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  1. 1. Ways to Prepare Your Car for ShippingIf you are planning to relocate to a new state or continent and youre taking your car with you, youmight want to start reading tips on how to prepare your automobile for shipping. Car Shipping Prosspecializes in nationwide auto shipping and would like to share these useful tips as a TO-DO LIST. Afterall, as car owners, we want to ensure our vehicle gets delivered in the exact same condition it waspicked up in. Vehicles are a form of investment. You wouldnt want your investment to depreciate invalue, would you? Of course not! Follow this simple to follow TO DO LIST and sit back, relax, and let thepros handle your move.Here are steps to prepare your car for a local or cross country move:1. Inspect for pre-existing damage. Before anything else, make sure you check and document any pre-existing damage on your vehicle and have the carrier do the same. This should help you determine which ones are acquired throughout the trip and which ones are there before. These are placed on a legally binding document called a bill of lading.2. Remove valuable or personal items in your car. Make sure you remove all personal and valuable belongings you have stored in your trunk or inside the car. This includes car stereos, important documents, etc. Your vehicle will be checked, loaded and unloaded several times during the entire transportation process. To decrease the risk of theft, it is best to pack important items with you. However, you may leave your cars registration in your vehicle but certainly remove title.3. Check your engine for mechanical problems. You want to ensure that your vehicle is working properly. Check for oil, battery, brakes, radiator, etc. before transporting your car. There must be no obvious fluid leaks and also your battery must be securely mounted in the bracket. If you advised the transport coordinator your vehicle was operable and later on it became inoperable, then is ready for additional surcharge all inoperable vehicles have. You may also choose to have your car serviced before the shipping date so that it is at its optimum condition but is not a requirement to ship.4. Make sure your car is prepared for the new climate especially if youre moving to an entirely new continent. Check your engine coolant, transmission oils, and other fluids. Be aware that in open transport going through snow, your vehicle will be delivered with the snow debris on it as it will be exposed to the elements of Mother Nature during transport. Any dirt or residue left on your vehicle can be easily washed off immediately to avoid rust or deterioration on the paint.5. Inflate your tires. Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure to ensure safe loading and unloading at all cost.6. Remove all antennas and roof racks. You might also want to remove all exterior spare tire covers, grill covers and other accessories that may come lose during the transportation process. You can remove your plate but we can ship with or without a plate.
  2. 2. 7. Your cars insurance should stay active. Make sure it covers road hazards, acts of God or other inevitable scenarios that could cause damage to your vehicle; however Car Shipping pros works with the best rated drivers that diligently carry $100-$250,000 in insurance coverage for open transport and up to a million dollar coverage for luxury cars or collectibles getting shipped the enclosed fashion.8. Do not fill your tank. Make sure your gas tank is filled to a quarter or eight full only during the shipment. This can help your shipment move along quickly and your car will weigh less. Weight station penalties on haulers are costly as they remain weight restricted.9. Deactivate toll-paying device. Toll tags or parking passes may continually get charged if not deactivated or removed from your vehicle.10. Disable your cars alarm system. This should prevent your alarm from getting activated duringtransportation and possibly draining your battery.Preparing your car for shipping can facilitate a smooth, hassle free transport. By doing these steps, it ismore likely for your vehicle to arrive on time.