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ways to get active.


Ways to get active

Ways to get active!Swimming- Concordia. Under 5s FREE Junior 2.00

Adult 2.50

Registered disabled 2.00

Family 7.30

Swim lesson ( hour) 3.80

Swim lesson (adult) 4.10

-------------------------------Sauna, Steam & Spa

Sauna, steam, spa & swim 4.40 Gym, sauna, steam, spa & swim 7.45 -------------------------------Gym- Cramlington Sports centreStandard 4.50Off-Peak 3.40 Juniors (Off-Peak only) 2.85 Induction 6.15 Personal Fitness Programme 7.20 Teen Gym 2.00 -------------------------------Fitness Classes/multi activity- AllAll fitness classes 3.50 Age well 2.90 Age well Gym Supplement 1.15 Health Start 2.90

Health Quest 2.90 ----------------------------Childrens Activity- All.

Soft play 2 hours 2.50Zoo 1 hours 2.50 Mini Zoo 1 hour 2.20Nursery/Playgroup per session 6.50

Funky Divas 2.70 Opening Times Monday- Friday between 4pm 10.30pm

(School term-time)

Monday Friday between 9am 10.30pm (school holidays) Saturday & Sunday between 9am 6pm CLOSED on Bank Holidays CLOSED (to the general public) during School term time 9am 4pm