warm and cold colors

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2. Every color has a certain tendency towards what's called warm and cool or cold. 3. WARM COLORS Red, yellow and orange are traditionally associated with warm or hot things, like the shining sun, a glowing sunset or a roaring fire. These colors tend to advance towards the viewer. 4. COLD COLORS You can see these kinds of colors in objects that are naturally cold: green trees, blue water and sky, violet clouds on a snowy day. Cold colors tend to recede into the background, to create a calm, quiet and moody effect. 5. Pablo Picasso appreciated the power of blue. During his well-known Blue Period (1901-1904), he produced expressive paintings in a variety of blues. 6. EXERCISE 1 You are going to draw pictures that make you feel warm and cold. Materials: markers, colored pencils, one drawing paper. 7. If you are going to use red, yellow and orange (warm colors) you must draw something that is warm, or that makes you feel warm. The same with greens, blues, and purples (cold colors). warm drawing cold drawing 8. EXERCISE 2 Van Gogh, THE STARRY NIGHT 9. Van Gogh used vivid cold colors and swirling, moving and curving lines in this painting. How would this landscape look during the day? Show it in your own picture using warm colors.