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  1. 1. Unleash Your Ideas Visually The sketchnotes and Graphic Recordings Marketplace
  2. 2. Script We have created a new format which stands in between a video, an infographic and an artistic sketch. The key concepts of your stories or ideas are highlighted with graphic recording techniques. It makes them come to life thanks to our player which uses zooming effects and allows for synchronisation of images to audio. We call what you're seeing a voicemap. Does your company need a clever, quick and effective way to tell a story, present a new product, or to inform or instruct your workforce? Start a project with us today! Are you a graphic-recording artist? Do you take sketchnotes during conferences or meetings? Use our cool tool to showcase your work and talents to clients from around the world. ! Showcase your sketchnotes or graphic recording for FREE!
  3. 3. www.voicemap.io