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  • 1. VOLLEY BALL Presented by: Rashed Abdulla ID: H00204924 Instructor: Mr. Hedley

2. HISTORY William Morgan had discovered the game. Tennis and Handball. Summer Olympic Games since 1964. 3. RULES A team of six players. Matches are best of fives. Players may touch the ball three times. 4. COURT The net is in the middle of the court The court eighteen meters long and nine meters wide. 5. SKILLS Serve Pass Set Attack Block Dig 6. SERVE A player stands behind the base line and serves the ball. Types of serves: a. Position 1 b. Ace Position 1 Ace 7. PASS A player try to handle the opponents serve or another form of attack. Types of pass a. Under arm pass b. Over hand pass 8. SET The second contact that a team makes. Generally over hand set. 9. ATTACK Its the third contact a team. Ideally the contact with the ball is made at the top of the hitters jump. Attacking technique. 10. BLOCK Technique that the player standing at the net made to stop or alter an attack. Single, double and triple block. Single Block Double Block Triple Block 11. DIG The ability to prevent the ball from touch the court after an attack Types of Dig a. Over hand dig b. under arm dig Specific technique 12. STRATEGY Setters Liberos Middle Blockers Outside Hitters Opposite hitters 13. THANK YOU ANY QUESTIONS


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