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Narrative campaign using Tamurkhan rules packet


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    Sept 29th, 2013

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    I send this letter to you commander in the hopes that it reaches you before you and

    your men cross over into Stirland. You carry more with you than just the black and

    gold standard of Nuln. You carry the hopes of the peoples of this empire. You carry

    the songs of wives who will be clinging to the hopes of seeing their husbands once

    more. You carry the dreams of children who wish to see their fathers once more.

    Remember commander, that you walk into the den of evil itself when you cross into the

    northlands and confront the enemy on his ground. Wear your faith as your shield, let

    your allies stand next to you and may your swords, hammers, and axes never waver.

    Our armies must prevail commander. You must defeat the evil spawned from the

    north as the men before you have done and have done for every generation since


    May fortune walk forever with you

    ~Cardinal Dassius, College of Sigmar

    Greetings commanders and welcome to the 2013 Fantasy Campaign. This year you will

    be traveling north into the Chaos Wastes as we embark on Forge Worlds Tamurkhan

    the Throne of Chaos campaign where we will travel the breadth of the entire north

    through the Ogre Kingdoms and south where we will finish with a final battle at the

    gates of Nuln itself.

    How does it work?

    The campaign is split into six chapters. Each chapter represents a month of our time, so

    starting in June we will do a chapter a month which will culminate with the final battle

    in November a week before Thanksgiving.

    During each chapter, there will be two battles fought. The first battle will be one that is

    scheduled for you with a set opponent. The second battle will be a special chapter battle

    held during Campaign Day (which unless otherwise noted will always be on the last

    Saturday of the month)

    The exception for this will be chapter six, which will just consist of the final battle. This

    will bring us to eleven total battles making up the campaign.

    There will be several team based games and the focus this year is on the two factions as a

    whole (Order & Destruction). While the campaign is named after the chaos warlord

    attempting to take Nuln, this event may belong to a dark elf commander, or a dwarf

    priest, or even a high elf prince! That will be up to us to decide.

    How big are the games?

    The campaign will range from 2500 point games all the way up to 3500 point games.

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    What will I need?

    You will need an army, as well as a copy of the rules and an army book. You will also

    need access to the Storm of Magic rules as every chapter one of the random battles that

    you can roll up will be a Storm of Magic scenario. This means your army rosters for

    your scheduled games will need to be the set point limit and you should bring with you

    your extra Storm of Magic items if you roll up that battle.

    Campaign battles are not random and will be laid out ahead of time. Your opponent

    during campaign battles will not be known, however, as it will depend entirely on who

    shows up to play that day.


    Registration is $10 for the event, which helps pay for awards. There are three awards

    given at the end of the event, one for overall winner (the player that is on the winning

    side at the end of the campaign and who has earned the most campaign points), the best

    painted, and the best player.

    You will not be scheduled until your league fee is paid.

    Special Characters

    Special characters are allowed. You may field one special character in your list, and your

    list may change from game to game. Note: during team games a special character can

    only exist once on the table. While it would be entertaining for high elf players to run

    two Teclis characters, only one may actually be fielded at a time.

    Forge World

    Forge World items are all perfectly fine to use. Its a Forge World campaign after all. All

    rules in Tamurkhan are eligible to be fielded, to include the alternate army lists such as

    Chaos Dwarfs and the Great Chaos Host rules.

    Event House Rules, Composition, and Expected Spirit of the Campaign

    This campaign would be considered a semi-competitive event. List-tailoring is a part of

    this event as you will know who you are facing in advance, and really you are free to take

    whatever you wish from your army book.

    As a semi-competitive event, challenging lists are perfectly fine to take. Most of the high

    powered tournament compositions are dealt with in the event house rules / composition

    section. If you meet the composition guidelines, you are fine.

    I dont want to introduce a ton of house rules to any event and I am not a large fan of

    comp rules. However, whenever I post please dont bring an abusive list, I get asked to

    define what that is so in loose terms the composition rules for the most part prohibit

    bringing death star units or giant mega-blob units. That is defined as:

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    If you have a unit that by itself without upgrades or characters clocks in at over

    sixty models or is worth more than 450-500 points by itself, its probably on its

    way to breaking the spirit of the event

    If you have a unit that with upgrades and characters included clocks in at half or

    more of your total army points, you probably have a unit that has broken the

    spirit of the event. Considering that at 2500 points that means having 1250

    points tied into one unit or more, that is quite a large chunk of change.

    Follow those guidelines and you should be fine.

    The following event house rules are in effect for all games

    When casting spells, any double 1 will count as a miscast, and any double 6

    counts as Irresistible Force (the same rule as in 6th and 7th edition WHFB). A

    double 6 only counts as Irresistible Force, not both IF and Miscast. A double

    1 overrides a double 6 if both show up during one roll. If both show up during

    one roll the miscast occurs and if the total value is still enough to cast the spell, it

    goes off but can be dispelled as normal. Miscast spells can still go off if their

    casting value still meets the requirement to cast the spell but can be dispelled per


    Magic Resistance is always taken into account, even against spells that are listed

    as providing no save (such as 13th spell, Pit of Shades, Purple Sun, etc).

    Units are worth half of their points in Victory Points if their numbers are taken to

    half or less (the same rule as in 6th and 7th edition WHFB). Characters are worth

    half of their victory points if their wounds are taken to half or less.

    Units that are fleeing at the end of the game count as being destroyed for scoring


    Victories are scored when defeating your opponent by 300 or more points

    Following line of sight, buildings can only be entered and exited via entry ways on

    the building model. You cannot evaporate models through building walls. To

    enter a building, a unit must touch the entryway. When placing terrain, building

    access points should be clear (the door, etc) and should be placed in as neutral a

    way as possible (dont put a tower in the corner and then turn the door so that it

    faces you and is virtually impossible to get to, turn it to the side or even face the

    opponent and then guard it with a unit)

    If a watchtower scenario is generated, roll a D6. On a 4+ replace tower with hill

    or other terrain feature such as woods, a shrine, etc If the result is a 1,2, or 3

    then watchtower is played as normal with the caveat that the watchtower can only

    hold 20 infantry models or 10 monstrous infantry models ever. You cannot

    evaporate a unit of 60 infantry into a tower and play clown car with it.

    Folding Fortresses are treated just like a watchtower.

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    Units do not need to be painted. However, in a nod towards painting units, those that

    are fully painted receive a small bonus. A fully painted unit (all models within the unit

    to include characters) get *one* re-roll of any set of D6 during the game. Artillery dice

    are not D6.

    Re-rolls may *never* be used to re-roll a re-roll, nor may they ever be re-rolled by

    something else. Ex: you may not re-roll a failed BSB re-roll with one of these re-rolls.

    You may not re-roll hate re-rolls for having hatred. Etc


    Upon registering for the campaign and having paid your event-dues, your contact

    information will be added to a roster that the other players will have. At the beginning

    of each chapter you will be notified of your opponent for that month and it will be your

    responsibility to make sure that your game is scheduled and played.

    If you cannot schedule your game that month for any reason, please contact the event

    coordinator so that you are not scheduled or so that your game can be adjusted for your


    The goal of the event is to play a variety of people but also not to send the new players to

    the slaughter facing more experienced players on a regular basis. It cannot always be

    helped but I will be doing my best to make sure that players are matched up against

    players with similar records.

    Campaign day battles wil