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    Noo Publ. No 7752910-58-1987Noo!VNoo_ wNooW_ ,





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    -Instrument panel. alternative A (Standard)1. Alarm "Low oil pressure" or "Cooling water tem-

    perature"2. Alarm check3. Switch for instrument panel4. Start button5. Alarm panel6. Warning lamp, high cooling water temperature7. Warning lamp, low oil pressure6. Warning lamp, no charging9. Revolution counter

    ContentsGeneral informationRunning Instructions 3Starting the engine 3Running instructions _'. _ 4Shutdown procedure _ 4Checks and Service 4Check daily before starting _ 4Check every 14 days _ 4Service every 50 hours of operation " 4Service every 100 hours of operation 4

    Instrument panel, alternative B, (De Luxe)1. Temperature gauge for cooling water (fresh wa-

    ter)Normal cooling water temperature 75-90"C(167-194F)

    2. Oil pressure gauge3. Voltmeter4. Rev counter5. Alarm, "Low oil pressure", "Temperature too

    high"6, Alarm check7. Ignition switch8. Switch for instrument lighting9. Alarm panel

    10. Warning lamp, high temperature11. Warning lamp, low oil pressure12. Warning lamp, no charging

    Laying-up and LaunchingFault Tracing SchemeTechnical DataWring Diagrams

    Important InformationFigures before text refer to illustrations onpull-out pages of cover.ngine component guide

    1. Fuel strai ner2. Oil f illing. engine3. Sea-water pump (draining, sea-water)4. Oil filter5. Fuel filter6. Thermostat7. Zinc anode (2001, 200218. Oil dipstick9. Oil dipstick, drive/reverse gear

    10. Oil fil ling, drive/reverse gear11. Zinc anodes, drive12. Oil drainage, drive13, Fresh water filler



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    INTRODUCTIONThis instruction book provides helpful informa-tion for running and maintai ning your Volvo Pen-ta products.The content apply to particu lar engines specifica-tions. Each engine is supplied from Volvo Pentain accordance with the published specifications.Examine your engine and other components tobe able to find them in this book. Read this bookcarefully before operati ng the engine. Do not waituntil a problem occurs.

    WARRANTYA service and warra nty book which states the Vol-vo Penta InternationalUmited Warranty (all mar-kets except USA) should have been provided bythe selling dealer. If you have not received thispublication contact the nearest Volvo Penta Dea-ler Importer for a copy.Some markets provide special or limited warran-ties as a supplement or replacement for the VolvoPenta Inlernationallimited warranty. Contact thelocal Volvo Penta Importer to obtain copies ofsuch special warranties if applicable.For products operating inthe USA special limitedwarranties and walTanty documents apply.

    WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD- DELIVEflY C~RDThe Wammty Registration Card (US market) Deli-very Card (other markets) should be filled out andsent in by the selling dealer. Warranty service canbe refused if no proof or del ivery date can be pro-vided.


    SAFETY NOTICEThe followi ng wa rning notes wi II aIert you to pos-sible bodily injury dangers and to important in-formation on safe operation of equipment. Ob-serve them carefully. "Warning" notes alone donot eliminate the dangers that they Signal. Perso-nal close attention to detail plus common senseoperation of equipment are major accident pre-vention measures.IA WARNING: You are warned that personal in-

    ~ juries, damage to property or malfunction ofthe engine can result from your not followingthese instructions.

    GENERAL INFORMATIONImportant information concerning the functionto your engine:

    FUELUse diesel fuel oil of quality "Autodiesel" (No 2Diesel). Lower fuel quality can cause interrup-tions in operation.

    LUBRICATING OILUse on Iy oiIwith qua Iity CD (DS) accord ing to theAPI system. Volvo Penta oil for diesel enginesmeets these requirements.

    RUNNING INA new engine must be run in with due care du ringthe first 20 hours of operation. Avoid operatingthe engine under full load during this period.Higher oil consumtion during this running in pe-riod is normal. Check the oil-level in the engine

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    SAFETY EQUIPMENTRegardless of whether the boat is being used forlong cruises or shart day tri ps, it shou Id be equip-ped with safety equipment as suggested below.This list can, of course, be supplemented accord-ing to persona Ioption. Safety equipments shou Idbe inspected at regular intervals.LlFE-JACKETS for all on board, approved type.ARE EXTINGUISHER, at least one easily aceesab-Ie, approved type.DISTRESSROCKETSand matches. Packedwater-tight.fiRST AID BOXTOOLS suitable for the equipment on board.ON BOARD KITcontaining, e.g. an impeller, spareengine parts, etc. (See yourdealerfor recommen-ded on board kit for your engine).ANCHOR with line.RADAR REfLECTORRADIO for listening to, e.g. weather reports.COMPASS which has been corrected for devia-tion.BOAT HOOK and PADDLE.MOORING ROPES, BUMPERS.fOGHORN and WHISTlE.SEA ANCHORfLASHLIGHTEXTRA PROPELLERAND MOUNTING TOOLS.NOTICE: Most countries have specific eq uipmentand safety requirements that must be compliedwith to operate boat safety and legally.


