, said Claudia. It takes a while, but it works out

    beautifully. My goal is to be able to give some money to every organization that

    requests it.

    She works hard every day because she knows Jeff wanted SCC to be successful. Claudia

    says that thought is what keeps her going.

    I want to do this as long as theyll let me, she said. I want to be happy, healthy and

    spend time with my family. That is something I learned in 2010: that life is too short to take

    anything for granted.

    When she says family, she not only means her two children and 8 grandchildren, whose

    pictures fill her office, but she also means her family at the Speedway. She said that she

    could not have made it through 2010, and Jeffs struggle with cancer, without them.

    We talk about Jeff all the time because he was an amazing person, said Claudia. I hear

    stories of things he did for people all the time. There were things he did that I had no idea.

    He loved to do random acts of kindness.

    Claudia said that Jeff motivated people to give back to the community, and that he did

    that better than anybody she has ever known. So she follows his example.

    I know every dollar we make is going to directly affect the life of a child, she said.

    And that makes you feel so good no matter how tired you are on race weekend and no

    matter how bad your feet hurt. You think, I cant do this anymore. But then you look at

    the numbers at the end of the day, and you think, I wonder how many children we can help

    with that.

    Claudia Byrd, Director of the Bristol

    Chapter of the SpeedwayChildrens Charities

    Calling AllCornhole Players!

    Once again, cornhole players can take home some

    great prizes while also helping Speedway Childrens

    Charities when they test their skills during Food City 500

    race weekend, March 16-18.

    Qualifying tournaments will take place on Friday,

    March 16 at 2 p.m. and Saturday, March 17 at 10 a.m. The top

    four teams from each qualifier will move to the Grand

    Champion Tournament which will be held on Sunday at 10 a.m.

    Thanks to Ford, teams will be playing for a host of

    great prizes, including the ultimate prize package for the

    overall winner. Grand Champion winners will receive

    $1000 cash, suite seats for the entire 2013 season at BMS

    and a free camping space for both 2013 race weekends.

    Second place earns $300 cash, as well as suite seats and a

    camping space for 2013.

    Qualifying tournament winning teams win $300 cash

    and 2013 season tickets to BMS. Second place receives

    $100 cash and 2012 Food City 500 tickets.

    Teams are encouraged to pre-register online at

    www.bristolmotorspeedway.com or

    www.bristol.speedwaycharities.org. Registrations on the

    day of the event will be allowed if space is available.

    Entry fee is just $40 per team and each player will receive

    a limited edition Ford Charity Cornhole Classic t-shirt.

    All proceeds benefit the Bristol Chapter of Speedway

    Childrens Charities, a non-profit organization which

    raises funds for childrens agencies in Northeast

    Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. (No Top-60 ACO

    ranked players as of January 13, 2012 may participate in

    the Cornhole Classic.)

    Its the greatest job in

    the world to raisemoney and be able

    to give it to kids.-- Claudia Byrd


    Its All for the Children...

  • April 20-22Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

    Abingdon, VirginiaWhen gardeners thoughts turn longingly to the arrival of spring, the passionate

    Washington County Master Gardeners are hard at work preparing for spring and

    the 15th Mid-Atlantic Garden Faire. The Faire will bring together everything

    passionate gardeners desire to rejuvenate their gardens and tease beautiful flowers

    and food from the earth. On April 20th, 21st and 22nd, join the Washington County

    Master Gardeners at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center located in

    historic Abingdon, Virginia, minutes from I-81 off Exit 14. Drive down One

    Partnership Circle to unearth a

    wealth of gardening delights.

    Occasional or serious gardeners

    will discover anything their

    hearts desire to create the

    beautiful romantic garden.

    The theme, A Passion for

    Gardening, rekindles gardeners

    desires to lure beautiful creations

    from the earth. The Garden

    Marketplace will be overflowing

    with everything under the sun for

    the passionate gardener. Vendors

    from across the Southeast will

    display exotic and unusual

    flowers and native and heirloom

    plants, shrubs and trees. Unique tools, outdoor furniture, ornamental iron, floral and

    potting supplies and much more will be entice the gardener at the alluring


    We are excited about the large selection of unique cast iron planters, fountains,

    arbors, bonsai trees and unique flowers and plants that we have chosen specially

    for the Garden Faire, states Nikki Taylor from Good Hope Gardens. My favorites

    are the large whimsical animal pots that will delight any gardener.

    The Mid-Atlantic Garden Faire provides educational opportunities for gardeners

    to learn about all areas of the garden and landscape. More than 35 hours of garden-

    related programs are included with the price of admission. For the daily admission

    of $5 or the three-day run-of-show pass $10, entertaining educational opportunities


    The Faire is a must for all visitors who want to visit the rain gardens in

    Abingdon. On Friday at 3:30 p.m., the Upper Tennessee River Roundtable will

    begin a tour that is sure to delight. The rain garden combines the beauty of native

    vegetation with the added benefit of soaking up rainwater to reduce runoff from

    roofs and driveways. Transportation is provided, and the tour is free to Faire goers.

    Space is limited; Arrive early!

    The Plant Clinic is just the place to rekindle friendships and solve those

    problems that plagued the garden last year. Visitors can pose queries to the trained

    Master Gardener there ready to help. After solving your garden problems, relax

    at the Garden Caf where enticing treats will satisfy any hunger and thirst.

    Discover creative table setting ideas for entertaining at the Table Top

    Competition. Be inspired by casual and formal decorative table settings. The

    innovative table setting designs are accentuated with exquisite floral arrangements

    created by local garden club members and enthusiasts. Cash prizes are awarded for

    the best designs. The competition is open to the public. If interested, contact the

    Extension Office at (276) 676-6309.

    Before leaving the Garden, dont miss Frank Renaults spectacular collection of

    floral photographs.

    At the Garden Faire in Abingdon, Virginia, you will find everything thing you

    desire to make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.

    A Passion for the Mid-Atlantic Gardening Faire

    April 20-22, 2012

    Friday 10 am to 6 pm Daily Admission $5Saturday 10 am to 6 pm Run-of-Show Passes $10Sunday 11 am to 5 pm Children 12 and under Free

    Tickets available at the Abingdon Visitors Center, Washington County Extension and at the door.

    With Generous Sponsorship byKrogers of Abingdon

    STRONGWELLBristol Herald CourierSoft Rock 98.5 WTFM

    Washington County News

    Presented byWashington County Virginia Master Gardeners

    A Program of the Washington County Virginia Cooperative ExtensionWebsite: www.gardenfaire.net

    Photo credit: Frank Renault

    Abingdon, VirginiaSouthwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Interstate 81, Exit 14

    One Partnership Circle





    The 15th AnnualMid-Atlantic




    Discover & Uncover...

    Collectibles, jewelry, antiques,

    gift items, vintage clothing, furniture, lamps,

    household accessories, and more!


    MARKET PLACEShops- Old, New, Unique, Antique

    280 West Main StreetAbingdon, VA 276-628-6203

    Browse the Booths of Bargains!

    Gypsy Rose Boutique carries fun and eclectic merchandise for

    gals of all ages. Items are carefully selected and lovingly repurposed. I have purses,

    jewelry, scarves, frames, knick knacks, and the occasional oddity. My goal is to make your shopping experience fun and unique. Stop by Gypsy Rose Boutique soon and

    discover what new treasures I have uncovered for you!

