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V1.12.2.1 Last edit: 2011-5-15 by unnownrelic Version info: First segment is basic contents, second segment is updated with each book or major addition, third se Contains all items and other purchasables from Dark Heresy The sections called Core Specific are from the core rulebook. Using Dark Heresy Errata 3.0. The sections called Feral & Feudal Word Specific, Hive World Specific, Forge World Specific, Frontier World Speci The sections called Shadow Gear, Dark Tech, and Xenos Tech are from Radicals Handbook, note that many of the The sections called Rogue Trader are from Rogue Trader sans repetitive entries, prices are not listed because Rog The sections called Anathema are from Creatures Anathema The sections called Ascension are from Ascension; prices are not listed because Throne Agents follow Acquisition The sections called Into the Storm and ITS are from Into the Storm. Prices are not listed because Rogue Traders d The sections called Reliquary are from Blood of Martyrs. Also contains new Ascended items from the Heresy Beget The sections called Astartes are from Deathwatch. Prices are listed, but are not to be confused with thrones. These Non-Astartes, and are highly taboo to use. Using Deathwatch Errata 1.1. There are alternate weapon rules propose The sections called Rites of Battle are from Rites of Battle.


It is advised that you read the full description of the source material of any interesting item for a better und

Keyword Reference Accurate +10 BS when used with aim action; on single shot, gain 1d10 extra damage for every 2 succes Balanced +10 to Parry Blast (x) x= radius of blast Stuns target with sound. Take a toughness test at -10 per DoS on hit or be stunned for one rou Concussive Customized Reloading takes half listed time, half action is still half action Defensive +15 to parry, -10 to attacks Devastating (X) Reduce one additional point of Cohesion if hit, regardless of wounds or damage. If Horde, redu Fast -20 to parry Felling (X) Ignore one level of Unnatural Toughness per X. Flame Don't test BS, all creatures in 30 arc test Ag or hit. If hit test Ag again or be set on fire. Cover ne Flexible cant be parried Count as Best Quality Mono weapon. When used by a psyker, gains bonus damage and pen e Force make an opposed WP test as a free action, dealing an additional 1d10E per DoS, ignoring arm Gyro-Stabilised Haywire (X) Inaccurate Overheats Power Field Primitive Proven (X) Razor Sharp Recharge Reliable Sanctified Scatter Shocking Smoke Snare

Never counts as further than Long Range (penalty still applies). Heavy Weapons with this Qual Everything in X radius goes haywire. Roll on table 5-4 (page 143 in DW) to determine effect. Le No bonus to aim action Roll of 91 or higher overheats, consult pg 129 When parrying a weapon with this quality, 75% to destroy AP doubled against primitive, unless armor is primitive Treat any damage die roll lower than the rating as that rating. For example, if the weapon has P Double pen of weapon if attack roll results in 2 DoS or more. Only fires every other round If would jam, roll 1d10 and on 10 jams Counts as Holy. Must be Good/Exceptional or Best/Master-Craft in order to have this. Has certa Point blank shot, each 2 degree is another hit. At long range AP is doubled If takes damage after AP and toughness, roll Toughness test +10 for every armor point on loca when hit is scored, creates 3d10 meters in diameter centered on impact, lasts 2d10 rounds or l on hit, make Ag test or immobilized. Once immobilized cant do anything except attempt escape

Storm Tearing Toxic Twin-Linked Unbalanced Unreliable Unstable Unwieldy Volatile Craftsmanship Best Good Common Poor

Shoots twice per shot: two hits per degrees of success on Semi/Auto, double ammo use; maxi Roll additional 1d10 for damage, discard lowest die Damage after AP and toughness make a toughness test -5 for every damage taken, failure dea +20 to hit, uses twice the ammunition, two or more degrees of success give additional hit, reloa -10 to parry Jam on 91 or higher when hit, roll 1d10. 1 is half damage, 2-9 normal, and 10 doubles damage Can not parry Automatically confirm Righteous Fury on a roll of 10 for damage. Cost Multiplier x10 x3 x1 x.5 Availability Drop 2 step drop 1 step Normal Increase 1 step

