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  • We are passionate about components!Since 1983, we have grown to be a significant partner to many customers in the Australasian electronic industry. This is almost entirely due to a team of people who are passionate and excited by their work. Its also why the Active team has won so many awards for consistently exceeding customer expectations.

    This catalogue is an introduction to just some of the great brands and products Active is able to supply. Many of these brands are leaders in their field and represent a great balance of price and quality.

    We at Active Components look forward to the opportunity of assisting you and adding value to your business.

    Robert MackleyManaging Director

  • Antennas 2 - 4Audio 5Batteries 6 - 7Connectors 8 - 11Crystal Oscillators 12 - 13Diodes & Semiconductors 14 - 15Enclosures 16 - 17Fuses & Fuse Holders 18Ferrites 19LCDs 20 - 22LEDs 23PASSIVE COMPONENTS: Capacitors 24 - 29 Inductors 30 Resistors 31 - 32PCBs 33Power Magnetics 34Power Supplies 35 - 36Production Supplies 37 - 38Relays 39 - 41Sensors 42 - 43Solar & Accessories 44 - 45Solder, Fluxes & Consumables 46Switches 47 - 50Terminal Blocks 51 - 53 Vibration Motors 54 Wireless & GPS 55 - 56Custom Solutions 57


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    amotech | hustsan | taoglas

    Bluetooth Multiplayer type

    Bulk type

    Non ceramic type

    FM Antennas Ferrite Chip type

    PCB Chip type

    FPCB type

    Laptop Antenna WWAN Antenna

    WLAN/WiMax Antenna

    WLAN MIMO Antenna

    UWB Antenna

    GPS Antenna Patch type/Patch SMD type

    Chip SMD type

    PS/GNSS Active type

    SDARS Antenna PCB attached antenna

    Manufacturer: Amotech

    Headquarters: Korea

    AMOTECH manufactures and markets antennas and other core components for communication, IT and electronic appliance industries. Through Amotechs technical expertise accumulated during their years in the industry, they have raised awareness of the competitive nature of their products through their demonstrated reliability. Amotechs antenna business department products include Bluetooth for pocket machines, DMB and USB. Products are available in a standard range and also with custom materials and tuning.


    Customised solutions available


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    HUS-TSAN is a leading designer and manufacturer in RF/Microwave connectors and cable assemblies. As a well established leader within the industry, HUS-TSAN supplies extremely reliable, leading edge technology to major projects in the different fields of inter-communication, telecommunication, military, aerospace and industrial products. A significant amount of time and resource is allocated to R&D each year which enables HUS-TSAN to refine and expand its product range to exceed customers expectations.

    Manufacturer: HUS-TSAN

    Headquarters: Taiwan

    RF Connectors Straight Cable Plugs

    In-Series Adaptors

    Between-Series Adaptors


    Plug Adaptors

    Right Angle Cable Plugs

    Flange Cable Jacks

    PCB Jacks + Cable type

    Edge Mount


    Cable Assembly Custom Cable Assemblies

    Auto Accessories DAB

    Cellular / GPS

    SDARS Satellite


    Machining parts Body

    Centre Contact



    Customised solutions available


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    Antennas 2G/3G

    4G LTE










    UAV Solutions

    Other Products Connectors

    Mounting Brackets

    Cellular Signal Boosters

    Services General Design & Test Services

    Cellular-2G-3G-4G Design

    ISM Design

    NFC Design

    Manufacturer: Taoglas

    Headquarters: Ireland

    TAOGLAS is an international, Irish-headquartered company with a world class approach to designing communication products. Their cross-cultural business-solutions approach means research, design and customer support services are based at their technology centres in Ireland, the U.S. and Taiwan. Taoglas provides a comprehensive range of external, embedded and base station antenna solutions. Applications include Telematics/Automotive, Smart-Grid, Metering/Telemetry, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Medical applications.

    Customised solutions available



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    BESTAR HOLDING LTD are specialists in the development and production of electro-acoustic products such as transducers, loudspeakers, piezo buzzers, and magnetic buzzers. BeStar have developed an extensive portfolio of high performance acoustic products. BeStars expertise in the field and production lines, which utilises the latest technology, ensures a consistent high standard of production. With a significant presence in Germany, and sales offices around the world, BeStar utilise both the best of current technology, while retaining Chinas competitive edge in manufacturing.

