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2. The key to making something go viral is the headline/how you frame your story. Writers at Upworthy create 25 headlines per story and test the best headlines in two markets to see what works best. We must pair viral content with paid spend and TEST everything. Almost nothing will go viral. - Insight from Upworthy 3. MOA TAKEAWAY How can we write more engaging titles for blog posts, social media, emails, etc.? How can we entice people to click on our links on social media and more through curiosity- inducing copy? 4. BUZZ VIDEO MARKETING: PARTICIPATING IN THE INTERNET SXSW Highlight 5. Your video needs to be executed quickly before it becomes irrelevant. BUT FIRST, determine your distribution plan. How are people going to see this? Dont think about what the movie is going to be first, think backwards. If someone walks in your office and asks to make a viral video, shut the door. - Roxy Philson, Global Creative Director The One Campaign agit8 6. Its all about the right time, the right place and relevancy. The difference between editing for online vs. TV is your constantly fighting the audience online. Therefore, your content needs to have some form of payoff. Always have momentum in your video and start with the content right away. Nick Agich, Maker Studios Editor Video enriches your brand because youre reaching a whole new audience. Start with your mission statement and see how far you can push the brand. - Liam Cronin, Online Content Producer PETA 7. MOA TAKEAWAY Access to quick editing resources is necessary to turn around timely content. Create an integrated distribution plan for enriched media online. Diversify and grow our current online audience by leveraging new and unique video content. 8. PREDICTING EARNED MEDIA SXSW Highlight 9. There is no exact science to predicting earned media, but it is planable. We need the right content, planned media spending, a flight strategy and analytics approach. Strategy should never be static, it should always be evolving. - Marty Baker, Hersheys 10. MOA TAKEAWAY We should never expect things to go viral without thorough planning and a paid spend to accompany a campaign. Our media strategy should have three strategies in the works: paid, owned and shared. How can we strengthen the analyses of our marketing efforts to better learn and plan for the future? 11. THE FUTURE OF OOH SXSW Highlight 12. Brands make their fans the true OOH experience these days. A fan out singing your praises is much more effective than a billboard. We are not living in an age of wallpaper. This is why static billboards and messages just dont cut through the clutter. 13. Personalization Matters The future of marketing is empty containers those containers will be filled with the right content for the right person and delivered at just the right time. Screens need to push content to EACH of us, not many of us The real photo booth is our pockets 14. MOA TAKEAWAY Marketing based on attributes, location and demographics will help shape our ability to drive purchases Getting to know our customers is of utmost importance relevance matters Stop apologizing and start innovating 15. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS SXSW Highlight 16. We need to understand how consumers are digesting content and mold our strategy to meet them or Stop building shit and start understanding your consumer. - Andrew Bowens, SVP External Comm Master Card What are we up against? Social is a marketing channel that often doesnt have advocacy and understanding across the organization. You cant engage your customers if you dont have engaged employees Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods Put the megaphone down, dont lose it in marketing -VP Web + Infrastructure, Siemens Customer connection is key. We (as marketers) need to listen first, understand and respect the consumer, or were doomed to fail. 17. MOA TAKEAWAY Social media is an integral ingredient in our overall strategy. Investing in internal social media, training and building a digital brand army is key to success. Be a student of the changing environment and be adaptable. Look at how social media shapes the company vs. measurement and follower growth. Customer connection is key. Content pollution is real and we need to focus on consumer values. There will be hurdles to overcome building a social workforce. Trust our employees and empower them with technology resources. Making knowledge available increases productivity. Social doesnt change your company, it reveals it. 18. MOBILE CHANGES EVERYTHING SXSW Highlight 19. Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2014+ (JWT) 1. Holistic connectivity is on the horizon 2. Wearables break out 3. Mobile is the prime screen 4. Mobile changes how we socialize 5. Shifting to visual 6. Outsourcing to the machine 7. Privacy and security fears change the game 8. Rage against the machine 9. Bringing mobile to many 10. Mobile disrupts everything 20. MIND-BLOWING MOBILE STATS By 2017, 80% of the places we shop will have wifi. And no, its not just so people can surf the web. The average mobile web user consumers SIX HOURS of media per day. Location-based marketing can actually be respectful of a consumers time because its hyper-relevant. 