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  1. 1. WEB 2.0 TECHNOLOGIES IN BLENDED COURSES Carmen HOLOTESCU Gabriela GROSSECK OBELFA TEAMROMANIA International Conference on OBELFA 10-11 sept. 2007, Cankiri University, Turkey
  2. 3. eLearnTS Platform http://www.timsoft.ro/space5
  3. 4. Web 2.0 Communication Conversation Connecting Community
  4. 5. P ersonal L earning E nvironment eLearnTS platform
  5. 6. ?
  6. 7. Social WEB
  7. 8. Participatory Web Read/Write Web Openness Services and Tools User Created Content Sharing and Collaboration
  8. 9. Web2.0
  9. 11. WEB 2.0=a paradigm shift Tools for Supporting Individuals Tools for Supporting Relationships b-learning
  10. 12. Google Docs, Zoho, Think Free, Writeboard, Gliffy Office 2.0(systems for creating collaborative documents) Bubbl.us MindMapping Google Page Creator, NetVibes , ProtoPage Platforms for personalized pages Second Life , Voki Virtual worlds, educational games Asynchronous or in real time (GMail, Messenger/Meebo, Skype, Twitter, Yackpack) Communication (audio/chat) Flickr, YouTube, TeacherTube, SlideShare, Scribd, dotSUB Media Sharing Ning, FaceBook, MySpace Social networking Podomatic, Screen-o-matic, SciVee Casting: audio (podcasting), video, screen, course and pub Wikipedia, Wikispaces, PbWiki Wikis Blogger, WordPress Blogging (information management, ePortfolios) Google NoteBook, Fleck Social notes del.icio.us, furl, citeULike, connotea, scuttleEdu, TrailFire, diigo Social bookmarking BlogLines, Google Reader, My Yahoo aggregators Syndication of information (RSS) Tools Technology
  11. 13. OBELFA booklet Table of contents http://www.timsoft.ro/obelfa
    • What is blended learning
    • About Web 2.0
    • Open Source Platforms
    • Creative Commons Licence
    • What are Open Educational Resources
    • About RSS : d efinition, history, editing, subscription
    • RSS. Directories, searches, applications
    • Collaborative Bookmarking Systems
    • Blogs
    • Wikis
    • Social networks
    • Collaborative multimedia systems
    • Collaborative documents
    • Educational games
    • Online communication. Netiquette rules
  12. 14. Web 2.0 concepts and technologies used in OBELFA project
  13. 16. Thanks for your attention!
    • CarmenHOLOTESCU
    • ManagerTIMSOFTLtd. Timisoara
    • http://www.timsoft.ro
    • dr. GabrielaGROSSECK
    • West University of Timisoara