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I used this presentation during my latest talk at GHRCE for MCA students. Objective was to inspire students to adopt hacker culture so that they can become real programmers. Related post on my blog - http://palewar.com/blog/sachin/wanted-hackers/


  • 1. WANTED HACKERS!! Sachin Palewar (@palewar) sachin@palewar.com www.sachinpalewar.com

2. HACKER The hacking subculture evolved almost alongside the rise of computing machines in the 60s and 70s. Hacking as is popularly defined, is the clever use of technology and programing to solve what seem to be hard problems (not to be confused with what the popular media calls hackers People who break into computer systems for evil). The emphasis of the hacker culture is on cleverness and excellence. Along with the social good of doing something meaningful and exciting, hacking has risen to prominence in the mainstream culture. 3. HACKER CULTURE The hacker culture is quite popular in silicon valley, which has a rich history of producing technology geniuses. From Bill Gates who started hacking away at Basic at a very young age to Mark Zuckerberg, whos letter to the shareholders at Facebooks IPO was called The Hacker Way, lots of technology pioneers whove changed the world have come from this culture. 4. IS MCA ENOUGH??? According to a report by Aspiring Minds, an employability solutions company, around 47 percent graduates In India are unemployable for any job. www.aspiringminds.in Around eight million people in India join the workforce but only 1-1.5 million get jobs, Minister of State for Human Resource Development Jitin Prasada said on 9th September 2013. 5. OUR EXPERIENCE Input a Number, find out if its a Prime No? 6. SOLUTION???? Start Hacking Now 7. HACKING - WHERE, WHEN, HOW??? Hacker Rank Google Code Jam Hacker Earth Top Coder Hackathons at College, City, National Level 8. www.hackerrank.com 9. code.google.com/codejam 10. www.hackerearth.com 11. community.topcoder.com 12. WHAT CAN COLLEGE DO??? Send team to compete in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) 27 September is Last Date for Registration Details at www.cse.iitk.ac.in/users/acm/ Make Competing in Google Code Jam compulsory for every MCA Student Registration should start around March. 13. WHAT CAN STUDENTS DO? Organise College level hackathons Search and participate in as much hackathons as possible. Lots of them happening in India. Yahoo organises one each year. 14. WHICH PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Java Script (Node.js, jQuery) Ruby (Ruby on Rails) Python (Django) Clojure 15. WANT TO LEARN PROGRAMMING? Code.org Codecademy (Free) Code School ($25/Month) Pleural Sight Tuts Plus 16. CONTRIBUTE AND SHARE Git Hub Stack Overflow 17. QUESTIONS??? 18. THANK YOU Sachin Palewar (@palewar) sachin@palewar.com www.sachinpalewar.com