    STARTING THE MOTORSwitch on th e mai n switch. Start the eng ine roomfan (if fitted) and allow it to run for several min-utes before starting the engine.Check that the fuel and bottom cocks are in theopen position. Pump out any water in the boatwith the bilge pump.Release the throttle control from the gear shiftcontrol as follows: Press the release button (1) inwhen the lever is in the neutral position, and thenmove the lever slightly forwards. Release the but-ton. The control lever will now operate the enginespeed only.Cold Start: PuII out th e stop cable, and then pushit in again.

    INSTRUMENT PANEL TYPE A:(Standard)Press in button for instrument panel power supp-Iy "3". (Warning lamps for temp., oil and batterylig ht.) Now press start butto nand hold until mo-tor starts.Check immediately after start that the warninglig hts for tern p., oil and battery are not Iit. If bothlamps for temp. and battery are lit at the sametime th is impiies that th e genera:o r is not char-ging.Stop the engine if the alarm sounds and thelamps light up, by pulling the stop cable comple-

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    The singIecontra IIever com bines the thrattle andgear shift functions.F=ForwardR = ReverseN = NeutralT = ThrottleFor best resuIts, do not run the engine at maxi-mum revolutions for long periods.Stop the engine at once if the alarm sounds andthe signal lamps light up.When under sail, the control lever should be inthe neutral position if the propeller is a fixed pro-peller. If the propeller is a folding propeller, thecontrol lever should be in the reverse position.Start the eng ine and run it for five minutes everyten hours when on long-distance cruises.Note: Do not switch off the main switch beforethe engine has stopped.TURBO CAUTION: Do not race the engine im-mediately after starting. Cold oil flows less rapid-ly and will not reach all necessary parts immed-iately.

    SHUTDOWN PROCEDUREIIIIBefore shutting down the engine, it should beallowed to idIefor afew mi nutes, with th ecant rollever in the neutral position.Stop the motor by pull ing out the stop controlwhen the motor is idling.Instrument panel alterantive ADisconnect instrument panel power supply.

    DRAINING OFF, SEA WATERCOOLED ENGINESUnfasten the cover on th e sea water pump (1J .Unfasten the hose on the reverse gear (2).Open the cock on the side of the engine block(4).Close the cocks and fasten the cover on the seawater pump before leaving the boat.

    I CHECK BEFORE STARTINGCHECK OIL LEVEL.Check the oil level every day before starting theenqine, to make sure that it is within the dipstickmarkings for maximum and minimum levels, andthat you have enough oil for the journey you areplanning.Fill up with oil when necessary. See "TechnicalData" for type of oil to be used.

    CHECK WATER COOLING LEVEL(FRESH WATER SYSTEMS)Check every day before starting the engine thatthe water level in the expansion tank is within themarkings for maximum and minimum levels.When necessary, fill up with fresh water or cor-rosion inhibitive anti-freeze mixture. When thereis a danger offrost it is important to ensure thatthe fresh water system is filled with anti-freeze.Alternatively, the system can be drained. Fordraining the sea water system see under "Shut-down Procedure".

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    CHECK ELECTROLVTE LEVEL INBATTERYThe electrolyte level in the battery should be 5-10mm (1/5-7116") above the cell plates. Fill up withdistilled water when necessary.

    P . - . . WARNI NG! Exercise great carewhen fi Iii ng as~ the gas formed in the battery is explosive andthe acid is caustic.

    I s o HOURS ENGINE SERVICE]CHANGE ENGINE OILRun the engine until it is warm. Pump up the oilthrough the hole for the dipstick, and then refillwith oil to the correct level. See "Technical Data"for type of oil to be used.Note: The oil filter should be changed at the sametime as every second change of engine oil.

    100 HOURS (OR SEASONAL)ENGINE SERVICECHANGE OIL FILTERIIhe oil filter should be changed after the first 20hours of running, and thereafter at every secondchange of engine oil.Screw off the filter and throw it away.Coat the rubber seal of the new filter with oil.Checkthe contact surface on the engine, and thenscrew the filter on by hand until it is just touching

    CHANGE OIL IN REVERSE GEAR,MS2 AND MS2V.The oil in the reverse gear should be changed aft-er every 200 hours or at least once a season.The reverse gear can be drained by removing theplugs underneath it, or by pumping the oil upthrough the hole for the dipstick using an oilpump. Then fill up with oil. Make sure that the oillevel is between the maximum and minimumlevels indicated on the dipstick.Note: Do not exceed the maximum level. See"Technical Data" for type and volume of oil to beused.