    Please join us for one of the 2012's most entertaining events The 10th Annual Washington County Library's

    A Tisket, A Tasket, A Literary Basket" Saturday, March 24 from 6-9 pm

    Glenrochie Country Club, Abingdon, VATickets are $25 per person in advance and $30 at the door, and are now available at any Washington County Public Library. As in past years, you will have the opportunity to bid on more than 100 themed baskets in a silent auction. A buffet of light supper foods, two drinks, coffee and dessert are included in the ticket price. For information on how you can sponsor this worthwhile event, please contact Kristi Hartshorn at 276-492-6654 or email her at [email protected] Don't miss out on all the fun - buy your tickets today!

    713 Volunteer Pkwy, Ste. 5Bristol, TN 423-989-3223

    2677 Steelsburg Hwy, Ste. 5Ceder Bluff, VA 276-385-1111

    325 E. Main St. Wytheville, VA 276-228-8446

    361 Falls Dr. Abingdon, VA 276-525-1693

    Sue Cressel, F.N.P.

    Vickie CampbellCertified Laser Tech


    Weight Loss

    $10000 OFF Your Packagewhen you bring a new client that

    also purchases a package!

    HCG DietIncludes 8 Lipovite M Shots~ With Weekly Weigh-In ~

    Only $29000

    PhentermineFREE60 Count 37.5 mg

    with purchase of 10 Lipovite M shots$200 00 ($38000 value)

    ComeCome AsAs Youou Are...e... Le Leave AsAs Youou Wantant To Be!o Be!

    What a way to make a living! Maybe

    you saw the movie 9 to 5, or maybe you didnot, but either way, you must see Barters

    production 9 to 5: The Musical. LadiesAND GENTS will enjoy the humor, the

    70s sense of fashion and style and the real

    meaning of taking care of the office! Full

    of laughter and side-splitting Southern sass,

    and with Dolly's Grammy-nominated

    score, this musical comedy comes direct

    from Broadway based on the hit movie

    starring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily

    Tomlin. This sensational musical,

    guaranteed to delight audiences young and

    old, tells the story of three unlikely friends

    who scheme to take control of their company and learn there's nothing they can't do,

    even in a man's world. Hilarious and a little romantic, 9 to 5: The Musical is aboutjoining forces and taking care of business! For information about this production or

    other productions, call Barter Theatre, 276.628.3991 or visit www.BarterTheatre.com

    March TriviaFor Fun

    1. In the original Roman calendar whichmonth was March?A. ThirdB. FourthC. SecondD. First

    2. March has more than one birthstone.True or false?

    3. Complete this saying 'Mad as a March ....'Answer: (One Word)

    4. There are several other sayings aboutMarch, perhaps the best known is 'Marchcomes in like a lion and goes out like a ----?Answer: (One Word)

    5. When are the first three days in Marchconsidered unlucky?A. When it is unseasonably warmB. When the wind blows stronglyC. When rain fallsD. When the sun shines


    1. D. First

    2. True, Chalcedony (bloodstone) and aquamarine for


    3. Hare

    4. Lamb

    5. When rain falls

    Heritage TV

    Local Advertising for Local Businesses! Special Rates! Call 423-926-9983 for Details!


    Women Celebrating Appalachia Culture! (WCAC)


    Java Java Janie Janiewith with

    Mountain Girl Press

    attend taping of premiere show!

    Bristol Mallon March 29!

    email or call for more info & tickets:

    [email protected]

    Local TV for Southwest VA

  • By Crystal Robertson, UT Extension Agent- Unicoi County

    As winter is moving out, and spring weather is on its way

    in, many of us are excited to get outside and enjoy well

    all of it! Its called Spring Fever, and March is the perfect time

    to use that anticipation to start planning an herb garden.

    Gardening provides a way to exercise more, eat more

    nutritious food and have a healthier lifestyle. It can provide

    strength and cardio training, increase flexibility, plus relieve

    stress. Herb growing is one of the best ways to jump into

    gardening, and fresh herbs are a bonus part of the garden that

    sometimes gets overlooked. Herbs enhance the flavor of foods thereby reducing the

    use of salt and sugar.

    Dont let the wide selection of herbs deter you from deciding which herbs to

    choose. Gardening gives us a chance to be creative, so let your personality shine

    through in your garden. A quick check of your supermarket shelf will give you some

    idea of the types of herbs used in cooking. Many cookbooks also offer information

    on uses of various herbs as flavorings.

    The following is a good variety of uses and flavor of recommended herbs for


    Strong herbs -- oregano, rosemary, sageMedium-flavored herbs-- sweet basil, dill, mint, sweet marjoram, tarragon, thymeMild herbs -- chives, parsley, summer savory

    As your interest and needs increase, you can add to the

    variety of herbs in your garden. Keep in mind that herbs can be

    annuals, biennials or perennials when selecting herbs to grow for

    the first time.

    Annuals (bloom one season and die) -- anise, basil, coriander, dillBiennials (live two seasons, blooming second season only) --

    caraway, parsley

    Perennials (bloom each season once established) -- chives, fennel,marjoram, mint, tarragon, thyme

    Plant herbs into groups of similar needs. Many of the herbs we grow

    today are from the Mediterranean region of the world and thus hot, dry

    summer weather suits them perfectly. Herbs have differing cultivation needs,

    including water, soil and sunlight. Many, such as oregano and marjoram, have

    different cultivation requirements than cilantro or mint, which grow well in shade or

    partial shade.

    Most herbs like loose, well-drained soil, high in peat moss, vermiculite and even

    sand. Generally, a soil that is well-drained but can still hold moisture is desirable.

    When spacing the plants, a general rule is to allow each herb plant twelve inches of

    soil space. This ensures that each plant has the requisite room for roots, etc.

    Before fertilizing, I recommend testing your soil, which provides a look at what

    nutrients may be lacking or excessive in your garden. Soil tests can be obtained at

    your local Extension office. While some fertilization can help herbs, excessive

    fertilizing causes herbs to grow out of control. Youll grow a large plant, however,

    flavor may be compromised and the plants will need more water to support the lush


    Herbs are used for many things from cooking to drying for potpourri. The addition

    of herbs to meals brings more nutrition without adding more bulk or calories, and they

    make a great addition to a landscape. No matter if it's a window box or an acre garden,

    you will be healthier for it.

    Crystal Robertson

    Gardening: An Herbal Remedy for Spring Fever

    Check out the Voice Magazine for Women Newsletter for healthy recipes, tips, news and more!

    Subscribe through Facebook or send your name and e-mail address to [email protected]!

    Ingredients2 medium-sized onions, chopped Oil, for frying 1-ounce butter 1 sprig dried thyme 2 1/2 pounds best end of lamb neck, cut into large pieces 7 carrots, chopped lengthways into 2-inch pieces 2 tablespoons pearl barley 5 cups chicken stock, recipe follows Salt Freshly ground black pepper 1 bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, and bay leaf) 12 medium potatoes 1 bunch parsley, leaves finely chopped 1 bunch chives

    In a large heavy-bottomed saucepan, cook the onions in oiland butter, on medium-high heat until they are translucent.Add the dried thyme and stir. Add the lamb and brown on a high heat to seal in juices. Add carrots, and pearl barley. Pour in the chicken stock so that it almost covers the meat and vegetables. Season with salt and pepper, and add bouquet garni. Cover and cook on low heat for 2 hours, being careful not to boil. Place potatoes on top of thestew, cover and cook for 30 minutes until the meat is fallingbeautifully off the bones and the potatoes are fork tender.