    Manufacturer: BeStar Holding Ltd

    Headquarters: China

    Speakers Micro Speakers

    Standard Speakers

    Surface Mount Speakers

    E-Call Speaker

    E-Sound Speaker

    Loud Speakers

    Sensors Parking Sensors

    Ultrasonic Sensors

    Waterproof Sensors

    Open Structure Sensors

    Buzzers Panel Mount Buzzers

    Junction Box Buzzers

    Magnetic Buzzers

    Piezo Buzzer

    PAS Buzzer

    Cluster Buzzer

    Alarms Back up Alarms

    Customised solutions available


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    omnergy | leoch

    Manufacturer: Omnergy

    Headquarters: Hong Kong

    OMNERGY specialise in coin cell batteries such as the well known CR2032 and also produce a range of 3V lithium manganese dioxide button cells and cylindrical cells. They also produce 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cylindrical Batteries. Their monthly production exceeds 10 million pieces of which 80% is exported to global markets. Omnergy comply with the IEC International Standard and the Japan JISC 8512 Standard and rivals top brands for quality, at an unbeatable price.

    Batteries Lithium Thin Li-Polymer

    Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Cells

    Lithium Manganese Dioxide Cylindrical Batteries

    Lithium Thionyl Chloride


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    LEOCH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LTD specialise in the research, development and manufacturing of the globally renowned LEOCH brand, lead-acid batteries. Their products are widely used by many industries such as telecommunications, power systems, radio and television, railway, solar, UPS, electric vehicles, cars, forklifts, emergency lighting and security systems. With a highly qualified R&D team and unparalleled quality in manufacturing standards, Leoch continue to maintain their competitive edge in the industry.

    Manufacturer: Leoch International Technology Ltd

    Headquarters: Hong Kong

    SLI Automotive Battery: Asia Series (MF)

    DIN Series (MF)

    BCI Series (MF)

    Motorcycle Battery: MX PP

    LT PP/Dry Series

    EB PP/Dry Series

    Motive Power Traction Battery: BS K Series

    DIN C Series

    DIN K Series

    Golf Cart Battery: DTA Series

    DGF Series

    DTG Series

    AGM Sweeper: EV Series

    Battery Rack/Cabinet: Battery Rack: 2V / 12V Series

    FT Series

    Battery Cabinet: 2V / 12V Series

    FT Series

    Battery Tray: 2x12


    Reserve Power AGM VRLA: LP-General Purpose

    LPX-High Rate/UPS

    LPC-Deep Cycle

    GEL: VRLA-LPG Series

    VRLA-LPFG Series

    Tubular OPzV Series

    Pure Lead: PLH Series

    PLX Series

    PLC Series

    Flooded OPzS: OPzS Series

    6V, 12V OPzS Series


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    gtk | amphenol | hec | inalways

    Manufacturer: Gold-tek Electronic

    Headquarters: Taiwan

    GOLD-TEK ELECTRIC provides a vast array of connectors and cable assemblies, with core products such as IC sockets, headers and USB connectors. GTK has more than thirty years of solid professional know-how and marketing experience, an extensive global distribution network and provides both O.D.M. and O.E.M. services.

    Connectors Board to Board Connectors

    Discrete Wire Connectors

    Ribbon Cable Connectors

    FPC/FFC Cable Connectors

    Card Slot Connectors

    Socket Type Connectors

    Rectangular I/O Connectors

    Backplane Connectors

    D-Sub Connectors

    HDMI Connectors

    Fibre Optic Connectors

    USB Connectors

    SCSI Connectors

    Memory Card Connectors

    Header / Jumper / Socket Connectors

    Cables / Wires / Cable Assemblies Audio / Video

    DIN Cables

    SATA / SAS Cables

    USB / Micro USB Cables

    DVI / VGA / HDMI Cables

    Wire Harness AssembliesHardware / Plastic Electronic Accessories Network / Telecom


    Customised solutions available


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    AMPHENOL are designers and manufacturers of high-end water proof and other specialised connectors. Their broad range of inter-connect systems is too expansive to summarise. Amphenol products are suitable for applications across all the electronics industry, including but not limited to industrial automation, information technology systems, communications equipment applications, automotive, aerospace and military.

    Manufacturer: Amphenol

    Headquarters: USA

    Mining Connections Mining Solutions

    Amphe-EX Connectors

    Downhole Rotatable Connectors

    Pyle Industrial Connectors



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