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    with Stephen Rosenthal & Stuart R. Levine hosted by Passageways

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    Stuart R. Levine

    Chairman and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates LLC, a management consulting firm for governance, strategic thinking and C-Suite leadership and Chairman and CEO of EduLeader LLC, an online digital learning company

    NACD Governance Fellow and was twice awarded the top 100 director by this organization


    Board governance expert, currently serving on the board of Broadridge Financial Solutions, as Chairman of Governance and Nominating Committee and member of the Audit Committee

    Best-selling author of three leadership books published in 37 countries with over 1.2 million hard copies sold and his monthly thought-leadership articles are published in Forbes and The Credit Union Times

    The Six Fundamentalsof Success


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    Stephen Rosenthal

    Recognized leader in strategic plan execution with over 25 years of experience creating operational opportunities that demonstrate tangible results for systems, people and workflows


    Senior Vice President, Population Health Management at the nationally ranked and prestigious Montefiore Health System

    MBA from Pace University, as well as a M.S. and B.A. degrees in Speech from Brooklyn College


    President of the CMO The Care Management Company, LLC (CMO)

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    Strategy Execution:

    A Proven Path to Results

  • Has your organization embraced yourvision, mission, core values and value proposition?


    42% said YES48% said YES, but not enough10% said NO, but progress is being made

    0% said NO

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    Poor organizational alignment with leaderships goals/objectives

    Lack of clearly defined strategic drivers

    Deficient strategic communication process

    No common language and understanding

    Poor rhythm of messaging throughout organization

    Ineffective translation of strategic planning goals, lack of clearly

    identified deliverables, milestones, ownership and accountability

    Erratic momentum, engagement and focus

    Team does not have the agility to achieve results with changing


    Why Strategic Plans Fail


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    What do you think is the most important role a leader can play in strategy execution?

  • Have you developed an effective strategic communication plan that strengthens your culture to deliver results?


    10% said YES53% said YES, but not enough29% said NO, but progress is being made

    8% said NO

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    Phase I Strategic Business Planning Process


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    Creation of broad ownership, engagement and inclusion


    Leadership that thinks and acts strategically

    Practical, realistic and results focused

    Agile ability to respond as conditions change

    High focus and priority on Talent Management, recruitment and

    retention to ensure organizational sustainability

    Effective Strategic Planning Process


  • How do you ensure the success of the parties needed to executethe strategy?


  • Have you provided your team with the appropriate leadership development to increase their skills to deliver results?


    14% said YES52% said YES, but not enough26% said NO, but progress is being made

    7% said NO

  • What structure do you think facilitates success?


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    Phase II Strategic Business Plan Implementation

  • Do you have IT systems and collaboration software in place to help enable the successful execution and measurement of results?


    7% said YES22% said YES, but not enough59% said NO, but planning to improve12% said NO

  • How do you create accountability?


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    Is your leadership team totally aligned around your organizations


    Have you assessed whether your team has an understanding of the

    Strategic plan and are they aligned around it?

    Do people in the organization understand their roles and

    responsibilities in achieving the strategic plan?

    Have you established clear metrics in the achievement of your

    strategic drivers?

    Do you have plans in place to develop and increase the leadership

    capacity and accountability of your team?

    Questions For You To Ask


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    Do you have a strategic communication plan in place that sets a rhythm

    of communication that enforces your objectives, goals and strategies?

    Is your culture setting and building the right behaviors and standards

    that set the foundation for achieving results?

    Is progress on the strategic plan shared with relevant ongoing data to

    ensure effective execution and decision making to meet timelines?

    Does your leadership team have the values, skills and ability to own, be

    accountable and hold others accountable for the results?

    Do you have an effective program management infrastructure and

    project management approach in place?

    Questions For You To Ask


  • Strategic implementation. Results.



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