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Teacher: N.Mukhammadinova: Weather Seasons. : : What is the weather like today? , , Xx ;: ;: , , , .

: , CD-, . : :I.Organization moment.- Good morning,pupils!- Good morning,teacher!- Who is on duty today?- Im on duty today.- Who is absent?- All are present/ is absent- What date is it today?- Today is the 8th of April.- What day is it today?- Today is Friday.

II.Checking up the homework.

Now, children, lets check- up your home task. What is your homework? Write and learn the words. Who is ready? May I? Please.

III. Phonetic drill.

Ok,pupils. Look at the blackboard. This is our small phonetic drill. At 1st Ill read. Listen to me. Spring is green find the words with Summer is bright such sounds as: Xx [ks] fox, six Autumn is yellow Winter is white

Repeat after me. Who wants to read? May I? Please.IV. Introducing with new words.-Now children lets learn the new words of our todays lesson. At first Ill read, then you repeat after me.rainy- [reini]

windy- [wnd]

snowy- [sn]

sunny- [sn]

cloudy- [klad] What is the weather like today?Open your vocabulary books and write down the new words.

V. Warm-up. rain-rainy cloud-cloudy snow-snowy wind-windy sun-sunny

Ex-2. Read and translate.

Exercises for eyesOne, two, three, four.Look at the window, Look at the door. Look at the ceiling and look at the floor.

VI. Listening, reading and speaking.

Lets sing a song Whats the weather, whats the weather, Whats the weather like today? (2x) It is snowy, it is snowy. It is snowy outside today. (2x)

_____ is green and cool. _______ is bright and hot. ______ is yellow and wet. ______ is white and cold

Spring is green and cool. Summer is bright and hot. Autumn is yellow and wet. Winter is white and cold.

VIII. Physical exercise.

T: Now, stand up, pupils. Letsdo our physical exercise.Oliver, Oliver, Oliver Twist,Look at me and do like this.One, two-look at your shoe.Three, four-look at the floor. Five, six-pick up the sticks.Seven, eight-stand up straight.Nine, ten-lets play then!

IX. Giving up homework.

Your homework for the next time Ex-4 learn the song and new words.

X. Putting marks.

Your mark is excellent.Your mark is good.Your mark is sad.

XI. Conclusion

Stand up. The lesson is over. Good bye.