    Irish StewRecipe courtesy Giana Ferguson

    Prep Time: 30 min - Cook Time: 2 hr 30 min 6 servings

  • Are you yellow? yellow? Provided by Fashion Flora

    For 2012 spring fashion trend, get out

    the color palette. This seasons trends are

    energizing with extreme super-bold

    colors like bright orange and soft pastels

    like baby blue in very lady-like sheath

    dresses and straight-from-the-gym

    sportswear. But according to Budget

    Fashionista, while this spring is all about

    color, the color of the spring season is


    With hoping for a brighter sunnier day

    in our economy, the influence of Solar Power and Cyber Yellow is seen by

    designers decking out everything from sporty rain coats to full-length evening

    gowns with the color yellow.

    Whether designers went rich and romantic or clean and classic with the glowing

    tone, one thing is clear: anyone can wear yellow. Theres something lovable and

    attainable about the shade that often beats out equally bright pigments like pink or

    turquoise. Fashionistas of bohemian, sporty and preppy styling alike can all pull

    from springs yellow trend to make it their own.

    With the color yellow looking good on anyones skin, it does not discriminate.

    It does not bound anyone by the definitions of age appropriate. With the color

    yellow, it becomes more about the choice of style and garment to compliment your

    body and lifestyle.

    Working at the office? A skirt is a great essential that (if long enough) can be

    taken from the office to after hours. Pair a lemony-fresh yellow skirt with a black

    or white sheer button-up and blazer for work. Remove the button-up to reveal an

    equally tight tank or cami, and throw on some statement jewelry for after work


    For weekend wear, look for a skinny ankle pant or a crisp spring short in yellow

    for a casual cool. Colored denim or stretch cotton can be dressed up with colorful

    florals and neutral footwear. Or dress down your look with your favorite T-shirt

    and a cropped jacket.

    And dont forget about accessories. A fun way to incorporate yellow into regular

    wear is through color-popping accessories. Sandwich and stack yellow rings and

    bangles between metallics for a vibrant mixed-metal look. Use yellow as an accent

    color with typical navy, black and white. Love scarves? Add a splash of yellow

    to any outfit with a dazzling yellow scarf.

    And lets not forget the shoes! Dont

    be afraid of color on your feet! From

    kitten heels to sexy heels, color will be

    about putting your best foot forward.

    But do not toss those black strappy

    sandals just yet- they too will be

    stepping into the spring season. Love

    your boots? Still walk tall in your

    wedges and platforms? Yes you still

    can for spring 2012!


    4411 North Roan Street * Johnson City * TN * 423.282.3388Monday - Friday sell clothes 10 - 6, shop until 7

    Saturday sell clothes 10 - 5, shop until 6

    We have sizes and styles to fit anyone who loves the most current and popular fashion!

    Get all of your favorite brands and styles in one place!!!

    Buy & Sell

    Over 100

    Popular Labe


    Scan this code and join us on facebook!!

    Casual & Formal Wear

    528 E. Elk Ave. Elizabethton, TN

    Tues. - Sat. 10 - 5Cathy Shoun - Owner



    1880 N. Eastman Rd.|Suite 230 Kingsport, TN 37664

    Ph: (423) 343-9043|Fax: (423) 343-9042

    Bras Maternity/Nursing Baby Gifts Elegant Sleepwear

    Join us Thursday, April 12

    for our Share Your Support Party! From 5-7:30pm, enjoy a fun Girl's Night Out

    as we collect gently used bras to donate to the Safe House!

    Receive 10% off a new bra for every used bra you donate,

    and have some food, drink and fun while you're at it!


    Bra Fit Specialists Fine Lingerie Shapewear


    Did you knowFor shoes with a purpose, visit TOMS Shoes,www.toms.com. With every pair purchased, TOMSwill give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. ThisOne For One program to date has provided overone million pairs of shoes to needy children.

  • Energy savings Increase home's value UV rays are blocked out Professional installation

    507 State Street Bristol, VA 276-669-9399

    Discover Show-Case Plantation Shutters

    Drapery & Upholstery Fabrics, Drapery Rods, Trims, Tassels, and more!

    By: Sloane Trentham

    Although it feels like it is already here, spring is just around the cor-ner! Its time to start fresh with some Spring Cleaning!

    1. Make sure you have all your supplies first. Nothing stopsprogress like a trip to the store for supplies. So make sure you haveeverything you need for everything you want to do. Have a gameplan and be prepared from the beginning.* A cheap and easy all-purpose cleaner is a 50/50 mix of water andvinegar.

    2. Take it one area at a time. As one area gets clean, others geteven messier. Focus on one area at a time. Dont get distracted byother areas of the house as you tackle one room. It will be much moreproductive that way.* De-clutter the entire house before the real cleaning begins. It willsave time.

    3. Clean each room thoroughly. Start at the top and finish at thebottom. Finish what you start, without an unfulfilled promise to do itlater.

    * If you have to, split up the Spring Cleaning into sessionsthroughout one week. That way, you know you will be finished in oneweek, but dont have to rush to get it done.

    4. Get rid of stuff. If you havent used it in a year, get rid of it! Sellstuff on Craigslist, give it away to a friend, have a yard sale or donateit to Goodwill. Just because you dont use it anymore doesnt meansomebody wont.* If any items are in bad shape, dont feel bad to throw them away.Sometimes things need to be purged.

    5. Maintain the clean. The hardest partmaintainingshould bedone every day. Even just 10 minutes a day to do one simple task willhelp so next years Spring Cleaning wont be so daunting and havethat dread factor.*Schedule a cleaning session into your schedule every day as if it ispart of your job. After all, have you noticed how clutter will wait onyou to be de-cluttered?

    We Are Launching Our Program In March!

    This program is designed to help our patients learn to improve and maintain their skin. It is a 90-day jump start program that patients will be offered makeup skin care and skin care procedures at deep discounts, then as they move through the program, more offers will be available.

    "Customizing skincare to your lifestyle and budget." We are now offering the

    VI Peel and our

    March Special is $100 OFF each syringe of


    350 Blountville Highway, Suite 201Bristol, TN

    See All Our Monthly Specials at


    (423) 217-1337Enhancing the Health of Your Skin

    As Well As the Beauty.

    SERVICESColoreScience Makeup Studio

    Full line of SkinCeuticals Skin Care Products Microdermabrasions Facials Chemical Peels


  • Plans for the 2012 YW Tribute to Women banquet and recognition event are well

    underway. The submission deadline for nominations has passed, and the forms have

    been sent to this years out-of-state judging panel for review. The Steering Committee

    leads the entire Tribute campaign, which culminates in a special awards banquet

    honoring the chosen recipients each year.

    The 2012 Tribute committee is being chaired by Rose Marie

    Burriss. Rose Marie was born in Savannah, Georgia, but has been

    a Bristolian since 1964, soon after marrying William Burriss, Jr.

    They have two children, Theresa and William, as well as 4

    grandsons, Paul, Campbell, William and Joseph. She is passionate

    about her family, her faith and serving the Lord by helping and

    giving to others. As an active member of St. Anne Catholic Church,

    she serves as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist for the

    hospital, as well as a lector and scripture study facilitator. In addition to serving as the

    2012 Tribute to Women Chair, she is the Past President and now Fund Raising Chair

    of The Symphony of the Mountains. She is also a Board member of William King

    Museum and has served as Co-Chair of Mistletoe Market. She has recently joined the

    Board of The Paramount Center for the Arts and the Wellmont Foundation. She is

    also a member of the 1931 Womans History Club where she served as Past President.

    In addition she is a Sustaining member of The Junior League of Bristol and The Blue

    Stocking Club. She is also a former member of Delta Kappa Gamma.

    She holds a Nursing diploma from St. Josephs School of Nursing in Atlanta, as

    well as a Bachelors degree in Psychology and English from East Tennessee State

    University. Additionally, she holds two Masters degrees: Counseling from ETSU,

    and Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University in New Orleans. Her last employment

    was as Director of Career Development with King College.

