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Marconi - Integrated Power, Distribution, Control, and Monitoring


  • Marconi, 10/03 LLP 2-36

    200-10,000 Amp, -48VDC Lorain Power System Data Sheet

    Marconis next generation power platform

    Integrated Power, Distribution, Control, and Monitoring

    total) along with 2400 amps of distribu-tion. Adding additional bays createslarger plants, up to 10,000 amps.

    ApplicationThe LPS48E1 is ideal for use in centraloffice, switch site, MSO, and datacenter applications. The LPS48E1works in both centralized and distrib-uted architecture plant layouts and issuitable for any -48VDC applicationwith 3-Phase commercial AC service.

    DescriptionThe Lorain Power System (LPS)utilizes a highly integrated revolutionarydesign to pack unparalleled capacityand features into a small footprint.

    The LPS48E1 is a -48VDC digitalpower plant that operates with 200amp Power Conversion Units (PCUs)powered from 480VAC. Each bayprovides power conversion and distri-bution up to ten PCUs (2000 amps

    Key Features

    Single frame design providespower conversion, distribution,control and monitoring in asmall footprint

    Patented, laminated internalbus work improves AC andDC cable routing options

    Modular distribution designincludes built-in automaticmonitoring for all distributiondevices

    Integrated DC bus eliminatescostly overhead busses andeases plant expansion

    Integrated LMS1000 designfeatures a distributed I/O arch-itecture, an internet port andweb page to simplify moni-toring of external equipment

    Controller backplane acceptsplug-in alarm cards and LMSI/O cards

    Optional integrated AC PowerDistribution Service Cabinet(PDSC) for protected bulk ACservice feeds

    TCP/IP, SNMP, Ethernet, mo-dem, and RS232 compatible

    Supports distributed and bulkplant architectures

    LPS48E1 Power System

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    Power Conversion UnitThe heart of this system is theLPS200E50 PCU. A true three-phasethree-wire rectifier, the unit operates at0.998 power factor with less than 5%THD. It can deliver 110% of ratedcurrent up to 40C, and a reducedamount up to 80C by virtue of itsthermal current limit feature. Designedfor positive ground applications, thenormal output voltage ranges from 47to 58 volts, with a test voltageadjustable down to 45 volts.

    AC service is wired internally to eachPCU. A horizontal terminal strip islocated on the left top of the bay. Anoptional Power Distribution ServiceCabinet (PDSC) bolted to the left sideof the bay facilitates bulk wiring in oneor two AC branch circuit applicationsper bay.

    DistributionDistribution is divided into two rows,top and bottom. Each row has aflexible design that accommodates anycombination of breakers and fuses, upto a 1200 amp maximum. There canbe up to 24 (3-100A) breakers/fuses orup to 12 (100-800A) devices, or anycombination. Each frame can supportup to 24 (1-100A) fuses or breakers orup to 12 (600A) fuses per frame. Thispatented unique design allows totalflexibility to configure each frame perrequired device without costly kits andrestrictive panels.

    MonitoringDistribution elements of 100 amps andgreater include a monitoring shunt andcontrol and alarm (MCA) panel. TheMCA consists of a multi-line vacuumfluorescent display, plus a removableCPU and alarm cards located in a shelfbelow the distribution. The shelf isdual-purpose and accepts an LMSCPU for modem and Ethernet access,plus LMS I/O cards for other moni-toring points. As a system, the MCAcontrols the steady state outputvoltage to within 0.05% of any setting,

    LPS48E1, -48VDC, 10,000A Modular Power Plant

    from no load to full load. The MCA alsouses a patented algorithm to balancethe PCU output currents to within 1%of their rated current.

    Additional Information For additional specification, engineeringinstallation information, specify582140000 (power system) and486532600 (200 amp PCUs).

    For ordering information, requestSAG582140000.

    200-10,000 Amp, -48VDC Lorain Power System Data Sheet

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    200-10,000 Amp, -48VDC Lorain Power System Data Sheet

    System Specifications

    Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 0C to +40C (+32F to +104F).

    Storage Ambient Temperature Range: -40C to +65C (-40F to +149F).

    Output Capacity: 10,000A per System,2000A per bay (Rectifiers), 2400A per bay (Distribution)

    Primary/Secondary Frame Dimensions: 24"W x 30"D x 84"H

    Frame Weight: 830 lbs. Per Frame (less PCUs)

    PDSC Dimensions: 10"W x 30"D x 84"H

    PDSC Weight: 190 lbs.

    Safety: UL Listed (UL1801)

    Power Conversion Unit Specifications


    Voltage: 408-528VAC (direct 3 Phase input)

    Current: 17.6A @ 480VAC nominal line

    Inrush: Not to exceed 6 time RMS input current at full load

    Frequency: 47-63 Hz.

    Protection: Fused (internally)

    Power Factor: >0.97 at nominal line, full load

    Harmonic Content:

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    200-10,000 Amp, -48VDC Lorain Power System Data Sheet

    Outside Plant, Power & Services1122 F StreetLorain, Ohio 44052Phone: 440-246-6999Fax: 440-246-4876http://www.marconi.com/opps

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