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Today’s challenges

Work harder to win user confidence

Matching consumers and advertisers

Clear information

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Want Information


Want the rightConsumers



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1. People fill in personal data and needs

2. They compare the different rates

3. If they apply, the advertiser pays for the lead

How it works

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Our mission• Our business is about helping consumers sort

through the overload of information they face when making many important purchases in their lives. We will help consumers compare more easily and buy more wisely through the use of our comparison website

• To make it work in Belgium…

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Who are we…• An 8 week old company with big ambitions

• To be the clear leader in the financial leads business

• With at least a 40-50% market share

• And a strong consumer image

• Founders• Bryan Cassady

• Patrick Van Lammeren

• Wendy Wong

• Ewoud Huysmans

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The Belgian Challenge• Skeptical consumers

• Not used to buying financial services on line

• A small market (less € for development)

• No sites that have succeeded yet

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Our plan: Info + Action

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What we will offer…

• Free Opportunities to provide information in our advertiser section

• Pay per click leadsPrice similar to googleadwords, but more motivated consumers

• Free comparisons for your products

• Highly qualified pay per click leads. Price similar to direct mail, but conversion rates much higher

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The bottom line for you• A powerful way to reach consumers when

they are interested in buying

• Lower customer acquisition costs

• A place to sell more than just the lowest price

• Ability to control and adjust the results you wish through powerful sorting and filtering.