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Lets start from where it all beginsThe need !

EMPLOYMENTRemote employment market has multiplied. Very few reliable placement consultants operate here.

TECH New skills/tools get into the ecosystem regularly. Difficult to get steady talentRange of maturity in digital environments of companies. Need analysis requires a specialist.

ACCESS TO TALENTNorm to tap multiple recruitment databases and social networks. Multi-dimensional approach required. Database products dont do justice to match-making

CERTIFICATION OF TALENTDigital skills have been increasingly learnt online and in self-study mode. No third party certification present for most skillsComplex And Time-consuming Recruitment Experience For Digital Skills

Sub-buckets Within Digital/Web Skills(Source : EY Reimaging Digital 2015)

Social MediaSocial channels are being leveraged by businesses to interact with their customersMobility Mobility is shifting the focus of application development away from the traditional "desktop-based" approach to a "mobile-first" one

AnalyticsAnalytics is enabling enterprises to explore large volumes of data to gain insights and drive strategic decisionsCloudCloud computing is reshaping the may software and services are sold and deliveredloE Internet of Everything (loE) is opening significant opportunities by connecting everything to Internet

Who are our typical Customers And how big is this market

Target CustomersE-com companies and departments within companies.KPOS and Large Digital Agencies.Large B2C companies (Retail, Financial Services, Education, etc..)Placement ConsultantsSMEs who need freelancers regularly.

Addressable Market SizeStaffing industry size in India is 26,000 crores. (Source Staffing Industry Analysts)Assuming digital is 10% which is 2600 crores. This pie is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come.We believe companies will pay 20% of this for assessment and match-making technology.Global value of platform-driven freelancing is currently around$5bn. (Source Upwork 2015 survey)There are a large number of companies who are still not using these platforms and find talent without using a platform. That is not reflected in above number.We believe companies would be comfortable with paying 20-30% of the project value for identifying the right resources and project management.

Value Proposition

Our first tool Recruit-Assist is a tool which Will match-make better than ANY tool out there. It does this by helping to customize the JDs and the assessment for each specific digital skill.Will track recruitment effort and help in making better decisions.Will make it super-convenient to do the most common tasks around hiring like Emailing, Candidate sorting and Comparative analysis.Will help in benefitting from the latest questions that the recruitment community is putting in.Will help in checking for flair for digital skills . This can be used to set up a customized skill improvement program on the platform itself.Will give a web quotient to every applicant so that hiring managers can make decisions with confidence.Will suggest individuals who are available to do freelancing tasks for next two weeks.

Our Primary Tech Focus Is Match-Making

This means we will WORK WITH and NOT AGAINST placement consultants, current freelancing platforms and recruitment databases.Our ambition is to have the overwhelming majority of digital skill recruitments being POWERED by our match-making tools and technology. To this end, we are working on an API for our tool.

Get in touch !

Website : www.web-stepup.comCall us on +91 8976105325Email us at : rashmi@web-stepup.comTweet to us on @Webstepup