    This years four-woman judging panel features:BRENDA D. CADARET possesses a Masters Degree in Early

    Childhood Education from Western Carolina University. In 2002,

    she received National Board Certification in Early Childhood.

    Cadaret has taught kindergarten for more than40 years and served

    as a presenter at various state and national early childhood

    conferences. She currently teaches kindergarten at Michael C.

    Riley Early Childhood Center in Bluffton, South Carolina, where

    she was elected Teacher of the Year two times.

    CHRIS DOCKERY holds an M.F.A. from Clemson University

    and a Ph.D. in art education from the University of Georgia. She is

    the coordinator of the art education program in the department of

    visual arts at North Georgia College & State University. She is the

    owner and proprietor of Houndog Democratic Press, an

    independent letterpress endeavor that complements her artist book

    creations. She has conducted many workshops in her varied areas

    of artistic interest at professional organizations

    like the Georgia Art Education Association, the College Art

    Association and the John C. Campbell Folk School.

    MOLLY GOLD is a pioneer Mompreneur, launching GO


    Inc. more than a dozen years ago. Now an established and

    highly sought after brand partner, Molly is widely recognized as

    the voice of organized motherhood. Easily found on Twitter and

    Facebook, Molly shares innovative content through her website and video blogs where

    her effusive warmth and candid manner have made her a favorite of both brands and

    agencies alike. Well respected by her colleagues, she has become a popular conference

    speaker and brand favorite for press events, conference partnerships, and ongoing

    social media consultation creating community engagement and customer centric


    JEAN NICHOLSON MEDLEY is a retired Social Worker

    and teacher who has worked primarily in the area of mental health.

    She is a founder and past chair of the Womens Fund of

    Mississippi, a founder of Parents for Public Schools, a library

    advocate who has served as chair of the Board of Trustees for the

    Jackson-Hinds Library System and past chair of Bookfriends- a

    support organization for University Press of Mississippi. She has

    also been an active Millsaps College volunteer serving as president

    of the Alumni Council and currently is a class agent. Additionally, she chaired a

    successful campaign to change Mississippis legal driving age.

    This years awards banquet is scheduled for April 19, 2012. Tickets for the event

    will be available soon by visiting www.ywcabristol.org or calling (423) 968-9444.

    Support of the YWCA through Tribute to Women directly affects women, children

    and families in this region as the YWCA tackles the toughest community issues, which

    include affordable childcare, racial justice, teen pregnancy, youth development,

    technology education and much more.

    2012 YW Tribute to Women Volunteer Steering Committee & Judging Panel

  • Allen Carpet & Interiors


    On tile, wood, and carpets

    We now devote our upper floor to Shabby Chic

    hand-painted furniture and home dcor.

    d2908 East Oakland AvenueJohnson City, TN

    (423) 282-1350

    5237 Tennessee 126 Blountville, TN


    Good Hope Gardens Good Hope Gardens And LandscapeAnd Landscape

    Good Hope Gardens And Landscape of Blountville, TN provides landscape design consultations as well as lawn supplies. We create floral designs and landscapes to fit your specific needs. We offer great customer service and the best price possible.


    We Offer: Concrete statuary

    and fountains

    Garden seed andvegetable plants

    Full service floral department

    Unique gift department

    Koi and goldfish supplies

    Bonsai and supplies

    Aquatic plants

    Custom silkarrangements

    All pond / watergarden supplies


    Using Nouveau Intelligent Machine

    the latest in digital technology!

    Gift CertificatesAvailable!

    NOW - Introducing Lash Extensions!Welcoming Whitney Landress, Lash Stylist

    March Special - Full Set Lashes Only $199.00

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    Permanent Cosmetics by Wendy

    Located between on Sunset Drive between Elizabethton Federal Bank and Peoples Community Bank302 Sunset #102A Johnson City, TNWendy Good 423-213-8072 Call for an appointment!

  • ile nd More!

    3546 West Market St. Johnson City, TN 423- 926-6134 www.johnsoncity.abbeycarpet.com

    Carpet Hardwood Laminate Tile Stone VinylArea Rugs Draperies BlindsThe best service and largest showroom in Northeast Tennessee. We provide flooring for all the rooms in your home. Dockery Abbey Carpet and Floor has a 60-day free replacement warranty.

    Dockery Abbey Carpet & FloorAmerica's choice in floor fashions since 1958.

    Every Floor is aWork of ArtWork of Art

    1605 Woodmont Drive Johnson City, TN


    Full Service Residential/Commercial

    Space Planning/Layouts

    Custom Furniture/Built-Ins


    Custom Window Treatments


    Painting and Color Selection



    Kitchen Remodel

    New Construction Design Consultation


    bellacasaDESIGN STUDIO


    3005 Industrial Dr. | Johnson City, TNwww.t-hendersonlandscaping.com

    Custom Designs & InstallationsPavers- Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Planters and Steps Complete Selection of Trees, Shrubs and Plants Retaining WallsLandscape Lighting Irrigation Sod

    Licensed and insured in Tennessee and Virginia

    Complete Commercial & Residential Landscaping Services for Over 40 YearsTERRY HENDERSON

    LANDSCAPING GPTerry Henderson And Joseph Carver

    4 2 3 - 9 2 6 - 2 6 6 9

    GET THE DIRT!6 Gardening Trends

    By: Constance Craig Smith, Gardener1. Black is the new black

    Whether it's lustrous black containers, stylish black garden furniture, black pebbles

    or plants such as black bamboo and the exotic Iris 'Black Knight', black in all its forms

    is for this year's fashion-conscious gardeners.

    2. Grow plants from seed This is the year more and more of us will save money by growing plants from seed.

    Many things, such as foxgloves, nigella, cosmos, larkspur and stock, can easily be

    grown on a sunny windowsill. And connect with your neighbors by sharing seeds and

    plant cuttings with them and swapping tips. Be a vendor at a local farmers market as

    an exchange plant vendor. It will be fun and add to your enjoyment of the gardening.

    It is another way to connect and exchange information.

    3. Grow your own vegetables Sales of vegetable seeds have been soaring for the past few years. It is about

    growing more cheaply, chemical-free and tasty produce in our gardens. Many things

    can be grown in pots, including herbs, tomatoes, lettuces and even spuds. Mixing

    vegetables among the flower borders makes gardens pretty and productive.

    4. PlantingAnother step to thrifty gardening in the spring is getting your seedlings started. A

    great way to plant your seedlings is in pots made from old newspapers. To do this, get

    the newspaper moist. Using two containers that are the same size, line one with the

    newspaper and press in with the other container. Remove the second container and let

    the newspaper dry. Use this to plant your seeds, and when your plants come up and are

    ready to plant in the garden, you can plant the newspaper pot and all. The newspaper

    will decompose over time.

    5. Tools, Pots and PlantersIf you don't have gardening tools or yours need to be replaced, start looking at yard

    sales, thrift stores and secondhand stores. Unwanted household objects can be pressed

    in to service as garden containers. Wooden crates, wine boxes and old baskets lined

    with plastic all make classy alternatives to pots. Even dull plastic containers can be

    jazzed up with a colorful coat of paint. You can use practically anything as a planter,

    such as an old pair of boots or an old barrel or metal pail. Remember, recycle, reuse

    and recreate!

    6. WateringIf you are allowed to catch rain water in your area, this is the perfect way to save

    money on watering your garden and yard. And another thrifty watering trick is to cut

    the bottom off of liter soda bottles, push the neck of the bottles down into the ground

    around your plants, then fill them with water. The water will soak in slower than just

    watering with a sprinkler. Old newspaper is a thrifty option for mulch in the garden.

