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These slides explain how to use Voki and link to an assignment. They are based on slides originally made by Karin Brooks.


  • 1. Voki about your favourite song You are going to make a Voki about your favourite song. Just like this one I made.
  • 2. What is a Voki? A voki is an avatar that lets you record a voice. Today you will: Learn how to make one Talk about your favourite song Guess other peoples favourite song from their Voki. But first: How to make a Voki
  • 3. Log into Voki. Then click on Create a Voki.
  • 4. This is the page you will create your Voki on. Select Customize Your Character.
  • 5. Look through the different characters till you find the one you want.
  • 6. One you select a character you can change their hair by clicking the hair tab under HEAD.
  • 7. Click on the Clothing Tab to select whatyour character will wear and the Bling Tab to select accessories.
  • 8. Click DONE when you have finished.
  • 9. To add a voice to your character selected through the Text or the Microphone.
  • 10. Adding text click in the blue area and type what you want to be said. You can play it back after you type your text by clicking the play button. You can select your language. You can select a voice style and gender.When finished select DONE.
  • 11. If you decide to Add Voice instead of Text click the microphone. Next, click on Allow and Close. Click the record Button to start.
  • 12. When finished, click on the Stop button. Click on the play button to hear what you recorded. If you like what you recorded, click on Save. The Click DONE.
  • 13. Click on Backgrounds to select abackground or to use your own picture.
  • 14. Use the presetbackgrounds or upload your own. Click DONE when finished.
  • 15. Click on Players to select the frame.
  • 16. Select a color.Then click DONE.
  • 17. Adjust the character coloring using the Color Tab. You can use this to adjust the color of the mouth, eyes, skin, and hair. Click on each to change.
  • 18. Click on Tweak to change size of characteristics. When finished select Publish.
  • 19. You will be prompted to give your creation a name to save it under. For example: material12_14_kbrooks The above is a project title, date and first initial and last name. The hit Save.
  • 20. If you did it correctly you will see the following transition screen.
  • 21. You will then get this confirmation. Select close.
  • 22. This screen will allow you to select a size for your Voki small, medium or large. The medium is recommended . Use this code to embed it in a blog. You can also share it on twitter.
  • 23. Click on send to a friend to email your Voki.
  • 24. Click on My Voki to see all your Vokis Saved or to Edit.