21. SOCIAL MEDIA The #1 use-case for social media that has the strongest ROI is innovation. IBM Executive Sandy Carter says that in the future, the Klout score could be the new SAT score. Influence will continue to matter. Content pollution is a thing, and its real. We all have a responsibility to understand if what were dumping is relevant. Whole Foods reiterated the importance of listening to customers, getting to know them and talking to them on a local level. 22. MOA Takeaway What is our mobile strategy? Our mobile roadmap? How can we use mobile to enhance the guest experience? How can we use push messaging and alerts to enhance the guest experience? Dont overpromise on personalization! 23. CHANELS COO + PRESIDENT SXSW Highlight 24. Chanel aspires to be a dream for all, but a reality for few. - John Galantic, Chanel COO + President, on staying true to a powerful brand mission. The Chanel brand is more about creative expression and less about planned marketing pushes. They create a company and a structure that allows this to exist. 25. MOA TAKEAWAY What is our ultimate brand promise to our customers (and ourselves)? How do we ensure that everything we do adds value to this promise? What is needed to encourage us to exercise creativity and try new things? 26. SAMSUNG BLOGGER LOUNGE SXSW Highlight 27. Consumers are willing to share data with you if they get something in return. Just be transparent. 28. BLOGGER LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Create a space for your most influential tier to do what they do best: influence Provide charging stations, technology and programming to keep the conversation going Pull in partners and sponsors to further the effort Encourage technology use to help amplify your brand 29. MOA TAKEAWAY As the most trafficked place in the country, we need to embrace this technology hideaway trend and leverage it to keep the most socially influential guests talking How can we use technology, social and a physical space to enhance the guest experience? 30. MICHAEL LAZEROW SXSW Highlight 31. ENTREPRENEUR CMO of Salesforce.com Founder of Buddy Media and Golf.Com Why Weirdos Outperform Normals We are awesome at being average, and average at being awesome. 32. WHY ITS OKAY TO BE WEIRD There is a direct correlation between weirdness and memorability 33. BIRDS OF A FEATHER Its easier than ever to be weird social networks allow everyone to find their community Niche marketing is important today because it fosters a sense of community and today, more than ever, people value being part of a weird, niche community This is why a like is so powerful today 34. MOA Takeaway We need to keep on embracing our weirdness! How can we narrow in on communities and niches within our customer-base/fan-base to further market to these groups? 35. MARKETING AT SXSW SXSW Highlight 36. Radio Shack, Charmin, Samsung, PPLConnect and more brought SXSW attendees things that made their SXSW experience better: phone chargers, free batteries, TP, standing in line for you, etc. The smartest marketers at SXSW were solving peoples problems. - Linda Lacina, Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine on clever marketing lessons from SXSW 37. Before After 38. WWE has invested in the second screen experience to keep the action moving and viewers engaged wherever they are. Here is John Cena, looking thrilled, discussing just that. 39. MOA TAKEAWAY How can we use these lessons and incorporate them into our own MSHT initiative? What problems do our guests have that we can help solve? How can we solve their problems faster and better? 40. Thinks everyone, ever. Everyone loves to have fun. 41. GIFs are the new photo booths. 42. MOA TAKEAWAY How can we help our guests have more fun? How can we have more fun? 43. 1. Two MN Made film (Kumiko the Treasure Hunter and Wicker Kittens) both mention MOA 2. Theatres MOA is getting recognized as an independent theatre 3. Former Iowa State Representative John Holveck dreams of assembling a 1,000 piece puzzle in MOA 4. Werewolves stalk retirement homes for easy prey 5. Mobile charging stations in theatre lobby 6. Custom poster art stands out over studio produced art 7. VOD can help theatrical 8. The big screen experience isnt going anywhere, but 9. In theatre expectations are changing (reserved seating, in theatre dining, luxury seating, immersive audio) 10. This community wants to share, just not during the show. Top 10 SXSW Film things That Chris Saw and Stuff 44. FOSTERING CREATIVITY SXSW Highlight 45. Chase shared 10 steps to build your creative muscle >> Nothing can be new without creativity. - Chase Jarvis, photographer + digital entrepreneur on creativity as the new literacy 46. CHASES 10 STEPS 1. Pursue a creative craft 2. Space 3. Play 4. Find a tribe 5. Show your work 6. Imperfection + iteration 7. Put more of you into your work 8. Doubt 9. Make something everyday 10. You have nothing to lose 47. MOA TAKEAWAY How can we build our creative muscle to encourage creativity in our marketing campaigns, brainstorming sessions, meetings and more? 48. Live the life you want, not the one youre settling for. When you take care of yourself, you can be successful and deal with what life hands you. Look through your life when youre asking why? and allow yourself joy, happiness and gratitude. 49. MOA TAKEAWAY: Watts Up?