    Shred a bunch of newspaper and place around the bottom of your plants. This will

    help hold in moisture and heat.

    Kitchens byDesign

    5955 N. Roan St. Johnson City, TN www.kitchensbydesigntn.com423-477-0004 423-534-0920

    New Construction and Remodeling

    Where your Dreams are our Responsibility


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    423-913-3111423-913-31113832 W. Market St.

    Johnson City/Jonesborough(We are located next to Intimate Treasures on 11E going towards Jonesborough, 2.8 miles

    from State of Franklin and Market Street)


    Mon-Fri: 8-5, Sat: 8-12noonAppointments are appreciated

    Home of the Free Loaner Car!

    How long has it been since your last oil change, tire rotation or antifreeze flush/recondition?

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    an oil change, repair or

    other service we offer.

    Don't wait for the summer heat, come in now and bring this coupon for $10.00 off! Call now to make your appointment (& make sure to tell us you saw us in Voice Magazine!)

    Exp: 3-31-12

    When painting, test out the

    colors by hanging swatches

    on the wall at different

    times of the day to see how

    they look in different lights.

    Take a cue from other

    pieces in the room for the

    perfect colors.

    Before painting, wash and

    rinse the walls with a 50/50

    mixture of water and

    bleach, repair any damage

    such as holes and cracks

    and apply masking tape (or

    painters tape) around the

    trim and prime it to keep

    stains from bleeding


    You are more likely to save

    money with top-of-the-line

    paint due to the fact that

    cheap paint will take two

    coats, doubling your costs.

    Paint comes in a variety of

    finishes, including glossy,

    semigloss, eggshell, satin

    and flat. Use glossy on

    woodwork, use semigloss

    or eggshell in areas likely

    to get dirty and use flat to

    hide imperfections.

    Make sure you pick the

    right applicators. Short-nap

    rollers work better for

    smooth walls while long-

    nap rollers work better for

    textures. Rollers with

    slightly beveled ends stop

    paint from dragging to other

    surfaces. A nylon-wool

    blend roller works best with

    oil-based paints and an all-

    nylon roller works better

    with latex paint.

    InteriorPainting Tips

  • 139 E. Main St. | Corner of Boone & Main St.Jonesborough, TN 423-753-5305

    Do Your Spring Shopping at

    423-913-2393900 E. Jackson Blvd., Ste. 4

    Jonesborough, TN 37659 [email protected]

    423-631-0333214 E. Mountcastle Dr.Johnson City, TN [email protected]

    Casual, Comfortable Clothing for

    Todays Lifestyle

    423-753-0233121 West Main St. Jonesborough, TN

    Beside Main St. Caf

    Hours: Mon.- Sat.11- 5:30



    Arriving D



    It's not just for seniors and the elderly. In-home care can also be an ideal solution for people with disabilities, cognitive or physical impairments, the socially isolated or those recovering from surgery or personal injury.

    Our Services Include: Personal Care and Assistance Companionship and Safety Home Helper and Home Care

    Caring for those who cared for us.

    Independent Living Solutions provides in-home care to the following Northeast Tennessee counties: Carter, Greene, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, Washington

    125 E Jackson Blvd, Ste 14 Jonesborough, TN 37659423.753.2407 www.wecarefortn.com

    L I V I N G S O L U T I O N S

    Andrea Dunbar CFO/Assistant Director and Marsha Daniels, CEO/Director

    Home Improvement Tips White trim goes with every color and is easy to touch up with


    An air bubble in wallpaper is a common problem and can be

    solved with a glue injector. Simply cut a slit in the wallpaper,

    squeeze seam adhesive under the bubble with the glue injector

    and press out the extra adhesive.

    Adding storm windows does more than just reduce winter

    heating costs. They also protect woodwork by keeping moisture

    from dripping onto the frame and trim.

    Apply a light coating of spray starch to walls in high traffic areas.

    It is much easier to clean up messes.

    Lighting in living rooms, bedrooms and dens have a standard of

    1 to 2 watts of incandescent light per square foot of floor.

    Kitchens, laundry rooms and workshops typically have 3 to 5

    watts per square foot of floor. Bathrooms normally have about 6

    watts per square foot of floor and 30 to 40 watts per running foot

    of vanity. Divide the wattages by a third to meet fluorescent

    light requirements.


    y, March


  • Lovers always find their way to

    Largest Selection of Lingerie in Stock. Sizes S-6XLingerie DVDsAdult Novelties Incense

    Body Jewelry Magazines

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    We Buy Gold, Silver & Platinum

    2 Locations to Serve You 727 Gray Station Rd.

    Gray, TN423-477-0018

    (Former Video Magic Building)

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    (Inside Carols Things)

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    hBEST SELECTION IN THE TRI-CITIES Porcelain & Stone Tile Glass & Metal Tile Hardwood, Cork & Bamboo Laminate Flooring Residential & Commercial Carpeting Vinyl Flooring Low VOC Paints Come By or Call Today for a Free Estimate

    2419 E. Stone Drive | Kingsport, TN | 423-765-9430

    Want to Know a Secret?

    ProvidenceFlooring and Paint

    Research, research, research! The more you have planned out, the

    faster the project will be completed. Shop for the right contractor,

    look at other projects, search for deals and visit job sites.

    Make sure to have a clear vision of the finished product in your mind before

    you start working with your contractor. It helps clear up any miscommunica-


    Balance your budget. And stick to it, strictly. Plan your expenses and know

    from the beginning how much you are willing to spend.

    Keep a flexible schedule with realistic goals. Even simple ideas can turn into

    time-consuming, expensive projects.

    Let the contractor do his or her job. Dont stand around and hover. He is

    a professional, and you chose him for a reason. You need to be a part of the

    process, but dont overstep your boundaries.

    Tips for Working with a Contractor

  • Natural Health Solutions Center

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    For more information on the oral HCG program visit www.ResultsAreTypical.com,call or stop by! Office Hours

    Mon-Thurs: 9-5, Fri: By Appt. Only

    Lovett P. Reddick, M.D., P.C.Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Surgery of the Hand

    Indian Hills Medical Complex2008 Brookside Dr. Suite 202Kingsport, TN 423-247-8104


    Over 30 years experienceIn-office procedure

    Very high success rate

    Torn Earlobe ReconstructionIf you have a partial or completely

    torn earlobe and are unable to wear earrings, repair is possible

    5th Annual International Women's

    Day Celebration

    The 5th Annual International

    Women's Day Celebration will be

    held Saturday, March 10, 2012 at

    the Country Club of Bristol, at 6045

    Old Jonesboro Rd. The event is hosted

    by The Women's Empowerment

    Network of Bristol and will

    celebrate and honor women for:

    Accomplishments in equality,

    Achievements as individuals, Love

    for humanity, and Dedication to

    personal development. Contact

    Jennifer Raichlin at 423-202-5306

    for more information.

    Patient Scott Clark in a PET Scanner at Molecular Imaging Alliance in Gray, TN

    A proud supporter ofKaris Heart Foundation

    KHCs Spotlight on PET SCANSPositron Emission Tomography (or P.E.T. scan as it is commonly referred) produces high-quality, non-invasive images of the heart with unparalleled results: results that are clear, accurate and concise.

    In Cardiology: PET is very helpful in determining the presence and extent of Coronary Artery Disease.Unnecessary invasive heart catheterizations can often be avoided with cardiac PET imaging due to its superior clarity and sensitivity over cardiac SPECT imaging which has long been the standard cardiac imaging procedure.