    CHECK/CHANGE THE IMPELLERIIhe impeller may become damaged, for examplethrough lack of water in the pump due to blockedintake. Close the bottom-cock. Then remove thepump cover and inspect the impeller. If it hasbeen damag ed it shauId be replaced. Remove theimpel Ier with a pai r of adjusta ble piiers, and fit anew one. Then refit the pump cover with a newseal. Open the bottom-cock again.&WARNING! Watch out for waterleakage.CHECK VALVE CLEARANCEChecking and adjusting the valve clearanceshould only be carried out by an authorized VolvoPenta dealer. See "Valves" under "TechnicalData".

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    VACUUM VALVETo make sure that the vacuum valve functionsproperly it should be dismantled at least onceevery season.Remove the whole of the valve from its mountingon the bulkhead. Unfasten the cover on the valveand membrane, and clean off any deposit. Dam-aged membranes should be replaced.REASSEMBLE THE VALVE IN THE UPRIGKT POSI-nON.Put the membrane in the cover, making sure thatit isin the correct position, and is not squeezed bythe seal. Insert the seal and screw the cover backinto position.Note: Torque factor should be 2 Nm (0.2kpm-1.47 ft.l bs). If the cove r istoo tig ht the va lvewill not function properly.


    E D The fusebox included in the electrical system ismou nted on top of the electri caIunit. The fuse willdisconnect the electricity supply if it is over-loaded. You can reconnect the circuit by wiringup to the next terminal.

    I LAYING UP AND LAUNCHINGINHIBITINGWhile the boat is in the water but not in use, theengine should be run warm at least once every 14days. Ifthe boat is not to be used for over a month


    I I I

    Clean the filter screen and vent the fuelsystem.

    VENTING THE FUEL SYSTEMLoosen the venting screw on the fuel filter aboutfour turns. Watch out for fuel splashing.Pump up the fuel using the hand primer until thefuel is flowing out free of air bubbles. Tighten theventing screw again.Tile fuel pump is vented automatically when theengine is turned over by the starter motor anddecompression handle has been raised.

    Inhibiting Schedule (with boat onland).FRESH WATER COOLED ENGINEIf the fresh water system has already been filledwith ethylene glycol or similar corrosion inhibi-tive fluid, check the anti-freeze. If the system hasbeen filled with fresh water only it should bedrained and then filled with a 50/50 mixture ofwater and ethylene glycol.

    FRESH WATER COOLED ENGINESeawater systemPrepare a 50/50 mixture of fresh water and anti-freeze glycol or similar corrosion inhibitive fluid,and insert the hose in it. Arra nge fa r the collection

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    IIemove the impeller. If it is in good condition,rinse it in fresh water and then store it in a sealedpiastic bag wh iIethe boat is Iaid up. Wo rn or dam-aged impellers should be replaced.Check the state of the battery, Chargeit and leaveit in the boat. Batteries which are allowed to re-main less than fully charged may suffer frostdamage.Spray all electrical connections with corrosion in-hibitive oil. Clean off the engine and make goodany damage to paintwork.In boats fitted with S drive, the rubber seal be-tween the drive and the bedding should bechecked carefully. The seal should be changedevery seven years. This should be done by anauthorized Volvo Penta dealer.If the boat has a folding propeller, it should bedismounted and taken indoors while the boat islaid up.Unfasten the locking screws for the propellerblade suspension pins, knock out the pins andremove the blades. Unfasten the propeller shaftnuts and pull off the hub. The shaft should begreased (use type 828250 grease as recom-mended) after cleaning.

    TRACING FAULTSEngine does not startIf the starter motor does not turn over, checkwhether the battery is flat. Use a hydrometer tomeasure the specific gravity of the electrolyte.Check that the cables for the battery and the star-ter motor are properly connected, If the battery issufficiently charged and you can hear a clickingnoise from the starter solenoid when the starterkey is turned, the starter motor itself maybe de-fective. If you cannot hear this clicking noise thenthere maybe a defect in the solenoid, the keyswitch or the wiring for them.


    Engine does not start, or stallsIfthe starter motor does turn over, but the engineeither will not start, or keeps stalling, check thatyou have fuel in the fuel tank and that the fuelcock is open. If the engine is fitted with an extrafuel filter, there should be fuel visible in the glassor metal optic.Check that fuel is reaching the injectors by un-screwing the pressure pipe on the injector, andthen turn the engine over using the starter motor.If no fuel appears it may mean that the filter isblocked, the fuel pump is defective, or that thereisair in the system. Change all the filters and ventthe system. If no fuel appears after this, either thefeed pump or the injector pump maybe defecti-ve.If fuel does come out of the pressure pipe whenyou carry out th is test, it may mea n that0neof theinjectors isdefective. Change the injectors and tryto start the eng ine again. If the eng ine sti IIwi II not

    IIIICheck that the battery is fully charged.If the engine was filled with Volvo Penta engineoil when the boat was laid up, the oil system willbe ready for use. But if you used preservative oil

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    Engine does not attain full RevolutionsIf the engine starts properly and runs smoothly,but does not reach the same revolutions as pre-viously, this does not necessarily indicate a de-fect inthe engine, but may mean that there isfoul-ing on the bottom of the boat, or that it is over-loaded. It is also possible that the propeller maybe defective. Ifall these causes can be eliminated,there may have been a loss of compressi on inaneor rnore of the cyl inde rs. Have you r nearest VolvoPenta dealer carry out a compression test.

