Ways to reduce carbon footprint and save money

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Reduce your electricity bill at the same time as decreasing your carbon footprint! With these tips you can really make a difference.


<ul><li> 1. Save Electricity ..and your money &amp; environment </li></ul> <p> 2. This slide show needs no introduction, we have all heard how damaging it is on both our wallets and environment, if we waste power.Its up to everyone to do their bit to save electricity, so here are some tips that will helpyoumake a difference. 3. Appliances Turn off appliances at the wall Appliances on standby still use electricity, and a lot can be saved by switching them off.E.g. The digital clock on a microwave uses more power to keep time than the energy used to heat food.Your mobile phone charger uses power even if its plugged in the power point without a phone. 4. Air Conditioner Use fans instead of air conditioners if possible, they use a lot less power.Close all doors to rooms that dont need to be cool. This way it doesnt use so much energy to cool the house.Close curtains &amp; windows to prevent the cool air leaving and hot air entering the house. Set the air conditioner to 23C (73.4 F), which is the most energy efficient to cool the house. 5. Heater Similar principles apply to the air conditioner eg. Closing windows &amp; curtains Wear warmer clothing Add extra blankets to your bedding Wear socks or slippers to prevent heat being lost from your body 6. Take Action! If you really want to make a massive difference to the environment, check out this e-book. It shows you how to create your own generator for your home, so you can create free electricity without hurting the environment.CLICK HERE</p>


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