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Walt Disney

Walt disney Isabella Hernandez

walt Disney's first character Walt Disneys first character was Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse because he wanted every familyto have animated characters in their lives..

Early lifeWalt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Hermosa ,Illinois. Walt Disney also liked being the class clown. Walt Disney fought in World War 1 and World War 2 in France.

Gifts and talent Walt Disney had many talents. His talents were determination, using his brain and creativity.

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Challenges Walt Disney overcame dyslexia and he moved a lot because his job did not pay enough.Walt Disney was determined so he got a job everywhere he moved in order to make aliving. attributesWalt Disney was smart, leader and he was also creative. My favorite part of himis that he was creative. He made Mickey Mouse. He can do anything. Why did I CHOOSE THIS GIFTED PERSON I chose Walt Disney because I LOVE his disney movies.

Episode or storyWalt Disney made Mickey Mouse in 1928 and he made Mickey Mouse because he wanted fun in peoples lives. A lot of people see Mickey Mouse as Walt Disneys most famous character.

contributionsHe made the first animated movie and shows us that we should never quit.

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