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A warhammer fandex


  • The Order of SollandThe Order of Solland

    By: Matt Mathusala0 CarmackBy: Matt Mathusala0 Carmack

  • HalbrderFliegenbrderRitterbrderDemontiert RitterbrderHuhn-Reiten RitterBrderHochmiester Gerath von Greth UltigenDarak-kal the DarkCrusader Lord WillhelmMarius, Patriarch of PfeildorfRath, Armsman of SollandSeth of OstlandCOLLECTING AN ORDER ARMYCHOOSING AN ARMYLordsHeroesCoreSpecialRareVAULT OF THE ORDERREFERENCECREDITS

    INTRODUCTIONTIMELINE OF THE ORDERBESTIARYGrokompterMarshalWar-MageDark MageThe Lore of TerrorBlack MonksCrusader ChampionsSoldiers of the OrderConscript ArchersPikemen of TyraMacemen of El doroPilgrimsZealotsPavise-Arbalists of VenitziaSword Brethren of SollandCrusaders Siege TrebuchetJnger Bruder






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  • The Warhammer GameThe Warhammer rulebook contains the rules youneed to fight battles with your Citadel miniatures inthe war-torn world on Warhammer. Every army hasits own Army Book that works with these rules andallows you to turn your collection of miniatures intoan organized force, ready for battle. This particularArmy book details everything you need to knowabout the Order of Solland, and allows you to field their armies in your games of Warhammer.

    Why Collect The Order?This book describes in detail the troops that marchto battle when the armies of The Order go to war. An Order army makes use of heavily armed units as well as devastating cavalry. Soldiers from different areas of the old world form the bulk of the army, knights ride down all those who oppose them, crusaders march upon far away lands, and the monks roar out their awe-inspiring warcrys. Leading these troops are none other than the four Hochmeisters, who charge into battles worthy of tale and song.

    The Order's TimelineThis section (is still under construction) introduces the people of Solland. It includes their history with the Empire, their eventual destruction, and the rise of the Order of Solland.

    The Order of Solland BestiaryEvery character and troop type in the Order army is examined in this section. Firstly, you will find a description of the unit, outlining its place in the army. Secondly, you will find complete rules for the unit and details of any unique powers they possess or specialist equipment they carry into battle. Also included are the rules for Terror Magic, as well as Black Monk warcrys, along with all of the Order's special characters.

    Order ArmylistThe army list takes all of the warriors and creatures presented in the Order Bestiary and arrange them so that you can choose a force for your games. The army list separates them into Lords, Heroes, Core, Special and Rare units. Each unit type has a points value to help you pit your force against an opponent in a fair match. This section includes the Vault of The Order, magic items that you can give to your characters.

    INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONWelcome to Warhammer Armybook: The Order of Solland. This is your definite guide to collecting, painting and playing with an Order army in the Warhammer tabletop wargame.


    How this Book WorksEvery Army Book is split into sections that deal with different aspects of the army. Warhammer Armybook: The Order of Solland contains the following:

  • 1707
























    Knights from Pfeildorf lay waste to the countryside of Verezzo after a failed crusade. They establish the Fortress of Venitzia to maintain a permanent presence there.

    The Knights of Tyra invade northern Estalia and burn the city of Graus to the ground, They form an order castle (El doro) in Azuara. This begins the expansion of the order in Estalia.

    The great war against chaos sweeps into the Empire. Almost one thousand knights ride to the aid of Kislev and help the Empire break the army of Asvar kul.

    Knights are sent to aid the Kislevites in defending against incursions from Chaos warriors and Beastmen. The leader of the knights, Darak-kal (also known as Darak the Dark) becomes corrupted goes on a rampage throughout Kislev, the Baersonlings, and even parts of the Empire. He is defeated at the Battle of Galicia where a massive army of skaven annihilates his force. Darak-kal escaped and began to train a new army in the border princedoms.

    A Crusade is launched on distant Cathey but ends in disaster. On its sail home the crusaders are lost in a storm and are never seen again. It is rumored that they crashed somewhere in the new world or perhaps Albion.

    The Order allows mages to join its ranks.

    The Order locates Darak-kal and sends an army against him. The resulting conflict sees Darak the Dark killed. The Greatest Knights of the Order adopt the horned helms of Daraks forces.

    The Order is reformed to have a Hochmiester for each human nation.

    The garrison at Fortress Venitzia is overwhelmed by Miragliano and the fort is ruined.

    An army is sent to Fortress Venitzia under Hochmiester Marcus to reclaim it for the order. Verezzo is subjugated again and the Tilean sect of the order is reestablished.

    The Storm of Chaos: The entire order is marshaled once again to ride out and confront the armies of the Everchosen.

    The Battle of Sollands Crown: the last count of Solland, Eldred, is killed in battle by Gorbad Ironclaw. The few surviving knights in his retinue flee to Altdorf.

    The surviving knights fight in the siege of Altdorf and only four knights survive. Hugo Shnieder, Gerath Eastwald, Yarrik von Esterkal, and Erik Jnger.

    The knights dedicate themselves to passing on the ideals of Solland.

    The four knights Travel to Pfeildorf and Establish the Order's Headquarters.

    Erik Jnger, last of the four, rides off at an incredibly old age. He is never seen again.

    The Oder grows in number as other surviving Sollanders flock to Pfeildorf. At this time the order is headed by a council of knights.

    A small troop of the order ride to the aid of Bretonnia. They battle alongside the knights of Repanse de Lyonesse and are granted land in both Brionne and Montfort.

    Knights of the Order ride to aid Altdorf against Vlad von Carstein.

    The Castle of Nagrifal in Montfort is sacked by Orcs. The Fortress of Tyra in Brionne demands to be made independent.

    Greth Ultigen is appointed the first Hochmeister of the Order. He allows Tyra to elect their own Grokomptur to govern the province.

    Greth leads members of the order in battle against Konrad von Carstein.

    Greth leads the knights in battle alongside the empire forces against Manfred von Carstein. He elects the next Hochmeister before leading his personal retinue to join the battle at Hel Fenn in 2145.

    Estalia invades Brionne, the Britonnian order is hard pressed to defend Fortress Tyra.



  • 3

  • The Orcs had come.

    It had been only a matter of time. The minor Waaagh! of Grutsnuk Da Blind had been shattered in a bloody battle around Blackfire Pass. However the army of Averland had not been able to prevent a sizable splinter from

    burning a path through the outlying villages before striking into Western Wissenland. The news of the approaching horde had reached the village of Soldiken but still gave them little time to prepare.

    Hans stared at the encroaching horde of Orcs from behind the crude wooden palisade that had been reinforced around the village. He hefted a woodsmans axe and noted how the other village defenders were too all armed with makeshift weapons that in reality would do little to the horde. A number of villagers had fled as soon as the

    news had arrived, but all knew that the roads this time of the year were just as much a death sentence than remaining in the village. A runner had also been sent out towards Pfeildorf, but chances were that he hadnt

    made it or that the fabled knights of Solland wouldnt arrive in time.

    As the Orcish horde drew closer, Hans found himself imagining the Orcs as being one green wave of destruction. His village and hundreds of others would be swept away by the tide of Orcs, as no matter how hard man fought, they could not defeat such primal destruction. The chanting of the Orcs had risen as they swarmed closer, in fact to Hans it seemed like the horde had one voice, not many. He tightened the grip on his axe and

    prepared for death.

    The sound of a horn piercing the air startled Hans that he almost dropped his axe. The rest of the villagers had begun to cheer, and Hans diverted his gaze to see a force of knights


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