    Now, physicians can identify the presence or absence of heart disease more accurately than ever before; plus, patients can avoid the lengthy procedure times associated with the traditional stress test. The PET stress test can be completed in as little as 45 minutes and only exposes the patient to a fraction of the radiation compared to a traditional stress test.

    If your Healthcare Provider suggests a stress test for you, dont settle for less. Request the best. Request a PET.

    Dr. Jeff SchoondykeMD, MPH, FACC, CCDS

    Julie Bentley FNP-BC

    1303 Sunset Drive Suite #5 Johnson City, TN 37604423.926-4468 fax: 423.928.4838


    Need a Stress Test?

    Karing for you... one Heart at at time




    245 E. New Street, Suite 200 Kingsport, TN 423-245-1065 423-245-4553

    Toll Free: 877-919-CARE


    Celebrating Over 25 Years! www.inhomecarekingsport.com

    Mommy's Milk ClubMommy's Milk Club is a free breastfeeding

    support group for mom and baby or expectant

    mothers. Meet other moms in a relaxed, casual

    setting. Learn what to expect with breastfeeding

    and valuable parenting tips from other moms and

    a certified lactation consultant. Meets twice

    monthly in both Johnson City and Kingsport. Call

    MSHA for more information and schedules. 1-


  • By: Martha McGlothlin Gayle

    Do you have a wall in your living area

    that youre not quite sure what to do with?

    Or are you looking for a unique and

    decorative way to showcase your kids art

    projects because there just isnt enough space

    on your fridge? Ive got the solution for you!

    This is Art Central in my house, for 4 kids

    under 5-years-old: It has a chalkboard, a

    place to hang the kids art by binder clips, a

    place to frame more of their art, a magnet

    board and a corkboard (made from many

    saved corks!) to hold invitations.

    You can create this, too! I started with just sheet rock that had

    already been painted, and then I divided the area into thirds.

    For the chalkboard, it is just chalkboard paint that was painted

    straight onto the wall. The chalkboard paint comes in a variety

    of colors at any home improvement store (and can be used for a

    variety of other projects, too!).

    The magnet board is a large piece of sheet metal cut from

    Lowes or any other home improvement center. You can

    paint it if you want but I chose to leave mine silver. The

    sheet of metal was adhered directly onto the wall with a very

    strong adhesive.

    In the middle section, the kids art is hung from heavy

    duty wire, kind of like wire that is used on the back of a picture

    frame. It is pulled very taut and wound around screws on either

    side. We have three rows of it, with about 12" of space between

    each row. Above that is the corkboard, which was made by my

    good friend Landy in a frame I had salvaged and painted gold.

    To complete the look, the entire area was framed out with trim

    to match the other molding in my house.

    My kids love drawing in chalk, playing with the magnets and

    seeing their artwork on display!

    Martha McGlothlinGayle

    Kids Art Center

    Consignment Home Furnishings

    1001 N. Eastman Rd. Kingsport,TN423-246-HOME (4663) Layaway AvailableOpen Mon. - Fri. 10am-7pm & Sat. 10am-5pm

    [email protected] listen for our adon The Peak 104.9 fm

    Nearly NewDcor Exchange

    VEGAS NIGHTA benefit to support the mission of the Spine Health Foundation

    On Saturday, February 25, 2012,more than 100 people attended Vegas Night a

    benefit for the Spine Health Foundation, Inc. (SHF). This was a special evening

    marking the one year anniversary since the official kick-off of the SHF. Although

    the SHF is still in its infancy, the organization is quickly gaining

    attention and awareness throughout our region and beyond

    because of its unique and innovative concept in terms of non-

    profits. The SHF directly impacts the lives of people who suffer

    with spinal disorders and need a helping hand. Since February

    25, 2011, the SHF has provided specialized medical care to

    seven individuals throughout our region.

    Vegas Night was presented by Alpha Natural Resources, a

    major contributor and supporter of the SHF. Other major

    sponsors include Eastman Credit Union, Regions, Victory

    Orthotics and Prosthetics, DePuy Spine, Solstas Lab Partners,

    East Tennessee Brain & Spine Center, Blue Ridge Neuroscience

    Center and Neuro-Spine Solutions, just to name a few. Ben

    Zandi, Board of Directors President,opened the evening with an

    energetic welcome to everyone who came out to enjoy this

    special evening. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the 2012 Hope

    Award. This is an annual award provided to an individual who has dedicated his or

    her time to fulfill the mission of the SHF. Dr. David Pryputniewicz of Blueridge

    Neuroscience Center, P.C. was nominated and awarded the 2012 Hope Award based on

    his contributions and commitment of providing hope to individuals who suffer with

    chronic spinal disorders.

    The Ridgefields Country Club ballroom was festively decorated with just the right

    amount of Vegas glitz byA Super Party. Once the casino tables were open for action,

    eager card players were willing to try their hand at popular card games for fun and

    laughs. Spirit of Soul Dance Band provided an electrifying show that music lovers of

    all ages appreciate. And of course while in Vegas, you must enjoy the amazing food!

    Troutdale Catering created a menu that would make any Vegas foodie come back for


    Bart Long, auctioneer entertained the crowd

    during the live auction with his comedic style, while

    raising money for the foundation. The auction

    offered a wide variety of items from Medical Day Spa

    treatments, vacation resorts and outdoor adventures -

    something for everyone.

    The mission of the SHF is to provide education,

    encouragement and healing solutions to

    disadvantaged individuals who suffer with chronic

    pain related to spinal disorders or injuries. The

    foundation proudly recognizes their 19 supporting

    physicians: a dedicated board of directors and

    foundation advisors, led by Board President, Ben

    Zandi. The SHF was founded by Executive Director,

    Carol Conduff.Casino Dealer and Guests

  • Our Region Our KidsFoster parents needed in Northeast TN

    There are more kids than homes availableCall Omni Visions Today 423.913.2569 ext.1105Connecting children and youth to foster families for 20 years."

    Regional office:806 E. Jackson Blvd. Ste. 1

    Jonesborough,TN 37659www.omnivisions.com

    Must be a TN resident



    528 E. Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, TNLocated in the back of The Dressing Room

    Sponsored byThe Straight Jacket Society VM


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    Lil Swee-tea Party865-518-1414


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    Shop Downtown Abingdon, VA!

    Vintage Clothing, Antiques, Quilts and Collectibles

    inside Market Place280 West Main Street Abingdon, VA


    280 West Main Street Abingdon, VAinside Market Place

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    Finer Consignor: 423-502-6246

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    How to subscribe: Send $28.00 for one year for 12 issues to:

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    Career Corner

    (Employment Section)Join Us! Voice Magazine is looking to add to our current out-side sales staff! This is a growth opportunity for a dynamicindividual with a positive attitude. Apply your sales experi-ence to selling ads and servicing. Must have do what it takesattitude, be tenacious and enjoy serving businesses. This posi-tion is part-time to full-time. Commission only. Email your re-sume to: [email protected] or fax yourresume to 423-926-9983.

    In Home Care Services in Kingsport is now accepting appli-cations for all shifts. Only experienced applicants need toapply. Call: 423-245-1065.

    Abingdon, VASymphony of the Mountains will present the Bouquet of Baroque Concert onSaturday, March 10, 2012 at the Southwest Virginia Higher EducationCenter in Abingdon, Virginia. As the flowers begin to dust the snow off theirheads and the world begins to wake up from a long winter nap, Symphonyof the Mountains will perform George Frederic Handels famous MessiahParts II and III to help welcome in the new spring. This oratorio is

    traditionally linked in both American and British culture with the Christmasseason, but was actually written for Passion Week, the week before Easter.This English Concert Oratorio will include special guests, Voices of theMountains and the King College Concert Choir as well as world-renown vocalists Sun-Joo Oh, Jami Rhodes, Jaeyoon Kim and Jacob Will.The concert will be held on Saturday, March 10th at 8:00 p.m. at theSouthwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, VA. Tickets areonly $28 and students are always free to Symphony of the Mountainsregular season concerts. Tickets may be purchased at the door, by callingSymphony of the Mountains Box Office at (423) 392-8423 or on ourwebsite at www.SymphonyoftheMountains.org.

