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The development of the WWII


  • 1. War around the world. My God the mess.

2. Hitler, you little genius. So the Germans took Czechoslovakia, but like a fat person in a buffet line, he wanted more. He wanted Poland. He was also worried because he didnt want to fight 2 fronts again, like in WWI, so he signed a non-aggression treaty with Stalin. Stalin and the communist was one of the worst enemies, so everybody was pretty shocked. 3. Quick victories. September 1st, 1939, Hitler ordered an invasion of Poland. Two days later the British and the French declared war on Germany, starting the WWII. They used planes and tanks in a type of word called blitzkrieg, which means lighting war. Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway fell under German control. France put on a fight and built its defenses along the Maginot Line, anyway in June 1940 they fell too. 4. Eastern front. 2 years after the non-aggression treaty guess what Hitler did? In June 22nd, 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, so obviously they joined the Allies. The Germans captured huge amount of lands, the Soviet Army lost millions of soldiers, by December they reached Moscow and Leningrad. Everything was working but Germans werent prepared for winter, soldiers froze to death, weapons and tanks didnt work, thats when the Russian attack and in 5 months. February 2nd, 1943 they surrender. 5. The Japanese. Even when they were neutral, the favored the Allies, anyway USA stayed back. December 7th, 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, USA declared war on Japan the very next day. Hitler and Mussolini declared war on USA. Obviously the American started gaining some lands back. 6. American power. In North Africa, the Germans and Italians almost gained control of the Suez Canal, almost In 1943 the British and American stopped them and the battle was now against the Axis Power. They took Italy next, sent Mussolini out of the office, not even Germany could help. 7. Japan was next. June 6th, 1944 the Allies landed in Normandy, France. The invasion called D-Day. All the soldiers the Allies brought made it impossible for them to fight back and the Soviets moved on the East, so they were trapped. On May 8th 1945 Germany officially surrendered. So only Japan was next and they tried to endure but 8. Activity. Lesson 2 review. Page 188 only answers.


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