Ways to Get Technology for Your Classes

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Find resources at http://shellyterrell.com/resources/webinars/ & http://Bit.ly/eltlinks & http://www.pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/tech-funding/id12201059


<ul><li>We need TECH bad!!! ShellyTerrell.com/webinars 10+ Ways to Get Technology Into Your Classroom </li><li>Photo by One Laptop per Child, Flic.kr/p/5G9G6x It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that a son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another. Nelson Mandela </li><li>Crowdfunding Fundraising Grants Pilot Programs Develop an app Create an ebook </li><li>Make a wish list </li><li>Universities? </li><li>Ask businesses </li><li>Ask parents </li><li>Photo by Mavis, Flic.kr/p/amCuqY Crowdfunding </li><li>Thelearninggenomeproject.com </li><li>Edutopia.org/crowdfunding-fundraising-resource-guide </li><li>Edutopia.org/crowdfunding-fundraising-resource-guide </li><li>Donorschoose.org </li><li>Digitalwish.com </li><li>Digitalwish.com </li><li>Adoptaclassroom.org </li><li>Classwish.org </li><li>Apply for a grant </li><li>Weareteachers.com/grants-contests </li><li>Grantgopher.com </li><li>ywp.nanowrimo.org/how-does-nanowrimo-work-for-educators </li><li>Gazette.net Bit.ly/1ujyoaT </li><li>50 Fundraising Ideas by signupgenius.com Bit.ly/1ujpZ74 </li><li>Brainstorm with students innovative ways to raise funds! </li><li>Photo by flickingerbrad: Flic.kr/p/kdsrsH Perform! </li><li>Edudemic.com/music-and-ipads-in-the-classroom </li><li>Photo by flickingerbrad: Flic.kr/p/b9wBxg Create a book! </li><li>Children's book written by Mr. Smiths 5th grade special education students at Gibbs Elementary School http://bit.ly/1eiMdLq An interactive field guide of Northwest Florida. Created by Andrea Santillis 7th grade students from Woodlawn Beach Middle School http://bit.ly/1eiMnCu </li><li>BookCreator iOS/Android App Redjumper.net/bookcreator Easiest way to create multimedia books &amp; publish to iBook or Google Play store Include audio, music, videos, images </li><li>Photo by flickingerbrad: Flic.kr/p/b9wzLg Invent an app! </li><li>Sites.google.com/a/beingprudence.com/i-live-over-here </li><li>Webmobi.com </li><li>Mobile.conduit.com </li><li>AppShed.com </li><li>Character TextsPearltrees.com/shellyterrell/tech-funding/id12201059 </li><li>Bit.ly/eltlinks Bit.ly/ShellTerrell T: @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell ShellyTerrell.com/webinars </li></ul>