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    While trying to use appropriate icons with buttons and fields, If you are looking for how to find out all

    available icons, pictograms and graphics for use in your WebDynpro Application.

    Check out the test application WDR_TEST_WEB_ICONS to see various available graphics / icons and

    there path ( ~Icon/* ) to be used in your code.

    Simply run the webdynpro application under the Webdynpro component WDR_TEST_WEB_ICONS to see the

    list of all the icons, web icons & workset images and pictograms or Or just navigate to the URL :


    This will execute a ready-to-run demo applications on how to use graphics element in your WebDynpro

    Using Graphics in WebDynpro

    Posted by Tarun Telang Jun 11, 2013

  • development.

    List of Work centers graphics.

    This demo application is contained within package SWDP_DEMO which is delivered in your system. It contains

    many other sample codes for demo or testing on different topics you may encounter while developing Web Dynpro for

    ABAP components and applications.

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    Webdynpro Framework allow us to create our own webdynpro component and use that component to provide and

    input help to the field. This type of providing search help is called freely programmed search help.

    How to use the component as a search help component to an attribute?

    One pre-requisite for the webdynpro component to be used as search help is that it should implement the webdynpro

    component interface IWD_VALUE_HELP. By the time we are implementing the interface an window will be created in

    our component with the name WD_VALUE_HELP. We need to embed the View of our component to window

    WD_VALUE_HELP so that our view will be displayed as search help when the user triggers the F4. Later on this

    Freely programmed search help

    Posted by Arun Krishnamoorthy Jun 7, 2013

  • component created for providing search help can be added as a used component and its component usage can be

    assigned to the attribute for which search help type is assigned as freely programmed search help.

    Where to write the processing logic to display the list of possible values?

    The view which is embedded to the window WD_VALUE_HELP will be displayed when the user triggers the F4 help.

    Hence we can design the layout and the processing logic to display the data based on input can be implemented in

    the view itself.

    The list of possible values will be displayed in the view that is embedded to the window WD_VALUE_HELP. How

    to transport the user selected value back to the place from where F4 help is called?

    When the User selects a particular value and clicks on ok button the user selected value has to be written in the input

    field from where the F4 help is called. The interface IWD_VALUE_HELP consist of two key attributes called

    F4_CONTEXT_ELEMENT and F4_ATTRIBUTE_INFO. This attribute F4_ATTRIBUTE_INFO consist of information on

    attribute from where the F4 help is triggered and the attribute F4_CONTEXT_ELEMENT consist element object

    reference for the attribute from where the input help is triggered. Using these information in the attribute we can

    transport the user selected value to the attribute from where the F4 help is called.

    Will the values selected to an attribute using the freely programmed search help be captured in the Context

    change log?

    No, Just like in OVS Search help we need to write the record explicitly to the context change log table.

    Refer to the SAP Link for More information on freely programmed search help:


    Let us see an simple scenario that implements the freely programmed search help.

    Scenario: Provide the freely programmed search help to the attribute CARRID. Design a webdynpro component that

    provides the list of possible airline ID and use that component to provide search help for the attribute CARRID.

    This tutorial is split into two parts.

    1. Creating a freely programmed search help component

    2. Using the component to provide the search help

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    Generally when we work on F4 search help for web dynpro, we end up either with an OVS or a freely programmed

    input help, for various reasons. The reasons being, setting of the initial search parameters, customization, a more

    refined hit list or mapping of the result into multiple fields. These scenarios are easily achievable by OVS through the

    different phases namely 0,1,2,3. But these requirements can be met by dictionary search help as well.

    I personally prefer dictionary search help because of its flexibility and reusability factor.

    In this blog I will describe the various steps to be followed in order to achieve an OVS like functionality through

    dictionary search help.

    I am not explaining everything from scratch but just giving the steps to achieve the required functionality.

    For this you need to create a dictionary search help exit. You can refer to the following wiki doc in case you need

    some info on search help exit.


    1. The configuration ( Similar to OVS phase 0)

    In case you want to change the title of the search help screen or the heading of the various search parameters you

    can make the corresponding change in the changing parameter SHLP, it contains all the customization related to the

    search help. A code snippet :

    * Change Search help title.

    shlp-intdescr-title = Supplier Name.

    * Change Heading for Country.

    READ TABLE shlp-fielddescr


    WITH KEY fieldname = 'LANDX'.

    IF sy-subrc = 0.

    -reptext = Country.

    -scrtext_s = Country.

    -scrtext_m = Country.

    -scrtext_l = Country.

    Dictionary search help and Web dynpro

    Posted by Swati Agarwal Jun 3, 2013

  • ENDIF.

    Here, I have changed the search help title and the heading of one of the parameter.

    2. Initialization of search parameters ( Similar to OVS phase 1)

    For this, you need to modify again the changing parameter SHLP-SELOPT.

    It contains the search help parameters as select options.

    In order to get the web dynpro values to be set as default values, you can use the class attribute


    It contains the current web dynpro element from which the F4 has been called. And you need to do this piece of code

    in the call control step 'PRESEL1'

    * Get the context element from which the F4 has been called.

    lo_el_supp_table = cl_wdr_value_help_handler=>m_context_element.

    * get all declared attributes



    static_attributes = ls_supp_table ).

    IF ls_supp_table-supplier IS NOT INITIAL.

    READ TABLE shlp-selopt


    WITH KEY shlpfield = 'NAME1'.

    IF sy-subrc 0.

    * Add selection criteria in case not added earlier.

    ls_sel_criteria-sign = 'I'.

    TRANSLATE ls_supp_table-supplier TO UPPER CASE.

    ls_sel_criteria-low = ls_supp_table-supplier.

    ls_sel_criteria-shlpfield = 'NAME1'.

    IF ls_supp_table-supplier CA '*'.

    ls_sel_criteria-option = 'CP'.


    ls_sel_criteria-option = 'EQ'.


    APPEND ls_sel_criteria TO shlp-selopt.

    CLEAR ls_sel_criteria.



    3. Result set ( Similar to OVS phase 2)

    You can get the result set on the basis of your search parameters, which you can assign to the changing parameter


    You will write you code in the call control step 'SELECT'

    4. Mapping of the result ( Similar to OVS phase 3)

    Usually in Web dynpro, we use structures for node creation, you can map your search help exporting parameters to

    the fields of the structure like the following in SE11. Due to this, as soon as the user makes the selection using

    search help, the other mapped fields will get populated automatically.

    Here, I have assigned a search help for the field Supplier, and mapped Supplier ID as well to the export parameters

    of the search help.

    Final Outcome :

  • Search help showing the customization and the initial search parameter value.

    1116 View s 1 Comments Tags: w eb_dynpro, w ebdynpro, search_help, search_help_exit, abap_w eb_dynpro

    IntroductionDuring the course of a recent project for a customer, a fairly complex Web Dynpro for ABAP application was

    developed. The WDA was a single screen application, with several popup screens, each implemented as a separate

    WDA. The WDA displays the operations of an existing work order and lists a set of activities per work order operation.