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Wanakha Central School, 2015 “The Evolution”

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  1. 1. Wanakha Central School, 2015 The Evolution
  2. 2. Wanakha is located just above the Thimphu - Haa highway. The School has been recently upgraded to a Central School.There are 402 children, 21 teachers and classes starting from Pre-primary till tenth grade
  3. 3. Orientation and dissemination of information on Design For Change
  4. 4. Feel FWanakha is a beautiful and a very cold place located at 2720 meters above the sea level. The parents of the students are mostly farmers. They rear lots of cattle for milk and dairy products.Because of the cold climatic condition the parents move with their cattle to a warmer place every year leaving their children either with the grand parents or the older siblings. Most of the students also have to walk a minimum of 45 minutes to reach school every day, due to which cleanliness has become a persistent issue in the school. Another issue constantly reminded by the school is the lice on the smaller childrens head. There were also many other problems that affected us like not having mirrors in the toilets, need for a school canteen, difficulty in
  5. 5. Sending leave application, waste problems and many more. From all the problems we felt that the cleanliness in the junior students was the most persisting problem. There fore we chose cleanliness in the junior students as our DFC challenge.
  6. 6. School Captain Namgay Wangchuk and a group of senior students suggested that every senior student adopt a child from the junior classes and help them to stay clean through constant checking and even helping them in the school during the recess time.All the children agreed to their suggestion and even came up with the idea to raise fund through food stalls and donations to buy hair cutting scissors and clippers. A core group of 15 members were formed to monitor the activities. Imagine
  7. 7. Do Adopted a brother/sister from the lower classes. Raised funds to buy scissors,hair clippers, nail clippers and soaps for hand washing purposes. Checking of uniform, nails, shirts, socks and shoes during the morning assembly. Hair cutting was done weekly (ongoing process) Senior students takes lunch together with their junior students from the School.( The Principal and the teachers were generous enough to participate in raising funds and providing soaps for washing.)
  8. 8. Three children from the core group went to share their success story in two different nearby schools. They also shared information on Design For Change and encouraged the two schools to join in the near future. Students in the higher grades were more interested and asked the presenters numerous questions and doubts. Some of the students even shared their part of problems related to cleanliness and suggested some tips on how to keep smaller students clean like washing their uniforms on weekends. share
  9. 9. Continue with the same activities. Raise more funds to buy socks and shoe polish for underprivileged children. Frequent monitoring during the morning assembly. Give bath to the junior children once in a month with the help from the school cooks. Help with their home works during study time.