    Aligning Engine and Reverse GearOnce a season or after launching, the alignmentof the engine with the propeller shaft should bechecked and if necessary adjusted. To do this:Unfasten the screw union for the propeller shaftflange. Using a 0.10 mm thickness gauge, checkth at there is not enaug h room to insert it betweenthe reverse gear and propeller shaft flanges atany point when the propeller shaft flange ispush ed fo rwa rds. Turn the shaft th roug h 90, 1800and 2700 when carrying out this test. If the gap ismore than 0.10 mm (0.004") the alignmentshould be adjusted. If anon-adjustable rubber su-spension is fitted, the thickness of the paddingshould be adjusted.

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    TECHNICAL DATAENGINE DESCRIPTIONNumber of cylinders .Propeller shaft output!' 3200 rpm .Max. operating speed rpm .Bore, mm (inch) .Stroke, mm (inch) .Displacement, dm3) On3) .Idling speed rpm .Max. angle of incline when under way .Max. angle of lateral incline under way .Engine weight incl. reverse gear

    (MS2) kg (Ibs) .(V-drive) kg (Ibs) .

    Engine weight incl. S drive kg (Ibs) .Fuel .

    VALVESValve clearance, inlet mm, warm engine .Valve clearance, outlet mm, warm engine .Decompressed depression, mm .

    LUBRICATING SYSTEMOil capacity, incl. filter lit (US qts) .Oil quality .Viscosity above + 10C .

    below + 10C .Ratio, MS2, MS2V .Oil capacity MS2 lit (US qts). .Oil capacity MS2V lit (US qts) .Oil quality (as for engine) .Viscosity, above +10C .

    below + 10C .Ratio 120S .Oil capacity 120 S lit (US qts) .


    6.6 kW (9 hpj2003T3

    32 kW (43.5 hpj2002 2003

    2 313.0 kW (18 hpj 20.5 kW (28 hpj

    320079 (3.110")87 (3.425")

    0.85 (51.8) 1.28 (78.1)8501030

    1.28 (78.1).43 (26.2)

    112 (246)118 (259)126 (277)

    139 (305) 159 (349)145 (319) 165 (363)153 (336) 173 (380)

    Autodiesel(No 2 Diesel)

    176 (387)182 (400)

    0.30 (0.012")0.30 (0.012")0.50 (0,020")

    1.4 (1.5) 2.75 (2.9) 4.1 (4.3) 4.3 (4.5)CD

    SAE 20IW302)SAE 10W3)

    2,4:1 alt. 3,0:10,8 (0.85)1,8 (1.9)

    CDSAE 20IW302)SAE 10W3)

    2,20:12,6 (2.75)

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    INSTRUMENTPANEt1. Pr,jnted circuit card2 . R ,ev counterIaocessorv)3. Start button4. Switch for instrument panel5. Alarm test button6. Alarm

    Max output fromthe panel =5 A

    Cable colourR = BedPU = PurpleBN = BrownOR = OrangeGR = GreyS8 "" BlackW = WhiteY = YellowON = GreenBL = Blue

    Wiring diagr'am,alternative A(Standard),

    Bl/l'! 10 ~D I,~. - - , . 1 \ /~ \ G W /

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    INSTRUMENT PANEL1, Voltmeter2" Oil pressure g'8uge3 '. Coolant temperature gauge4, Printed cireua card5. Alarm test6,. Switch for instrument lighting7. Rev. counter8. Key switch9 ,. AJ'armMax output fromthe panel: 5 A

    Gabl'e colourGR = Grey58 = BlackBN = BrownLBN = Light brownR = Red

    Wiring: diagram, alternative B(De Luxe)

    ~--- -------------------------------------------------

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    Engi ne I de n ti fi ca ti onMotor Ertenm./ngId en tif. ic a.tiO . n . .d U. m ote ur S ia l' .. , . . ..kiemiticszone motore ,. , .iIdentificaci 6n motor . . Fl IMotoridentifikation. ..




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    Alternativ A (Standard)

    9 1


    6 7 8

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    MS2 120S

    o\ 1/

    o 1



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    1 1 K ; : m mI - r f r 1 5 "AX=s:":____1_


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