    On February 6, the Virginia Region 1 Poetry Out Loud competition was heldat Barter Stage II in Abingdon, VA. Poetry Out Loud is a national recitationcontest designed to encourage the nations high school students to learn aboutgreat poetry though memorization and performance. The first place winneris Sarah Poole of John S. Battle High School, and the second place winneris Kylee Kilbourne of Union High School. Both young women placed in2011 as well and will advance to the Poetry Out Loud state final competitionat the Sara Belle and Neil November Theatre (formerly the Empire Theatre)in Richmond on March 15, 2012, to compete for the title of Virginias StateChampion. The program helps students master public speaking skills, buildself-confidence and learn about their literary heritage. Poetry Out Loud usesa pyramid structure that begins at the classroom level. Winners advancethrough school-wide competition, regional competition, state competitionand ultimately, to the National Finals in Washington, DC. Virginias 2009Champion, William Farley, III of Washington-Lee High School in Arlington,became the the 2009 Poetry Out Loud National Champion, winning the topprize of $20,000. In 2012, Tia Robinson of Rappahannock High School,Warsaw, was one of nine finalists at the National level, winning over $2,000.The state winner will receive $200 and an all-expense-paid trip to Washing-ton to compete for the national championship. The state winners school willreceive a $500 stipend for the purchase of poetry books. A runner-up in eachstate will receive $100, with $200 for his or her school library. The NationalEndowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation have partnered with theVirginia Commission for the Arts, Foster Billingsley, deputy director, andthe Theatre IV and Barksdale Theatre to support the expansion of Poetry OutLoud throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Barter Theatre is proud tobe the partner theatre in Arts Area Region 1. For more information on PoetryOut Loud, visit www.poetryoutloud.org.

    Bristol TN/VAApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Crisis Center, Inc. hasorganized The 2nd Annual Clothesline Project to honor women who havebeen affected by sexual and domestic violence. The Clothesline Projectworks to create awareness about those issues. It celebrates those that havesurvived and remembers those who lost their lives due to such violence. TheClothesline Project is a visual display of shirts designed by survivors andfriends of victims of sexual and domestic violence. The shirts hang side-by-side to Break the Silence and bear witness to those experiences. TheClothesline Project event will take place on April 14, 2012 from 2:00 p.m.to 6:00 p.m (Rain date April 15, 2012) at the State Street Mural, 810 StateStreet, Bristol, TN. The event will include awareness activities, music, foodand much more.

    After selling out numerous stops nationwide on her co-headlining tour thisfall, Mandisa will return this spring with her hit song, Stronger asshe headlines the Girls Night Live tour. Viking Hall Civic Center will hostone stop on the Grammy nominated artists tour. Fellow GMA Dove Awardnominee Blessings songstress Laura Story and Comedian Anita Renfrowill join the bill. The show is scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 2012. Ticketsfor the concert are on sale now. Mandisa placed in the top ten finalists ofAmerican Idols 5. Bring the special women in your life together for a musicfilled night that lifts your spirits, connects you on a deeper level, and remindsyou that no matter what you are going through, you are not alone!! season.This program has given the nation a look at tremendous talent, some rock,some country and contemporary Christian musicians have come to the fore-front even if they werent the eventual winner, same goes for Mandisa. Ayoung woman from a small town in Tennessee, who said she doesnt ever re-member not singing, made an impression on the country. For more infor-mation on the concert, please contact Angie Rutherford, Viking Hall BoxOffice Manager @ [email protected] or call 423-764-0188.

    Food City Race Night, one of NASCARs largest and most popular fanevents, features a number of racings biggest stars in the free event Friday,March 16 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Among the heavy hitters taking partin Food City Race Night is five-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson,along with Kevin Harvick, Danica Patrick, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton andClint Bowyer. Johnson takes to the stage in the BMS hospitality area toplay his video game Jimmie Johnsons Anything With an Engine, alongwith some lucky fans selected from the audience that evening. Harvickand wife Delana, who recently announced they are expecting their firstchild, will play Baby 101, a game designed to test their knowledge andskills of newborns. This portion of the event promises to be one of thenights highlights. Greg Biffle, Burton, Patrick and Kenseth kick off thenights activities with question and answer sessions while crowd favoriteWii Boxing also returns with three-time and defending champion ElliottSadler leading the charge. Sadlers brother Hermie joins Clint Bowyer,Ricky Stenhouse, Justin Allgaier and Austin Dillon on the fight card asthey attempt to dethrone the champ. More than 20,000 fans attended lastyears Food City Race Night. The free event opens at 4 p.m. and includesshow cars, simulators, souvenir trailers and a number of drivers on handto sign autographs. Live entertainment will be featured, as well as freefood sampling while supplies last. A March race weekend package, whichincludes the March 18 Food City 500 and the Ford EcoBoost 300/K&NEast Series 125 events (March 17), is available starting at $99. A packagein the Wallace Tower for both Sprint Cup races also is now available for$99, while packages for fans 15 and younger are available for the Marchraces at half price. Lower row seating for the Food City 500 is available,with tickets starting at $65. Tickets for the Ford EcoBoost 300/K&N EastSeries 125 doubleheader are available, with prices starting at $45. BMSseason tickets, which include the Food City 500 and IRWIN Tools NightRace (Aug. 25) Sprint Cup races, as well as both the Ford EcoBoost 300,the Food City 250 and the K&N race, also are on sale. Pricing for all fourraces begins at just $175 in the Wallace Tower. For more information orto purchase tickets, fans may call toll free at 1-866-415-4158 or 423-BRISTOL or online at www.bristoltix.com.

    Making sure race fans have the ultimate experience when they visit theWorlds Fastest Half-Mile always is the number one priority for BristolMotor Speedway officials. To that end, BMS unveiled a new initiativelast August that allowed guests the opportunity to sit front and center fora session of question and answers with some of NASCARs top drivers.Wildly popular, the Q&A sessions return for the upcoming Food City 500race weekend, March 16-18. Five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup championand 2010 Food City 500 winner Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, DanicaPatrick, Elliott Sadler, X Games sensation Travis Pastrana, and 2011Camping World Truck Series champ Austin Dillon all are participating inthe race day events. Along with a cap and the Q&A, which takes place inHospitality Village, the Johnson and Kahne packages include a ticket toSundays Food City 500, while Saturdays packages, which featurePatrick, Pastrana, Sadler and Dillon, include a ticket good for two racesMarch 17. Johnsons Q&A is designed for the younger race fan, althoughadults also are welcome. As part of Johnsons session, kids take part in aLowes Build and Grow workshop and receive a car to assemble, withsome guidance from Johnson. The workshop is limited to the first 100kids for whom packages are purchased. The Q&A packages for kids startat $48 while adult prices begin at $80 for both the Johnson and Kahneticket packages. Saturdays packages for Patrick, Sadler and Dillon startat $37 for kids and $67 for adults. The Patrick package includes a t-shirt,instead of a cap. Space is limited for the question-and-answer sessions,however, so interested fans are encouraged to purchase now. The ticketpackages are available now and may be purchased by calling the BMSticket office at 423-BRISTOL or 1-866-415-4158. Fans should inform theBMS ticket agent with whom they speak which driver package they areinterested in purchasing. Current ticket holders can add the driver Q&Afor only $15. BMS season tickets, which include the Food City 500(March 18) and IRWIN Tools Night Race (Aug. 25) Sprint Cup races, aswell as the Nationwide events and the K&N Pro Series 125 race, also areon sale. Pricing for all four races begins at just $175 in the Wallace Tower.A March race weekend package also is available starting at $99 that in-cludes the Food City 500 and the Nationwide/K&N Pro Series Eastevents. A package in the Wallace Tower for both Sprint Cup races also isnow available for $99, while packages for fans 15 and younger are avail-able for the March races at half price. Lower row seating for the FoodCity 500 is available, with tickets starting at $65.

