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This presentation shares the tools all websites need to engage, intrigue, educate, inform, interact and close sales on any website. Do you have these 10 tools? How many sales are you missing because you don\'t have all the website tools you should have?


  • 1. Turning Prospects into Customers Top 10 Tools to increase your Website Conversions $100 Cash to anyone that has ALL of todays Tools on their website. Will you win it?
  • 2. Why do we want the top 10 Tools? Our real questions are: Why does our website not produce the sales we want? What are our missing tools to get more traffic and finally, more sales?
  • 3. Why doesnt Internet Marketing Work? The secret isnt getting more people to our websites, it is Conversion learning how to convert the Marketing people that already come and turning them into customers once we master conversions, bringing more people to our site is the last easy step. The industry average is 5% of site visitors purchase. What is your average? How many buy from you?
  • 4. What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is learning how to create such a powerful online presence, that people are attracted to your website. They are now chasing you. Once you master such a powerful online presence on the internet, you will attract thousands of new prospects to your website. That is Inbound Marketing. Do you Dominate Google?
  • 5. What is Conversion Marketing? Conversion Marketing is taking website hits and visitors, and learning how to interact with them, that their questions are answered and needs are met; only then will they purchase from you, converting into sales. At the end of the day, if inbound steps dont convert more sales, all this effort is worthless. The power comes from not getting more people to your website, but to close sales/hits you already get; converting them into new customers. That is called Conversion Marketing . How well does your website Convert?
  • 6. Inbound Conversion Sales/Clients/ Marketing + Marketing = Customers + = Traffic + Conversions = Profit
  • 7. All the traffic in the world wont help us if we dont have the tools to convert them into sales.
  • 8. Can I be honest? Want to know why our websites suck? Want to know why your website isnt producing any results?
  • 9. Honesty Check 101? We build our websites different than the big companies. We need to change; we need to build them like they do. Example Search: Best Buy IPOD
  • 10. If we click on this link, will it send us to an Ipod to purchase right now, or will it send us to the Best Buy Homepage? It will send us to the Ipod to purchase right now. All of us would be upset if the link sent us to their homepage. So why do the big sites sent us deep within their websites to buy now, but we send everyone to our homepage?
  • 11. Dont send anyone to your homepage! Homepage = Branding Every Other Page = Sales (Call to Action)
  • 12. Call To Action Your site must have a call to action on every page meaning: Once they click your link, they should be taken to a webpage within your website to: buy it now email capturing campaign follow us on Twitter
  • 13. So would you like the Top 10 Conversion Tools?
  • 14. Learning from the Master Website Builders Do our websites: Educate & Inform? Engage and Intrigue? Entertain and Connect? Have the Tools to interact with our prospects? Have the ability to close a sale easily and effectively? Engaging and interacting with our website visitors creates more sales!!!
  • 15. Website Tools: The Big 4 Tool #1 Large 800 # on every page!
  • 16. Website Tools: The Big 4 Tool #2 Can your prospects email you? Is it easy? Is it on every page? Do they have to search for it? Ugh!!!
  • 17. Website Tools: The Big 4 Tool #3 Chat Software Is it on every page?
  • 18. Website Tools: The Big 4 Tool #4 Email Capturing Campaign aka. Squeeze Page, Capture Page,
  • 19. Anyone have the Big Three? 1. Large Phone Number on every page? 2. Email option on every page? 3. Chat Software on every page? 4. Email Capturing Campaign?
  • 20. Tool #5 Have Social Connections? External Link Building via: Can people follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, You Tube, My Space, etc.? Have links to your site in industry Chat Rooms? Have links to your site in industry Discussion Forums? Have links to your site in Google Groups & Yahoo Groups in our industry?
  • 21. Tools #6 & #7 Website Tools Video & Audio: Tools such as Video and Audio on our websites engage & entertain our prospects and grab their attention? Do you have a Video or Audio? If so, how many do you have? Do your Videos have Closed-Captioning?
  • 22. Tool #8 #9 #10 Website Tools Interactive Tools: Do we have Downloads, Articles, Blogs, News Feeds (of Industry Information) which entertains and educates our site visitors.
  • 23. Anyone have all top 10? Anyone want the $100? Did you pass the Test?
  • 24. Want some Bonus Tools?
  • 25. Bonus Tools #1-#6 Does your website: maximize keyword rich? Have 50-100 keywords for searches? have a Discussion Forum? So your prospects have a home? have hundreds of Internal Links? So your Google Page Rank with increase? have all of your Articles/Blogs on your website? and on your Facebook page? have a large volume of Quantity Content? have 30-100 pages of industry quality content?
  • 26. Contact Us: Take your business to the next level today. Contact us for a quote to bring your internet business into this century with the tools to engage your prospects and turn them into paying customers. 888-484-6625