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Sara Cheng JIANG The Importance of Design : Images ,Interfaces and Information Architecture To Analyse the design of a News website Information Architecture based on the basic principles of Week 4

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  • 1. Week 4 The Importance of Design :I Images ,Interfaces and nformation ArchitectureTo Analyse the design of a News website based on the basic principles ofInformation Architecture Sara Cheng JIANG

2. http://au.news.yahoo.com retrieved July 29,2010 at 11.26.52 PMSara Cheng JIANG 3. IMAGES : THE HEADERTHE MEANING MirrorRevealing the TruthHelicopterGreat Mobility , Great Range , ProfessionalPattern Digital AgeMeaning : To know WhatExactly Happened from all over the WORLD by browsing a Single Website Sara Cheng JIANG 4. n f w ha? yg si n h e odi elo rc i cthrT tto c m t a elnc c com m e nr ney u aa ce sat oasasofu u s aca crsn r aifs s dm s et ib s efie n pe nlicegy e eaSara Cheng JIANG 5. why Information Architecture ? The goal of any information design task is to COMMUNICATE a specific MESSAGE to the end user in a way that is CLEAR , ACCESSIBLE and EASY to UNDERSTAND Jenn & OGrady, K.V. (2008) The Information Design Handbook . China : Midas Printing International Ltd . Sara Cheng JIANG 6. Basic Layout : Top - Bottom Narrow & Deep, Importance3 ColumnsFonts , Images good balance between details and white spaceTop-down architecture Sara Cheng JIANG 7. The Analyse of the Information ArchitectureSEARCH SYSTEM NAVIGATION SYSTEM ( LABELING SYSTEM )SEARCH SYSTEMORGANIZATION SYSTEM Sara Cheng JIANG 8. The SEARCH SYSTEM : Search the World Wide WebSearch only for 7 NEWS Helps us searching the contentInteraction between what does it provideand what does reader want to knowSara Cheng JIANG 9. The NAVIGATION SYSTEM THE LABELING SYSTEM NAVIGATION SYSTEMHelp us move through the content LABELING SYSTEMCategorise the Content : geographyinterestaffairs Sara Cheng JIANG 10. The ORGANIZATION SYSTEM :Presenting the Content , the Information to us Fonts ImagesVideos Sara Cheng JIANG 11. All Blacks on cloud nine against dismal Wallabies Pages 58-59AUGUST 8, 2010$1.80 The slow Kids take over road Hollywood Our bus test Pages 4-5 Relax magazine Get a grip, MarkPRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard's attempts to keepthe election campaign moving forward were draggedstraight back to 2004 yesterday when former Laborleader Mark Latham confronted her at Brisbane'sEkka show and deployed the death-grip handshakefamously used on former prime minister JohnHoward during the previous election campaign.Mr Latham, now working for a television newsprogram, demanded to know why Ms Gillard wascomplaining about his new job instead of having adig at Mr Rudd whom he accused of underminingher bid to maintain power.It was another awkward moment for the PrimeMinister who spent the morning trying to presenta united front at a carefully staged event withanother former Labor leader and the man shedumped, Kevin Rudd. FULL STORY: Page 6. More than 12,000 charges over 10 years and just 124 offenders, making each criminal a ... ONE-MAN CRIME WAVE THEYRE THE territorys most prolic burglars: 124 serial EXCLUSIVE offenders who, between them, have been charged more than 12,000 times in the past decade. ACT police believe these career criminals are responsible for about 90 per By LOUIS ANDREWScent of property crime in the territory. Full Story: Page 10TODAY 13 CANBERRA: Early frost and local fog clearing to sunny day UV: 2 (Low)CHANCE OF RAIN: 2 per cent DETAILS: Page 44Sara Cheng JIANG 12. Video : http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/jacek_utko_asks_can_design_save_the_newspaper.html from : 145 to 5 Design contributes a lot to different field of publication , services and production .Design could also help the field of journalism to deliver the information and message in a more efficient and interesting way .This video shows how designer re-designed the newspaper and gave it a new life , it benefits both the business and also the readers in terms of commercial success and efficiency .If design could help traditional media , information architecture could also help journalism to provide better service in the digital age . Sara Cheng JIANG 13. http://havenworks.com/retrieved Aug 7,2010 at 10:43PMSara Cheng JIANG 14. Website : http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/05/architecture-vs-web-design/ An interesting comparison between architecture and web design .It pinpoints the importance of pre-construction planning for both architecture and web design .For the news website , it is important to provide a clear structure about what , when , where ,who and how , architects have to arrange the relationship between different news and enable the reader could find different news efficiently .It requires a lot of pre-construction planning and modification . http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/kmc_whatisinfoarch/index.htmlThere is an interesting interpretation about how to create an effective information architecture by means of explaining the relationship between the business , content and the user .It mentions about the consequence of fail to apply information architecture to the website and the common problems when architecture apply it.A very worth-reading essay which provides a deep understanding to the topic . Sara Cheng JIANG 15. Bibliography :Cranny-Francis, A. (2005) Multimedia : text and contexts. London : Sage .Jenn & OGrady, K.V. (2008) The Information Design Handbook . China : Midas Printing International Ltd .McGovern, G. & Norton, R. (2002) Content Critical : gaining competitive advantage through high-quality web content . Great Britian : Pearson Education Limited .Morville, P. & Rosenfeld, L. (2006) Information Architecture for the World Wide Web 3 Ed. , Sebastopol: OReilly .Online Resources :Barker, I. (2005). What is information architecture . Retrieved Aug 1, 2010 , from http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/kmc_whatisinfoarch/index. htmlChapman , C. (2010) . Architecture Vs Web Design . Retrieved July 29, 2010 , from http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/05/architecture-vs- web-design/ Sara Cheng JIANG