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  • 1. Vocabulary inContextYear 8PL 2014

2. Vocabulary in ContextLearning IntentionTo determine andclarify unknownwords within a text.Use context as aclue to figure out themeaning of a wordor phrase.Success CriteriaI can use text cluesto help me figure outthe meaning ofunfamiliar words.I can say thelearning actions thatassist me with thistask. 3. Key Vocabulary vocabularyWords context comprehension text clues 4. Hook 5. What is vocabulary incontext? Context means the setting of a word or event. Context comes from the Latin for howsomething is made. We use it to talk about any circumstance inwhich something happens. You might say thatyou can't understand what happens withoutlooking at the context. When someone takes your words but makes itsound like you meant something else, they'vetaken your words out of context. 6. Finding vocabularymeaning in context Figuring out the meaning of an unknownword by thinking about how the person hasused it e.g. Looking for clues within a text to help youfigure out what the word means. Clues maybe found in the sentence where the wordappears or in sentences before or after theword. 7. ActivityWith a partner, read the sentence belowWhat doesthe title tellme?What do Ipredict thetext will beabout?What do Ialready knowabout thistopic?images cometo mind?What will Ido as Iread?What canthe picturestell me?Whatwords doI expectto see?WhatShepparton's cultural precinct is located in WelsfordStreet and consists of an art gallery featuring Australianceramics and paintings, and a major war memoriallocated next to the council offices.Write down what you think the word precinct means.Write down the clues you used to come up with yourdefinition.Share your definitions and clues used with others nearyou. 8. Activity Using the Shepparton text,record your predicteddefinition of the words inbold type. Also record the text cluesyou used 9. ReviewUsing text clues willhelp me to The learning actions Iused today were