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Planning for 2017: Website Redesign Tips & Tricks

Pete Czech, CEO & Sebastien Jean-Baptiste, Art Director: New Possibilities Group, LLC



Welcome!Todays Agenda:

IntroductionsWhy You Are HerePhases of a Web RedesignPlanningDesignTechnology & DevelopmentBudgeting & EconomicsOther PredictionsQ&A

IntroductionsYour Host: Pete Czech

CEO, New Possibilities Group

Co-founder of NPG in 2001

NPG specializes in highly customized design & development of web applications and content management systems.

Contact: czech@npgroup.net

IntroductionsYour Co-Host: Sebastien Jean-Baptiste

Art Director, New Possibilities Group

Contact: sebastien@npgroup.net

Our Experience

Why You Are HereHopefully because you are planning a redesign of your website in 2017!

This webinar will touch on design & technology.

Common reasons people redesign:

Design is out of date, out of styleContent became massively disorganizedCMS is vulnerable or difficult to useBecause Its been two years

Your goal: Make this your last full-scale redesign.

Phases of a Redesign Project


Step 1: Plan, Prepare, ExecuteMost important phase of your project.

This should be simple, if you know your business.

Design customer-first, not company-first.

What are goals / objectives?

Consider all possible conversion points.

The Do Not_Say ListNever approach a web design with these buzzwords:

CleanModernOpen or White SpaceProfessionalSimple

Every customer says them, then expects to be different!

Dig deeper.

The Better AlternativeApproach your redesign looking to solve real problems.

Study user behavior.

Work to improve user conversions.

Aim for establishing credibility.

Study analytics and make informed decisions.

How to Properly Plan?Either perform a series of internal discovery sessions.


Hire someone to do it.

If You Have Prepared ProperlyYou will have assembled the following materials:

Discovery Findings Document Your Specification:Includes Goals, ObjectivesDetails User PersonasDetails Use CasesList of design inspirations.

Web Design: Thoughts to Live ByYour website is a preview of what it is like to work with your company.

Buyers are more technically advanced now than ever.

All devices require equal attention.

Stop thinking about your website as just a brochure.

A Look Back: 2016 Design TrendsCard-Based Design



Long Scrolling Pages

Hamburger Menu

Card-Based Design



Long Scrolling Pages

These pages go on foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hamburger Menus

2017: New Trends To ConsiderDeath to Stock Images

Devaluation of the Homepage

Focus on Conversion

Modular Design

Death to [Cheesy] Stock Images

Death to [Cheesy] Stock ImagesWere not sure why we are saying this in 2016.

These should have died a long time ago!

Everyone uses the exact same images since they are all sourced from the same places.

Dont fool yourself: users can tell.

Your office, warehouse, studio all tell your story.

Hire a photographer. They are cheap and plentiful.

Or Use your iPhone!

Devaluation of the Homepage: How Most People Think

Devaluation of the Homepage: The New Normal

Devaluation of the HomepageThe homepage can be first among equals.

Remember that entry pages are site-wide, if you SEO correctly.

Dont focus 80 / 20 on the homepage. Tell management this also.

But, do let the homepage serve as a logical place to begin a design process.

Todays homepage: Dont shoot yourself in the foot.

Make Your ClaimReassureFunnel Downwards

Focus on ConversionDesign decisions should be data driven.

Its okay to make small design sacrifices to achieve higher conversion rates.

The secret to conversion is [really] understanding the customer.

Conversions arent just a Contact Us link.

Think about what you will do with the data you collect.

Modular DesignModular design is the future of design and content management.

Modular DesignModular Design will help eliminate massive future redesigns.

Focus is on reusable parts versus templates.

Problem: CMS limitations.

But there are ways to do it!

Modular CMS Integration: WP

TechnologyThe success of your project in the long run is determined in part by the technology you choose.

Ongoing Expenses




If There Was Ever a TimeRedesign allows for a technology review.

Do you like your current CMS?

If not, why?

Have you worked with other systems?

What would you fix, if you could?

The CMS Landscape

If You Are a MarketerYou must ensure you can manage the majority of site content without a tech geek.

Marketing moves fast and so does technology. You must integrate into MarTech platforms seamlessly.

SEO now means technical implications too: SSL, Speed, Mobile Responsiveness.

Dont lose freedom because of a platform.

If You Are An IT Pro2017: The year of security.

There will be more and more enterprise focus on the safety and security of website management software.

Carefully consider available platforms and other options to establish true security.

Balance the needs of marketing with policy.

The CMS Industry TodayMost mainstream CMS platforms are based on old technology:


The CMS of the future works differently, but the new technology may not fit for everyone Yet!

The CMS of Today

The CMS of the Future

Which Pathway is Right For You?Depends on your core purpose.

Marketing / Informational sites can work well with off-the-shelf platforms.

Any level of customization, commerce or interactivity should involve a thorough platform review.

Final Factors to ConsiderConsider multiple factors


Ease of UseUpdates & Upgrades




Talent Pool

A Secret Relevant to ALL CMSsThis is the only CMS that can do 100% of what you want to do.






Economics of Agency RedesignsVendor / Client arrangements are changing.

Focus must be on continuous improvement, not a cycle of inefficiency.

Most software is leased. Why not your website too?

Our 2017 Prediction: This Will Be Your LAST Redesign!Its true!

Solid Technology Choice + Continuous Improvement = Agility.

Your next redesign will be happening on a regular basis, in response to data.

Does This Look Familiar?

There is a Better Way

Leasing?Expect more agencies to focus on Leasing.

Almost all software today is leased.

Enables cash flow management and facilitates continuous improvement.

It combines infrastructure costs into web design / development.

No Matter WhatGet true budget ideas based on your thorough discovery document.

Final Predictions For 2017!Video will be a requirement for credibility.

The rise of Bots and AI.

CaaS Content as a Service

SEO Changes: But What?

Q & A

Our Next WebcastIn-Depth: Modular Web Design & CMS Integration

Tuesday, January 24, 20172PM EST

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