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Fun with Voki!

Voki! for engaging learnersAll about Vokis


Set up your account

Verify your account via email

Account activated

Insert email & passwordNow you can create your Voki!

Click Create a new VokiVoki has excellent tutorial videos

Begin by choosing a character click on the button

A pop out box appears click on the forward & back arrows to see more characters. Click on the picture of the character you want

Now choose a hair style

You can titivate further by clicking on the color tab & changing hair colour. You can do this with lips, eyes, makeup etc as well

Change the lip shape & fine-tune colour as in previous slide

Choose an outfit

Get creative with a bit of bling!

Now you can change the background picture behind your character

You can even upload your own background picture. Click on the folder & browse on your computerYou can even upload your own background picture. Click on the folder & browse on your computer. Then click the Upload button.Make sure your picture is not too big it takes a long time to upload

You can change the colour of your player to match your character & background.

Give your character a voice. You can do it by telephone by calling the number & quoting the passcode. However, this costs you a phone call to the USA!

OrYou can type your text & choose one of the voices from the dropdown list that appears

Oryou can put on your headset & mic & record a short 1 minute message by clicking the record button. You can listen, delete the message & record again as many times as you like. Click the Done button when you are happy with your recording

You can record a longer message by recording it into a program such as Audacity, saving as file & uploading into the Voki. Audio recordings are large so be prepared to wait a while until it uploads.

Once you are happy with your Voki, it is time to publish. Click on the Publish button

Type in a name for your Voki and click Save.

There are a number of options for saving & embedding your Voki. If you wish to email click on the Send to a friend tab & follow instructions. To send to Facebook, blog, Twitter etc, click on the corresponding icon.To embed into your wiki, click in the Embed code box to highlight the code then click Copy

Open the wiki where you want to embed your Voki & click the Edit button. Click in the spot where you want your Voki to appear on the wiki page. On the toolbar choose the Widget icon that looks like a TVIn the widget box, choose Other HTML and paste the code you copied into the box & click SavePaste your code here

Now you have a Voki that speaks with your own voice!