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  • Ways To Integrate Rack and Stack Integration

    When it is about succeeding in any professional domain, it is always crucial to have a clear understanding of its basics. In the field of data center hardware implementation, the most fundamental concept is the physical placement of hardware within a data center. In other words IT professionals also term it as hardware racking and stacking into the racks and cabinets. It is a simple process, but when executed in an incorrect or lopsided manner, the outcome of a project might be dangerous. Here are some Rack and Stack strategies worth considering that will make the task of engineers and technicians relatively easy.

    The first and foremost thing is to have a clear understanding of the rack and hardware brand. This in turn will give you a feel of what adjustments and modifications are required for the hardware rails and racks. In case you discover that both the rack and hardware is made by the same manufacturer, then it is easy as the hardware then fits appropriately into the accompanying rack. This refers to no adjustments are needed to the rack or rails.

    It is also important to have a clear understanding of all the power requirements prior to arriving on the site. A main reason that prolongs many projects generally branches from power related concerns. There are certain cases, where a clients data center is not equipped with the required power for a particular project. This can result in the project to be delayed by several days and weeks. However, when there is adequate preparation on the consulting side, then this can be managed and averted. Finally, it is also crucial to contact the client few days prior to the on-site visit. It is essential to ensure that their facility manager assigns appropriate amount of power circuits when brand new racks are implemented.

    However, today leading firms specializing in supply chain consulting have introduced advanced data center rack and stack integration solutions. The main components of the solution include the following:

    Material planning and procurement

    Network cabling, server components, customer supplied materials or a mixed model

    Extensive, automated information captured including asset id's, MAC addresses, and serial numbers

    Complete rack integration, imaging and testing

    Furthermore, top notch market players in rack and stack integration has their own team of expert engineers who can efficiently manage diverse designs for network devices. The complete integration service portfolio includes of electro-mechanical assemblies of rack and stack, regulatory compliance tests, optics and electronic integration, assembling of cables and regular checks done for power and communication.

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