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A summary of impressions and conclusions of how can one enjoy working in new places, changing countries several times a year, and returning home with excellent impressions. Photos from the places I worked in last year: Tirana, Belgrade, Pristina.


  • 1. Wandering in the BalkansWorking as international expert in Technical Assistance projects PATAKI CSILLA Senior trainer & HRD consultant 1

2. Working in international project representsfor me: constant professional challenge opportunity for further development lesson in adaptablility and interculturalcommunication pleasure of making new friends making acquaintace with new countriesand cultures2 3. Professional OverviewTasks in 2011 in Technical Assistanceprojects: Training needs analysis Development of training strategy andtraining plan Development of training curricula formanagement and HR training Delivering training for managers and HRspecialists3 4. Where I worked? Tirana, Albania (April May, October2011) Belgrade, Serbia (July August 2011) Pristina, Kosovo (September October2011)4 5. How to enjoying life and work anywhere? Open your mind and clear it from prejudices Look for what is nice and interesting Do not judge differences: they are neithergood nor bad and they all have reasons Do not want to transform local peoplebetter adapt working style and methods Make new friends Enjoy life on the spot and at present timeLET YOURSELF SURPRISED! 5 6. How to enjoying life and workanywhere? EXPECT NICE SURPISES AND GOODEXPERIENCES LET YOURSELF SURPRISED!6 7. Ethem Bey Mosque & Clock TowerIn7 Tirana 8. Modern architecture in Tirana8 9. Catholic church in Tirana 9 10. New mosque and gallery in Durres, Albania10 11. Ancient arena in Durres, Albania 11 12. Parliament building in Belgrade12 13. Park (in the background the cupole of13the Parliament Belgrade) 14. Modern Stonehenge - Belgrade 14 15. Saint SavaCathedral - Belgrade15 16. Church of The Holy Mother of 16 God - Ruica - Kalemegdan 17. Sunset over Kalemegdan - Belgrade 17 18. View over Pristina from my balcony 18 19. Mosque in Pristina19 20. Skanderbegs statue in Pristina20 21. Entrance of a mosque in Pristina 21 22. The Irish Pub in Pristina 22