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UNIS Hanoi supports Blue Dragon.


  • 1. by Tracy Smith and 3TS

2. Joong Gun: If we cooperate we can be as one.Anna: I was nervous before the walk-a-thon because I had to do a little introduction because I am a walk-a-thon organiser. 3. Daisy- I like the walk -a-thon because we 4. Angelina- I liked running around the oval in the walk-a-thon because it is good exercise. 5. Christopher: I didnt get tired because I know I am helping someone. Every round I made I got paid for it. It felt rewarding. 6. Tristan: At the walk I was with Yukis mum and I got 11 laps. I ran about of the time we had to run My goal was 12 laps. I got the same as last year. 7. Tony - At the beginning I was very speedy but on about the third lap I began to go slower and slower until I was jogging, but I didnt stop. 8. Joong Gun: My body was tired but I was proud of myself raising more money than last year. 9. Jeongseo: I was so happy and excited when I saw my mum waving her hands and waiting for me to give a tally mark 10. Lilly: I had fun at the walk-a-thon and I was tired and hot afterwards. I tried to get as many laps as possible to raise money for the Blue Dragon. 11. Kiana: I was so tired! Everyone went back to their classrooms and we 12. Lilly-Beau: I liked the ice-cream too. 13. Ji Won- Today I felt really great. When I ran, I thought about the poor kids and their life.Jeongseo: The running was hard but it was fun. We ran to help Hanoi street kids to go to school. I wanted to help many children so I ran as fast as I can Tristan: I enjoyed the walk a lot and am looking forwards to next yearsThank you for your support