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  1. 1. Ways To Keep Your Customer Engage On Your Website
  2. 2. You may possess a creative and attractive web page, and a fascinating web design but it may happen that your sales may not hit the pinnacle. Many of the people utilize appreciable amount of time and brains to make their website fancy and exciting but they see reduced number of audience engaged in your website. Ever wondered why? It is an issue you need to contemplate upon. Following are a few tips that can help your website solve the issue:
  3. 3. Simplicity is the key. When a user opens a website, all that can gain his attraction is the simplicity of the website. Considering an example, when you browse the internet searching for some hotel, it is preferable to use the word hotels in search engine instead of using any other complicated synonym. Appreciation is showered when the users can easily understand your website. 1. Simplicity
  4. 4. Too much information makes the website overcrowded. On the contrary, too less information make it unusable. It is important to make sure that your website has the proper usability. It is necessary to direct the user easily by balancing what the person wants to know and what information your website can provide. Relevant information that the user can find on your website is much appreciable. 2. Information
  5. 5. Internet is used mostly for searching the solutions of various problems of users. Let there be a smooth and an easy connection between your website and the user. If you want to elevate the conversion rates of your website, recognize the solutions your website can provide to the users. Users will acknowledge your website from that. If your website is visited, scanned but no useful solution to a problem of the user is found, it may lead to disappointment of the user. 3. Solutions to Problems
  6. 6. You cannot make everyone happy. Not every group of audience may get satisfied with your website. Target specific audience and do it well. When you design your website, ask for feedback from the users. If you want be aware of how well your website is doing, user feedback is an eminent criterion. Undoubtedly, the feedback must be simple. 4. Feedback
  7. 7. Being mysterious on your website will help the conversion rates sink down. A direct route of communication must be followed to convey what you want to say. Keep the data in a nutshell as much as possible. Quotes, proverbs or images must be used wherever possible instead of bulky paragraphs stuffed with hundreds of words. You must have the skill to make smart choice of words to avoid misleading of the user. If your website makes the user think too much, it may result your website in losing the hold of the user. 5. Conversion Rates
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