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    V O L L E Y B A L L S U B L I M A T I O N

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    VOLLEY CLOTHING IN SUBLIMATION Sizes: 3XS 3XL With our sublimation service you can design your own volley gear or select one of our special designs that you will find on the following pages. You can select the basic colours and decide where

    AVAILABLE COLOURS FOR INSERT: You can choose out of 60 PMS colours!

    Min. 10 pieces/item

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    F.A.Q. V E C T O R X What is vector artwork? Your artwork should be created in a vector-based software program like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand and then saved to one of our supported formats (.eps, .cdr, .ai, .fh).

    Vector art is made from a series of mathematical curves and is the key for printing because vector-based images can be scaled indefinitely without degrading. Your vector logo will be printed with maximum precision even when resized. A low-resolution raster graphic would blur excessively if it were enlarged. Most logos are created as vector files.

    What if you cant get your logos in vector format? Please make sure the images are of high resolution: 300 dpi scale, 1:1 (.pdf, .jpg, .tif).

    How do I see if my logos are vector? Vector logos can be scaled indefinitely without degrading. Non vector artwork is identifiable if the file you have ends in .JPEG, .GIF, .BMP. If youre not sure if your logo is vector, email your logo to STAR by GL who will be able to help you.

    F.A.Q. C O L O U R S X What is the Pantone Matching System? (PMS) The Pantone Matching System is the most known colour reproduction system and the industry standard. Pantone colours are described by their allocated number. Example: PMS 161 = green, Pantone 185 = red. What if you cant get the right Pantone number? You are welcome to send a colour sample if you desire an exact match and no Pantone colour is available. Colour matching may require additional delivery time for your orders. What else is good to know? Our quality control system is underlined by sending a printed sample before the beginning of the production to be sure the colour is the right one. The Pantone colour chart helps to find the right colour. A Pantone colour formula book is recommended if absolute true colours ar necessary. This can be found in most art stores.

    A R T W O R K G U I D E L I N E S

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    10 S T E P S 1. SEND US YOUR REQUEST The client sends his request with the following details:

    - Desired items - Desired quantity - Desired design

    2. OFFER We will send an offer to the client based on the details of the client request. 3. ORDER CONFIRMATION In order to start the digital design followed by the production the client needs to send an order confirmation by email. After receiving this confirmation STAR by GL will send a confirmation in return. 4. SENDING LOGOS, DESIGNS & COLOUR CODES All logos and designs need to be sent in one of the following files: - vector format (.eps, .ai, .pdf, .cdr) - pictures of 300 dpi resolution (.jpg) To comunicate the correct colours the client can either use: - Colour codes of our colour cards - Colour codes of the Pantone Matching System

    5. DIGITAL DESIGN Based on the information of the client STAR by GL will make a digital design, respecting indicated colors, logos, their positions and sizes. 6. CONFIRMATION DESIGN The design needs to be confirmed or corrected/changed by the client. Evenntuale correctors/changes need be communicated to STAR by GL by email. Eventual corrections/changements need to be communicated to STAR by GL by email. 7. PRODUCTION SAMPLE When digital design is confirmed STAR by GL will make a sample. 8. CONFIRMATION SAMPLE The client can either confirm or change the sample. The confirmation or the changements need to be communicated to STAR by GL via email. The confirmation or changements are not accepted by phone. 9. PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY From the moment de client confirms the sample the indicated delivery terms will start. STAR by GL will do everyhting they can to respect the delivery terms.

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    For more information and prices contact the authorized STAR by GL dealer:

    STAR by GL Ridderkerk, Netherlands info@starbygl.com

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