walt disney 1901- 1966. steamboat willie steamboat willie was the first cartoon walt disney made...

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Walt Disne y 1901- 1966

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Walt Disney 1901-1966

Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon Walt Disney

made withsound. It featured his now famous characterMickey Mouse.


Walt Disney created Disneyland in California. Hecame up with the idea for a family theme park becausehe always had fun at home with his two daughters.

Key Times in Walt Disney’s Life

• 1901 Walt Disney is born• 1919 Walt opens his first art company• 1923 Walt and brother Roy start the Disney

Brothers Studio • 1928 Steamboat Willie is released• 1955 Disneyland is opened • 1965 Land is bought in Florida for EPCOT (the

start of Disneyworld)• 1966 Walt dies

By Sophia Omar