warm up write down objective and homework in agenda lay out homework (sphere worksheet) homework...

Download Warm Up Write down objective and homework in agenda Lay out homework (Sphere Worksheet) Homework (review sheet!) Get a calculator!

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  • Warm Up Write down objective and homework in agenda Lay out homework (Sphere Worksheet) Homework (review sheet!) Get a calculator!
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  • Warm Up 33 yd 3 3658.67cm 3
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  • Underwater Exploration Volume prerequisites: The submarine needs to be small enough to navigate between rocks and seaweed. It must have a volume smaller than 100 m 3. At the same time, it needs to be large enough to hold a number of objects inside. Its volume needs to be at least 80 m 3.
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  • Does your design have a volume larger than 80 m 3 but smaller than 100 m 3 ? Calculate the volume of the submarine. Show and explain every step of your calculation. Find the volume of each shape then add the volumes together!
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  • If you cut the height of the submarines cone in half, how would the volume of this piece (cone) change? How would the total volume of the submarine change? Would it be between 80 m 3 and 100 m 3 ?
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  • Volume Application Annie has a cylindrical container, but she does not know its radius or height. She does know that the radius and the height are the same and that the volume of the container is 512 cubic inches. Find the radius of Annies container. 8 inches
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  • Volume Application A cone with a radius of 6 centimeters and a height of 12 centimeters is filled to capacity with liquid. Find the minimum height of a cylinder with a 4 centimeter radius that will hold the same amount of liquid. Cone = 144 or 452.16 cubic cm Minimum height: 9 cm
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  • Volume Application The volume of a cylinder is 980 cubic inches. The height of the cylinder is 20 in. What is the radius of the cylinder? R = 7 inches
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  • Volume Application Igloos are common types of homes in some places in North America above or north of the Arctic Circle. Marcel, an Inuit, built his igloo in the shape of a hemisphere with a diameter of 12 feet. Now, he needs your help to calculate the volume of his igloo. Using what you know about spheres, explain to Marcel a strategy or method to calculate the volume of his igloo. 452.16 cubic feet
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  • Volume Application Tennis balls are stored in a cylindrical container with height 8.625 inches and radius 1.43 inches. a. The circumference of a tennis ball is 8 inches. Find the volume of a tennis ball. b. There are 3 tennis balls in the container. Find the amount of space within the cylinder not taken up by the tennis balls.
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  • 1343.25 cubic m
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  • 1. 4 m 3. 1450.68 cubic m
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  • 339.12 cubic cm
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  • Extra Resources http://www.regentsprep.org/Regents/math/A LGEBRA/AS2/PracSol.htm http://www.regentsprep.org/Regents/math/A LGEBRA/AS2/PracSol.htm


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