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VSA Assignment Description

Assignment title Social Media Specialist

Country Samoa

Location Apia

Partner organisation Office of the Pacific Games Sustainable Development Goals

Duration 7 months


1. Assignment goal

The online social media presence for the 2019 Pacific Games is successfully developed and monitored, providing platforms for increased levels of engagement among key audience groups across the region.

2. Assignment outcomes Outcome 1

The Office of the Pacific Games develops a successful social media presence. Outputs

Working alongside key members of the Communications Team:

Implement the existing social media branding plan/strategy

Develop social media campaigns, according to the Communications Plan/Strategy, using a collaborative approach

Establish reporting mechanisms to track the success of the campaigns Outcome 2 The communications team has an increased social media capacity. Outputs

Working alongside key members of the Communications Team:

Advise/train the Communication Team members on effective social media campaigns and monitoring tools

Coach on a day-to-day basis two members of the Communications Team in branding an engaging and consistent social media presence of the event that is relevant for local and international visitors

Develop the Social Media Communication section of a policy handbook that will serve for future, large scale events in Samoa

Outcome 3 Private and public sector stakeholders who have an involvement in producing the Pacific Games feel satisfied by the level of success captured via the Pacific Games social media channels. Outputs

In preparation to the event, support the Communications Team in relationship management and engagement with:


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The private sector, e.g. helping sponsors to make the most of the opportunity

Existing social media influencers

Sport associations and athletes

3. Reporting and working relationships The volunteer will work alongside the seven members of the Communications Team. They will also work alongside the website content developer (a VSA volunteer). The volunteer will report and will be accountable to the Marketing and Communications Manager at the Office of the Pacific Games. The volunteer and the Office of the Pacific Games will have an ongoing relationship with the VSA Programme Manager in terms of assignment monitoring, reporting, professional advice and personal support.

4. Capacity building Opportunities to pass on expertise to the communications team will be through workshops, role modelling and demonstrating best practice social media content development. This will lift the quality of reporting across Samoa through examples of great content accessible to all on social media. The volunteer will also have the opportunity to pass on the learnings through the proposed policy handbook mentioned in outcome 2.

5. Person specifications (professional) Essential

Strong knowledge of different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram)

Experience building and executing social media strategies through research, messaging and effective audience identification

Experience editing, generating and sharing content that builds meaningful connections with people

Experience setting up and optimising content pages

Ability to collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure concepts are captured and delivered


Experience as a social media manager

Experience with content development tools/software such as adobe premier

Web design, development and online marketing experience

6. Person specifications (personal)


Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team

Ability to work to deadlines and can work well under pressure

Positive attitude, with a people-centered approach

Creative and able to produce new content

As needs on the ground may change over time, the volunteer is encouraged to review and update the assignment description on arrival in consultation with the partner organisation and VSA programme manager.

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An interest in sport and or/large sporting events

Additional information Residency status VSA volunteers must be New Zealand citizens or have New Zealand permanent residency status, and currently living in NZ.

Partner organisation The volunteer's partner organisation will be the Office of the Pacific Games. The volunteer will report to the Marketing and Communications Manager. Pre-departure briefing As part of the volunteers contract, successful candidates will be required to take part in a pre-departure briefing course run by VSA in Wellington and complete all required pre-reading.

Final appointment Final appointment will be subject to satisfactory medical and immigration clearances (costs covered by VSA), partner organisation acceptance, and successful completion of the pre-departure briefing course.

Family status VSA supports partners to accompany volunteers on assignments of six months or longer. However, volunteers with accompanying dependents will not be considered for this assignment.

Fundraising Volunteers are encouraged to fundraise at least $1000 with the support of VSAs fundraising team. Accompanying partners are encouraged to raise the same amount. All funds raised will help VSA keep its programmes in action and support future volunteers.

Vaccination requirements Potential volunteers are advised that VSAs insurers require volunteers to be inoculated, prior to departure, in accordance with the instructions of VSAs medical adviser. VSA covers the cost of any required vaccinations. Volunteer package The volunteers package includes the following:

Reimbursements and grants 1. Volunteers will receive an establishment grant of NZ$500 to help them set up in their country of assignment.

For volunteers with an accompanying partner (whether or not that partner is also a VSA volunteer), VSA will pay an establishment grant of NZ$750 per couple.

2. A resettlement grant of NZ$250 will be paid for each month the volunteer is on assignment. This is payable on completion of the assignment, for up to a maximum of 24 months.

3. The volunteer will receive a monthly living allowance of WST 1,650.

Accommodation Basic, comfortable furnished accommodation will be sourced by VSA.

Airfares and baggage allowance VSA will provide the volunteer with economy airfares to and from New Zealand for their assignment plus a baggage allowance.


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VSA will provide travel insurance to cover baggage and personal property, and non-routine medical expenses for the duration of the assignment. Further details of the insurance cover will be provided during the volunteer pre-departure briefing.


Attachments Appendix 1: Background to the assignment Appendix 2: Living situation Appendix 3: Samoa

VSA will reimburse volunteers reasonable expenses for household utilities while on assignment.

Final terms and conditions relating to the specific volunteer assignment will be confirmed in a personalised volunteer contract prior to departure.

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Appendix 1: Background to the Assignment Assignment focus

This role will deliver on the Pacific Games key objective one: to provide a platform for athletes to compete in a world class and technically compliant Pacific Games, along with key objective three: to help our partners make the most of the opportunities presented by the Pacific Games. The volunteer has the chance to build a social media platform of the games, engaging both the public and private sector. They will be working alongside the team to implement the marketing and communications plan that is already in place. Businesses are beginning to recognise the power of social media to increase engagement, however there is a skill gap in the industry to support this potential area of growth. This role provides an opportunity to build capability in the Communications industry through on-the-job training, mentoring and role modelling.

Partner organisation

The Government of Samoa won the bid to host the 16th Pacific Games in September 2017. In April 2018, Parliament passed a legislation establishing the Office of the Pacific Games. The Games will be held in July 2018.

The purpose of the Office of the Pacific Games is to ensure all venues are ready to host the Games and to

successfully coordinate the event. The key objectives as stated in the Strategic Plan 2018-19:

1. To provide a platform for athletes to compete in a world-class and technically compliant Pacific Games

2. To create a safe, fun, and friendly Games environment

3. To help our partners make the most of the opportunities presented by the Pacific Games

4. To inspire and engage our communities in the power of sport to build our region

5. To establish an evidence base that informs future sports development in Samoa

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