  • The first speaker of the Bristol Public Librarys 2012 Discovery Series,Beth Holloway, mother of Natalee Holloway. The event will be heldon Thursday, March 22nd at 7 p.m. Holloways life changed dramatically inthe summer of 2005 when her daughter Natalee disappeared on thelast night of her high school graduation trip to Aruba. This tragicstory became the leading news mystery when it happened, and con-tinues to make headlines today. Holloway talks about hope, couragein sheer adversity, and travel safety. The purchase of a $50 ticket willsupport Library programs and will provide the ticketholder with ac-cess to the Private Meet & Greet at 6p.m., Reserved Seating to thePublic Presentation at 7p.m., and a hardcover copy of Beth Hol-loways book Loving Natalee. Tickets and seating are limited. Herpresentation to the public is set to begin at 7 p.m. in the J. HenryKegley Meeting Room. She will speak, answer questions and signbooks during this time. For questions about this Discovery Seriesevent or any other library programs, call 276.821.6148 or email [email protected]

    Art students from Tri-Cities area high schools are competing for$1,750 in cash prizes in the 2012 Artistic Excellence Competition. Arenowned juror will select winners from dozens of submissions by artteachers on behalf of their talented students, with selected works tobe displayed in the Vergie R. Fleenor Gallery of the Bristol Public Li-brary from March 3-April 3, 2012. The young artists will be honoredduring a public reception at the gallery on Saturday, March 3, 2012,from 2:00 til 4:00pm celebrating the opening of the month-long ex-hibit of their work. Students, their parents, and representatives of Artin Public Places will be available for press opportunities. The eventis sponsored by Art in Public Places, a non-profit arts organizationthat coordinates a dynamic outdoor sculpture exhibit throughout thedowntown each year. The AiPP Artistic Excellence Committee hasworked with area schools to receive submissions and organize theevent. The exhibit is a key example of the nature of downtown Bris-tol's Arts and Entertainment District and is also inspired by Virginia'sMinds Wide Open initiative. About the juror: We are honored to haveartist, art administrator, and educator Hank T. Foreman serve as juror.Foreman is Associate Vice-Chancellor for University Communica-tions and Cultural Affairs at Appalachian State University in Boone,NC. He also serves as Director and Chief Curator of the Turchin Cen-ter for the Visual Arts. He received his B.C.A. in Painting and Sculp-ture from UNC at Charlotte and his M.A. in Art Education from

    Appalachian State. About the organization: Art in Public Places is acommunity art project organized and implemented by the Art in PublicPlaces Board with the cooperation of the Bristol, Tennessee, andBristol, Virginia, city governments. It is our goal to install art in publicspaces in Bristol for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community. Formore information, contact Bill Hartley, [email protected], 423 416-1088.

    Jonesborough, TNMusic on the Square is just around the corner! Get warmed up withthe MOTS Spring Tune-Up, to be held March 30th, 6pm til 10pm, atthe Int'l Storytelling Center, 100 West Main St., Jonesborough, TN.There will be food, beverage, music, and a fine Silent Auction happeningthroughout the evening. Roaming musicians will be keeping themusic flowing, and food from several local and regional restaurantswill be the fare. Beverages will include local favorite, Depot StreetBrewing. Mark your calendar for a fun evening in beautiful, historicJonesborough. Tickets can be found at the Int'l Storytelling Center,423-753-2171, or the JBO Visitors' Center, 423-753-1010. $20 in ad-vance, $25 at the door. Limited capacity, so don't hesitate to get yoursnow! Auction items can be dropped off at JBO Art Glass Gallery, orcall 423-791-2236 to have items picked up!

    Kingsport, TNKingsport Cultural Arts Division of Parks and Recreation presentsBall in the Housein concert on Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 PM.All tickets are $12. Concert will be at the Sevier Middle School Au-ditorium, 1200 East Wateree Street in Kingsport, Tennessee. Stu-dents from John Sevier Chorus will join with Ball in the Housetoperform Superstition. Tickets are available by calling 423-392-8417 or on-line www.EngageKingsport.com- Following in the pathof classic harmony groups like Boyz II Men, The Temptations, andTake 6, with a mix of the classic and the contemporary, the five-member vocal band Ball in the House brilliantly blends a widerange of influences, from classic R&B to pop, hip-hop & gospel.With their extensive tour schedule (averaging 250 dates a year), Ballin the House reaches millions and is arguably one of the hardestworking, most successful indie bands today. They have performedwith such artists as The Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, The JonasBrothers, Jessica Simpson, Fantasia, Blondie, The Temptations,Smokey Robinson, KC & The Sunshine Band, Kool & the Gang, andnumerous others. All are cappella, but a sound that will astound and

    amaze you. 5 Guys, 5 Voices A review from the Boston Globeput it very succinctly Ball in the House has everything you wouldexpect to find in a successful pop/rock bandthe one thing it doesnthave is instruments.

    Cindy Saadeh Gallery announces photographer Rob Beverly as ourfeatured artist for the month of March. Beverly, a native of Wise,Virginia, is a Kingsport artist who is known for his local landscapesand images of nature. What began as a hobby, with numerous startsand stops, his career as a photographer blossomed after posting someof his images on Facebook. Now owner of Rob Beverly Photogra-phy in Kingsport, Beverlys eye focuses on both the natural world asseen in his images from Bays Mountain and Powells Valley tocityscapes found in the Tri-Cities area. As part of the First Thursdaysin downtown Kingsport, the gallery will be hosting an opening re-ception for Beverly on March 1st from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. His workwill be on exhibit at the gallery to March 31st. Cindy Saadeh ArtGallery is located at 128 E. Market, Kingsport. Call (423)245-2800 oremail [email protected] for more information.

    Tri-Cities, TN/VAOn Saturday, March 10, 2012, Urbana Road in Limestone, Tennesseewill be taken over by runners, walkers, volunteers, and spectatorsparticipating in "Joggin for the Noggin, a community 5K Run/Walkannounced Iris Cash, Vice President of Fund Development for TheCrumley House Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center. Awards will bepresent to the Overall Top male and female runners and the top 3males and 3 females in each age division: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and above. We Run Events fromKingsport, TN will be managing the electronic timing of the race.Cash invites the community to participate in the first annual Jogginfor the Noggin 5K Run/Walk. Bring a friend to run or walk withyou, Cash encourages. Your participation and support is greatlyappreciated by The Crumley House, said Cash. On-line registrationat: www.crumleyhouse.com. Early registration fee $20 and late reg-istration fee $25. If you mail-in an entry form, make checks payableto The Crumley House. Guaranteed performance tee entries must bepostmarked no later than Feb. 25, 2012. For more information on thefirst annual Joggin for the Noggin 5K Run/Walk contact Iris Cashat [email protected] or call 1-866-892-7246 Ext. 4 or 423-440-1606.300 Urbana Road, Limestone, TN 37681


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