week 5 (sept.26,06) frame & refine research questions

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  • Week 5 (Sept.26,06) Frame & Refine Research Questions
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  • Agenda for Today Sharing life (5-10): lib time & observation. Process reading (20) Frame and refine you research questions (20) (group work). ------------------------------------ 1-minute presentation/defense of your research questions) (40) Peer review INTRO (20) Relate to our schools and teaching Hot topics sign up (10) Q & A (10)
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  • Sharing life How was your library time? How was your one-week classroom observation?
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  • Agenda I What are characteristics of good Research Questions (Process readings)
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  • A Research Question: Whats Wrong? (5.2) Do LD/ADHD students engage in meaningful discussions during literature circles? How to fix this? What are the core principles of framing a research question?
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  • How to Refine the Research Question? Do LD/ADHD students engage in meaningful discussions during literature circles? Four core principles: Ask only real questions Avoid yes/no questions Eliminate jargon Avoid value-laden words or phrases
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  • Characteristics of good research questions? Brainstorming
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  • Research Questions: Researchable? (5.1) Should philosophy be included in the high school curriculum? What is the meaning of life? Is God good? Are children happier when taught by a teacher of the same gender? Does high school achievement influent the academic achievement of university students? What would schools be like today if World War II had not occurred?
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  • What happens when students identified with special needs engage in discussions during reading instruction? Researchable? Feasible Clear Significant Ethical (later)
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  • Characteristics of good research questions Researchable Feasible Clear Significant Ethical (later) How about your own question? Researchable, feasible, clear, significant, ethical?
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  • 10 Qualities of a good research purpose and/or research question 1. It is grounded in a theoretical framework. 2. It is builds on, but also offers something new to, previous research. 3. It has the potential to suggest directions for future research. 4. It is a purpose or question that the researcher is sincerely interested and/or invested in. 5. It addresses directly or indirectly some real problem in the world.
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  • 10 Qualities of a good research purpose and/or research question (cont.) 6. It takes ethical issues into consideration. 7. It clearly states the variables or constructs to be examined. 8. It is not biased in terminology or position. 9. It has multiple possible answers. 10. It is simple, or at least manageable.
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  • Agenda II Frame and Refine Your Research Questions
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  • Frame/Refine your research questions Group work
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  • Frame your Research Question Form a group of 4/5 people Share with the group your observation what Ive learned last week about teaching? Frame/refine your question and prepare for a 1-minute presentation/defense
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  • 1-minute presentation/defense What is your research question and sub- questions? (Poster) Why do you think it is a good/not-so-good research question? You sincerely interested and/or invested in? Researchable? Feasible? Clear? Significant? Real world problem Ethical?
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  • Agenda III INTRODUCTION (Peer Review)
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  • Steps of in doing a research study (review) Preparing a proposal describing the study to be done and its significance (Course Project). Collecting and analyzing data. Writing a report of the completed study.
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  • Format of a Research Report/Proposal (Review) Abstract Introduction Review of the literature Methodology Findings (Research Report) Discussion (Text/body 12-16 pages double spaced) References Bibliography Appendices
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  • Introduction Components (Draft #1) (review) Background Information Problem Statement Study Purpose/Rationale Research questions Definition of terms 8 annotated bibliography
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  • Clashing Views on Educational Issues Issue #1: Should School Homework be Abolished or not? Issue #2: Do High-Stakes Assessments Improve Learning? Issue #3: Is Full Inclusion of Disabled Students Desirable? Issue #4: Is Constructivism the Best Philosophy of Education? Issue #5: You have choices!!! You can choose one from the following three: 5.1 Do computers Negatively Affect Student Growth? 5.2 Is Home Schooling a Danger to American Society? 5.3 Does School Violence Warrant a Zero-Tolerance Policy?
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  • Q & A