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<ul><li><p>Wall Dcor Enchant Your Home with Wall Mirrors </p><p>Wall Dcor is an integral part of interior design. A blank wall gives a feel of </p><p>emptiness and boredom. Hence, use wall mirrors or designer wall clocks in order </p><p>to brighten the surrounding. Check some amazing collection of wall dcor pieces </p><p>- wall mirrors and wall clocks available at the online wall dcor store in phoenix. </p><p>These items surely will steal your heart by their unique and artisan designs and </p><p>looks. These mirrors and clocks generally suit with almost all types of interior. </p><p>Have a look at some of the items - </p><p>DecorShore Brown Traditional Mosaic Mirror </p><p>Product Information </p><p>Materials: Mosaic/glass </p><p>mirror </p><p>Height: 24" </p><p>Mirror Diameter: 16" </p><p>Color: Brown </p><p>Care: Wipe clean </p><p>Shape: Round </p><p>http://www.decorshore.com/wall-decorhttp://www.decorshore.com/wall-decor/brown-traditional-mosaic-mirror-39.html</p></li><li><p>DecorShore Contemporary Multi-color Mosaic Mirror </p><p>Product Information </p><p>Materials: Wood/glass mirror </p><p>Height: 24" </p><p>Mirror Diameter: 17" </p><p>Color: Multi-color </p><p>Care: Wipe clean </p><p>Shape: Round </p><p>DecorShore Contemporary Flower Mosaic Wall Dcor </p><p>Product Information </p><p>Materials: Mosaic </p><p>Height/Diameter: 24" </p><p>Color: Multi-color </p><p>Care: Wipe clean </p><p>Shape: Round </p><p>http://www.decorshore.com/wall-decor/contemporary-multi-color-mosaic-mirror-37.htmlhttp://www.decorshore.com/wall-decor/contemporary-flower-mosaic-wall-decor-43.html</p></li><li><p>DecorShore Flower Petals Design Mosaic Mirror </p><p>Product Information </p><p> Materials: Mosaic/glass mirror </p><p>Height: 24" </p><p>Mirror Diameter: 16" </p><p>Color: Multi-color </p><p>Care: Wipe clean </p><p>Shape: Round </p><p>DecorShore Silver/Turquoise Mosaic Wall Clock </p><p>Product Information </p><p> Materials: Iron </p><p>Height: 24" </p><p>Clock Diameter: 12" </p><p>Color: Gold </p><p>Care: Wipe clean </p><p>Shape: Round </p><p>Requires: Batteries </p><p>http://www.decorshore.com/wall-decor/flower-petals-design-mosaic-mirror-36.htmlhttp://www.decorshore.com/wall-decor/silver-turquoise-mosaic-wall-clock-41.html</p></li></ul>