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    Thursday, 5 Decembe r 2013

    Direct Human Brain-to-Brain Communication HasBecome Possible


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    brain to brain communication

    Anexperimental syst em that allows the transmission of signals from one brain to another allowed a researcher to move his colleagues hand at a distance.

    The Internet has so far been a means to connect computers. Now it can also be a means toconnect brains, says Andrea Stocco , member of the research team at the University of Washington.

    The study is the first to show a non-invasive method for connecting the brains of twopeople. It comes a few months after the announcement of Harvard researchers about theconnection between the brain of a human and an animal.

    The first successful experiment of the kind was made earlier in rats and was presented lastFebruary. The ultimate goal of the experiments is to transfer knowledge directly from one brain

    to another, says Dr. Stocco now. However, the latest research concerns the transmission of much simpler signals.

    The researcher Rajesh Rao , Dr. Stoccos associate, was sitting in his laboratory wearing anelectroencephalographic cap, which was recording the electrical activity in specific brain areas.The EEG signals were transmitted via Skype in the laboratory of Dr. Stocco on the other side of the campus. He did not see or listen to his colleague but was wearing a transcranialmagnetic stimulation (or TMS ) device, which was placed over his motor cortex, the brain areathat coordinates the movements of the limbs.

    When Rao was watching a video game and thinking he was moving his index finger to press a


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    Direct Human Brain-to-BrainCommunication Has Beco...

    Robots Will Take Our Jobs Within the NextFive Yea...

    Mini-computer in the Eye is No Longer aFiction

    Technology Could Make Us Immortal, Says

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    keyboard button, the signals were transmitted to the brain of Stocco and forced him to movehis index finger just like he was pressing a button.

    He describes the involuntary movements as nervous tics.

    It was both fascinating and weird to see the move I imagined being translated into a real moveby a different brain, says Rao. It was actually a one-way information flow from my brain to his.The next step is to establish a more equal communication between the two brains.

    View the original article here

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    Robots Will Take Our Jobs Within the Next Five Years?Robots will have captured our offices before the end of the decade, claims a British expert inartificial intelligence who provides that by 2018 robots will take professions that now arethought to be purely human. If to believe the forecasts, office workers, secretaries,salespeople, insurers and administrators should start looking for another workpiece.

    The predictions of the bleak future for human occupation are made by Andrew Anderson ,CEO of artificial intelligence company Celaton , in an interview in the British newspaper Daily

    Mail. As the British expert said, the company undertook an assessment of all of theachievements in the field of artificial intelligence of recent years. The conclusion is that thereplacement of humans by machines in the workplace will come sooner than youthought: in fact it is considered to be achieved within the next five years , as the progress inartificial intelligence is much faster than expected.

    The most impressive aspect of the predictions that was obtained from the assessment of Celaton is that they do not relate to the invasion of machines in the not too demandingin terms of skills mechanical jobs this is something that has already occurred to a

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    Humanity Must Colonize Other Planets toSurvive

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    significant degree in industrial production and military sectors. Instead the number of robotsseems to increase in professions that require a degree of reasoning and thinking. I amafraid that now it i s actually the fact that most office workers will disappear, said Mr.

    Anderson. This tendency will have a huge impact on the job market, while the constantlyprogressing developments in artificial intelligence have evolved to the degree that robots nowcan think and learn like humans.

    Robots can now quickly and automatically execute many tasks, which require a lot of workand e ffort from humans, and some most recent models can even make decisions, which sofar was considered an exclusively human task. The artificial intelligence can read andunderstand the meaning of the whole documents with the help of patterns of wordsand phrases. This learning ability and even learning a natural consequence of processingdocuments minimizes the need for office staff to perform certain repetitive tasks saidthe expert. And the fact that a machine not only can perform these functions but alsocontinuously learns to perform them better and faster means that office workers are no longer needed in number so huge as it once was. For example, as explained by the expert, amachine can distinguish the double claims made to insurance companies immediatelyrecognizing that it has already seen a phone number or an address something that a human

    cannot do so easily. Furthermore, and most importantly, when there is need for humanintervention, the machine can learn from this by expanding and improving its performance.

    Although the predictions of Mr. Anderson may seem to belong to the realm of science fiction,what he describes is already happening to a degree on the Internet: some companiessell online using automatic c ustomer service. Earlier this year IBM also gave the promotion toa supercomputer named Watson turning it into robotic reception center of the customer servicedepartment. The system collects and organizes data about customers and gives answers thatare best suited to each case.

    In their turn, researchers from the University of Bielefeld developed a robot which aspires toa career in one of the professions that require human contact and personal relationship that of the bartender. Its name is Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems or, more friendly,JAMES. Even if JAMES will never become just James and will fail to win the sympathy of thebar customers, Mr. Anderson is convinced that robots will change the game i n the labor market. The next five years will show if he is right.

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    View the original article here

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    Mini-computer in the Eye is No Longer a Fiction

    A prototype of a flexible contact lens with integrated LED has been created. The inventioncould lead to the creation of small displays, directly covering the cornea.

    While Google released a mini computer in the form of glasses, the South Korean scientistshave gone further and have built a similar device in the conventional contact lenses .

    Lenses with electronic elements had already been created previously. For example, thereare lenses for monitoring intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. However, they arec...