webinar overview: episcopal spiritual life survey & renewalworks march 12, 2012

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Webinar Overview: Episcopal Spiritual Life Survey & RenewalWorks March 12, 2012 Slide 2 Introduction & Prayer Led by the Rev. Jay Sidebotham Rector, Church of the Holy Spirit The Rev. Scott Gunn Executive Director, Forward Movement The Rev. Clarence Langdon Bishops staff, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Eric Arnson Research advisor & REVEAL co-originator Slide 3 Todays Purpose Why this matters! Explain the post-survey process Provide insights and lessons learned from other churches Make sure the pilot mindset continues Be a shared resource Slide 4 Work in Progress! Webinar is a new resource, so may not be perfect Do welcome feedbackpositive or constructivethroughout the entire process Keep improving the product and process Slide 5 Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet. 5 Slide 6 Why This Matters Spiritual Hunger is very evident in our culture Addressed in the right way? Need to open the door for people to have personal knowledge and experience of the beautiful faith heritage we know formally and corporatelybut often not personally Says Brian McLaren Slide 7 Spiritual Life Assessment To discern where we are going when we have not asked where we presently are, is an operational definition for being lost. Slide 8 Profile Mission: Reinvigorate the Church Access to 6,600 Episcopal Churches; 121 Dioceses, 16 Conferences Deeply respected, autonomous & nimble Content library spanning 75 years, editors/writers Instant 501(c3) status for giving, separate budgets & reporting Full digital and traditional publishing; website, creative Office space and full back office capabilities 8 Slide 9 Message from the Bishop Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnPToPDKJ_o&sns=em Slide 10 Phases 10 1. RevealWorksWillow Creek (2003, still going strong) 2. Episcopal IncubatorChurch of the Holy Spirit (2009) 3. Episcopal Pilots15 Churches (2010) 4. Episcopal Expansion (now) Slide 11 The Episcopal Survey Have or are in the process of taking 26 Episcopal Churches have 1,700 other churches have taken the non- Episcopalian version Originally developed at Willow Church Painstakingly revised by Episcopalians More later Slide 12 Survey Results Are a Snapshot or point in time. Serves as a baseline Slide 13 Church Archetypes After studying 1,700 churches, clear patterns emerged Are eight archetypes Based on spiritual health, not demographics or church-o-graphics Is helpful to understand what other chuches like yours are doing Slide 14 RenewalWorks: Why this Approach? Originally developed by WildWorks, a Christian consulting group specializing in transforming ideas and processes Optimized by twenty churches in 2007, working with the WCA Re-tooled and further customized by 12 pilot Episcopalian churches, in conjunction with CHS and Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Slide 15 General Construct Four sessions: 1. Spiritual Formation 2. Survey Findings and Conclusions 3. Applying Best Practice Principles to your Church 4. The Plan and Guiding Metrics Each session starts with Scripture & Discussion Is Homework, most pre-reading Slide 16 Workshop Team Composition Modeled after a Search Committee Lay leda must Clergy, Rector in particular, must not guide Nor back seat driving Need a separate time-keeper Plus a separate scribe That gets notes and follow-up done Slide 17 Helpful Hints Encourage a bit of hospitality 15-20 minutes before each workshop starts A number will not know each other Start and end each sub-section promptly, even if not completely finished Post the key elements of each session to demonstrate progress and be a reference Keep a parking lot flip chart for unanswered questions, suggestions, follow-up Slide 18 More Lessons Learned Make sure ALL the voices are heard Set as an expectation, then prompt Make differences a value Will be different viewpoints, especially on growth Do fewer things, well Will try to do too much Close with a reassuring and encouraging prayer Slide 19 Be Prayerful Let the Spirit be heard Come back to scripture OK to reflect Slide 20 Be Intentional Healthy Churches have healthy congregants This process will open many eyes Slide 21 Is Evolutionary Not revolutionary Make change a positive value Rooted & Restless Slide 22 We will HELP! Through the webinars Weekly Q & A Blog posts Shared best practices Slide 23 Questions? 23 Slide 24 Concluding Remarks & Prayer Led by the Rev. Jay Sidebotham Slide 25 Thanks! Next session: March 19 th at 2pm CDT Focus will be Workshop 1


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