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  • Want Ads QfferTheQuickest And Most Convenient Way To Rent Vacancies the morning star

    CLASSIFIED KATES A;i classified ads Inserted in both

    Wilmington News and The Wil- mington Morning Star. Insertion if

    ij3 WU1 be cm same day or evening and next morning, except when first insertion is Saturday morning, then •ecor.d insertion will run Monday in tpjjj, News. No classified ads sold (or one paper only. 1 CLASSIFIED RATES

    One time rate-15o per line Three time rate __14o per line

    Seven time rate -— 13o per line

    15 time rate 10c per line

    30 time rate _ 8o per line No advertisement taken for less

    than 45 cents. Ads ordered for a special number

    of days and stopped before expira- tion, will oniy be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment made at the rate earned.

    Count five average words to the line.

    All discontinuances should be made In person at The Star-News office, or if by telephone, must be confirmed by letter.

    All ads are restricted to their proper classifications and to the reg- ular STAR-NEWS style of type.

    Errors in advertisement should be reported immediately. The Star- News will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion.

    No ad taken for less than basis of three lines.

    A charge of ?5.00 Is made for pub- lished "In Memoriam” and resolu- tions-

    The Star-News assumes no re- sponsibility for any advertisement not handled or inserted as directea except to publish or republish after notification.

    Classified ads In the column may be placed until 11 a. m. for the eve ning paper, and until 7 p. m. for the next day’s paper. All Classified Display copy must be in the office by ti p. m.

    NOTICE TO PUBLIC All advertising appearing In these

    columns is for reputable and reliable concerns, so far as we can ascertain from a careful Investigation.

    It is our intention, however, tc sue that every firm that uses these columns is required to live up to their ob.igations. Therefore, should you apply in any advertisement on this page and services are not ren- dered as advertised. The Star-News wants to know it.

    The L'- S. postal regulations are very strict in such matters, as such on act would be misuse of the U. S. mail and The Star-Newa will see that any attempt to defraud is promptly handled by the P. O. de- partment

    CLASSIFIED INDEX 1—Announcements. ".—Automotive. S.—Beer. 9 —Boats.

    30 —Booksellers—Stationers. 11. —Builders. 12. —Builders’ Supplies. 13—Business Opportunities, 34. —Business Service. 15.—Business Sites. 20.—Cleaners—Dyers. 22 —Clothing. 25.—Coal—Wood—Fuel Oil. 30.—Dairy Products. 32. —Dancing. 33. — Dogs—Cats—Pets. 35. —Drugs. 38.—Dry Cleaning—Pressing. 41. —Eatables. 42. —Eating Places. 45.—Electrical. 48. —Feeds. 49— Financial. 50. —Floor Finishers. 51. —Florist. 52. —For Rent. 53 —For Rent at Resorts. 55—For Rent—Apartments. CO.—For Rent—Rooms. C3.-P.oom and Board. 65.—For Rent—Houses. 70.—For Sale. 73.—Hardware. 75.—Household Goods. 50— Houses For Sale. 85.—Help Wanted—Male. 90.—Help Wanted—Female. 95.—Insurance.

    300—Instruction. 101. —Jewelry. 102. —Laundry. 104. —Loans. 105. —Lost and Found. 110. —Livestock. 111. —M iscellaneous. 112. —Machinery. 118.—Music. 120. —Office Equipment. 121. —Office For Rent. 125. —Paint—Papering. 126. —Plumbing—Heating. 127. —Printing. 130.—Professional. 135. —Personal. 136. —Poultry. 139.—Radio and Repairs. 150.—Real Estate. 252—Refrigeration Service. 155. —Seeds—Plants—Bulbs. 156. —Situations Wanted. 157. —Shoes. 158. —Sporting Goods. 160.—Transfer and Storage, l^l—Typewriters. 170.—Wanted. ISO—Legal,_ 1 Announcements dr. n. a. culbreth, dentist.

    Trust Bldg. Front and Market St. Phone 3212.

    LADIES' AND MEN'S SUITS Tailored-to-Order — Alterations

    -iemodeling — Prices Reasonable --holey Tailoring Co.. 27 So. Front

    Automotive •«0 CHEVROLET COUPE. PER-

    feet condition and good tires. Peterson-Barnes Motor Co., 213

    _ Chestnut, Dial 5676. Hudson Sales and Service

    MILLS’ MOTOR CO. 917 No. 3rd St.Dial 5397 1540 Packard -120’ 4-door

    Touring Sedan. 17.000 miles. Good rubber. Long Motor Co., 216 No. 2nd, Dial 3211.