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Autumn Consulting shares a brief explanation and ideas for using Pinterest as part of a company\'s web marketing strategy.


  • 1. Pinterest: Your Virtual PinBoard Tips for Social MarkeDng autumn_pinterest_intro_18may12_v1.pptx May 18, 2012 1
  • 2. h"p://pinterest.com/all/ 2
  • 3. What is Pinterest? h"p://pinterest.com/landing/ 3 3
  • 4. How does Pinterest work? Powerful, Photo-Based eMarke>ng Food Sports Apparel A stumble-upon social networking site and virtual pin board system 12 million monthly users Provides online photo-sharing for people with common interests Lets you make connecDons beyond your inner circle of friends, family & network SDmulates creaDve brainstorming h"p://pinterest.com/all/?category=food_drink h"p://pinterest.com/all/?category=sports 4 4 h"p://pinterest.com/search/?q=men+in+suits
  • 5. Photos, Pins & Boards Decipher Your Pinterest Homepage Dynamic photo collage updated in real-Dme Tracks current boards and pins from the people you follow Updates your current boards & pins Lets you share boards & pins with your followers People can also nd your pins & boards by searching for keywords (i.e., men in suits, Asian food, bird watching, etc.) Followers can then Repin your pins, Like your pins and Follow you. 5 5 h"p://pinterest.com/nathanmisirian/
  • 6. Branding and MarkeDng Contributors Process Results Travel agencies, bloggers, They market their products, Lots of excellent word-of- companies, non-for-prots services, specials and brands mouth markeDng taking place and business professionals through stunning photos, clever among qualied prospects. are all on Pinterest. capDons & strategic hashtags. Mens Apparel/Interests Pins Nike Pinsh"p://pinterest.com/nathanmisirian/pins/ 6 6 h"p://pinterest.com/search/?q=nike
  • 7. Strategic Pinning Make Each Pin Count Pins are small, but they pack serious web-trac punch. The key is using strategic keywords and #hashtags in your cap>ons. Think tailored and searched keywords when wri>ng cap>ons and crea>ng boards. Consider: Mens Style (instead of Clothing) Tasty Treats (instead of Desserts) Best of Ireland (instead of Ireland) CAPTION: This helps other pinners nd you faster - then Repin, Like & Follow you. h"p://pinterest.com/pin/204773114277426297/ 7 7
  • 8. Business Growth I.e., the new Marc Jacobs bag, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or a new pair of TOMS Shoes, etc. When you pin a photo of a brand you love, that photo appears on the homepage of your followers. How Can That photo also shows up exponen>ally Pinterest Help on the boards of your followers followers. Grow My A"aching your websites URL or a tailored Business? landing page link in the cap>ons can boost serious web trac to your site. h"p://www.toms.com/our-movement/intern?icid=us-home-092011_73 8 8
  • 9. Industry Example: Travel Lonely Planet 9
  • 10. Tailored Searches Qualifying Your Leads Heres how a prospect would stumble upon a photo of Cork City, Ireland, thats posted by Lonely Planet, leading them to the Lonely Planet website for more info. Step 1: I want to go to Ireland this summer and someone recommended Cork City. Im searching for photos on my Pinterest homepage to see it. Step 2: I nd a fantas
  • 11. Grow My Interest Step 3: I click on the image and see past comments and the current pinners name (Jennifer Pike). I also see the original pin comes from lonelyplanet.com Step 4: I add a comment and choose to Follow Jennifer Pike and a few of her boards. h"p://pinterest.com/pin/17592254764788128/ 11 11
  • 12. CredenDals Maeer Step 5: I observe that 122 other people repinned this pin. There are also 13 Likes. This makes me think that I can trust this company & website for more info. I want to learn more. Step 6: I click on the lonelyplanet.com url/ link to see what other content I can nd about Cork City, Ireland. h"p://pinterest.com/pin/17592254764788128/ 12 12
  • 13. Win with Tailored Content Step 7: The url/link takes me directly to a landing page for Lonely Planet thats dedicated to specic info all about Cork City, Ireland. This includes: Demographics Thing to Do Tips & Addi
  • 14. Gain Good Clout & Visibility Step 8: So I repin the photo and now the new pin shows up prominently on my homepage. Its visible to all of my followers and my followers follow