Melee: +10 WS, +1 Damage; Ranged: never Kustom Bit; Fields: Overloads on a 1; Gear: Melee: +5 WS; Ranged: Reliable (or remove and WS. Weigh .5kg more. Fields: Overloads Everything: Normal; Fields: Overloads on 1Melee: -10 WS; Ranged: Unreliable, if alread Jams instantly for a non-Ork, weighs .5KG les

Astartes Craftsmanship Master-Crafted Exceptional Common

Req. Multiplier x2/x1.5 x1.5 x1

Renown Required Distinguished Melee: +10 WS, +2 Damage; Ranged: never amount; Fields: Overloads on 1 Respected Melee: +5 WS, +1 Damage; Ranged: Reliabl combat; Fields: Overloads on 1-5 Everything: Normal; Fields: Overloads on 1None

Go to tabs below for specific sections vvvvvvvvv

k or major addition, third segment is updated with new errata, fourth is updated with typo fixes. The last two segments reset ea

ecific, Frontier World Specific, The Void Specific, The Holy Ordos Specific and War Zone Specific are from Inquisitors Handbo book, note that many of these items have vastly greater descriptions then are provided here are not listed because Rogue Traders do not buy, but acquire. Using Rogue Trader Errata 1.1.

e Agents follow Acquisition rules (similar to RT) because Rogue Traders do not buy, but acquire ems from the Heresy Begets Retribution Expansion onfused with thrones. These are requisition values. There may also be a Renown note. Keep in mind, all Astartes weapons cou nate weapon rules proposed in the appendix of this version, and they have NOT been used here. Refer to the errata for said c

sting item for a better understanding of what it is. This Document is only a quick reference

damage for every 2 successes when using a basic weapon (2d10 max)

it or be stunned for one round. Auditory protection grants +10 to resist stunning. If you take damage greater than S bonus, get

s or damage. If Horde, reduce magnitude by X per hit.

n or be set on fire. Cover negated. Hit body only, jam on 9

s bonus damage and pen equal to psy rating. Whenever an opponent is damaged, psyker may 10E per DoS, ignoring armor or toughness

vy Weapons with this Quality reduce the penalty for firing without Bracing to -20 DW) to determine effect. Lessens by one step every round until it becomes insignificant.

xample, if the weapon has Proven (3), and a 1 or 2 is rolled, treat it as a 3.

order to have this. Has certain effects on some Daemonic and Warp Creatures.

r every armor point on location, fail means stunned for half damage in rounds pact, lasts 2d10 rounds or less hing except attempt escape, St or Ag test, helpless until free

to, double ammo use; maximum hits is double ROF

y damage taken, failure deals 1d10I with no reduction ess give additional hit, reload time doubled

1 Damage; Ranged: never jams; Armor: +1 AP; Ork: Same as good, with +1 damage and one s: Overloads on a 1; Gear: Half Weight nged: Reliable (or remove Unreliable); Armor: +1 AP against first hit per combat; Ork: +5 to BS kg more. Fields: Overloads on 1-5; Gear: Two-Thirds Weight al; Fields: Overloads on 1-10 anged: Unreliable, if already Unreliable gun jams on every missed shot; Armor: -10 Agility; Ork: a non-Ork, weighs .5KG less; Fields: Overloads on 1-20; Gear: Half-Again Weight

2 Damage; Ranged: never jams or overheats, +2 Damage; Armor: +1 AP, weighs half normal verloads on 1 Damage; Ranged: Reliable (or remove Unreliable), +1 Damage; Armor: +1 AP against first hit per verloads on 1-5 al; Fields: Overloads on 1-10

last two segments reset each book.

are from Inquisitors Handbook

d, all Astartes weapons count as one size class larger for Refer to the errata for said changes.

e greater than S bonus, get knocked down.


Based on Rogue Trader's tables 5-1 and 5-2, with an addition of