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  • 8/13/2019 Ways QR Code is in Your Everyday Life


    It seems as though Quick Response (QR) code is popping up everywhere these days.

    You might recognize it as a barcode made up of squares instead of the widey used

    !niversa "roduct #ode (!"#) barcode that has been in use since the mid $%&'s

    according to *#+.org. ,he QR code hods more information than its predecessor and is

    easiy read by cameras such as those on smartphones making it more appeaing for the

    masses of consumers marketers and entrepreneurs in the word today. In fact QR

    codes have begun to appear in some e-otic paces around the word from #anada to

    +outh orea to /ondon.

    Bracelets, Necklaces

    In an age where you can get anything on the Internet a new brand of 0ewery featuring

    QR codes is emerging. 1hie some paces ike 2iriam 2erenfed 3ewery se premade

    neckaces and braceets with phrases such as 4/ive /ove /augh5 and 46oow Your

    7reams5 in QR code it is easy to create your own code on a free QR code generator

    and have the image set on the 0ewery of your choice. *n aternative to these fashion

    accessories are medica I7 braceets which can be created with a QR code and a phone

    number to et medica professionas know your information with a quick scan.

    Living Headstones

    8isitors to the 6ied of #rosses in #agary *berta #anada discovered this year that

    cemeteries are beginning to use QR code in order to give peope a more interactive

    e-perience according to the #anadian 9roadcasting #orporation. 1hie headstones are

    the most common bearers of the QR code it can be paced on cremation urns or pubic

    memorias too. +canning the QR code can take the visitor to an onine page featuring a

    euogy videos or pictures concerning the deceased. You can use a free QR code

    generatorto design an embem to have paced on a oved one5s monument or you can

    easiy find a service on the Internet that wi create a headstone or cremation urn for

    you. ,his of course depends on the specific rues at different cemeteries as some have

    strict guideines concerning what can be paced on headstones.

    Subways and Stores

    QR codes can be found in subways around the word usuay on advertisements. In

    +outh orea however a discount chain has opened a virtua shopping center in a +eou

    subway station according to *musingpanet.com. 9oth piars and patform doors are

    covered with pictures of products each bearing a QR code. +hoppers can take a picture

    of the QR code to pace their orders and the products are deivered that day. In /ondon

  • 8/13/2019 Ways QR Code is in Your Everyday Life


    some stores have begun pacing QR codes in windows for you to preview and buy

    products from the store giving an entirey new meaning to the term window shopping

    according to :conomic8oice.com . 1hie mutipe arger businesses use QR codes for

    advertising smaer businesses can aso get into the action by using a free QR code

    generator to show product information to customers via a newy made QR code.


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